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I’ve seen quite a few posts going around advertising cheap items from sites like banggood, aliexpress, and other wholesale sites that have really cheap prices and come from Asian countries. I want to let you all know, please please do not buy from there or reblog those posts! I know the items are super cute, but how they were made definitely is not. The workers are mostly women and children, and they are forced to sew and assemble until their hands bleed. The women work such long harsh hours that they either have to make their children work too or send them away and not see them for years. All the while, they get paid next to nothing. There have been several cases where the buildings these people work in have shown visible signs that they are near collapsement such as cracks up the walls, and the workers are forced to contuine working anyway, and the building eventually collapses, killing everyone inside. Not only this, but workers who try to unionize and get better working conditions are killed. This is only part of it, there are huge environmental impacts as well. So please, please, do not buy from these stores!! If you’d like to learn more, watch the documentary the true cost on Netflix. warning, it can be graphic at times.


Here’s all the fun style notes I did for @animatorsammy​ for our Animate-A-Grump Segment, along with the outfit/environment guide that I sent out to all the the animators on the project. I went a little overboard for a 12 second segment but it was really fun to try to explain how I do caricatures of these two, and Sammy really wanted to nail down my style! You can watch the finished product here:

3.3.2017 Yuri on Ice - “Enjoy Figure Skate 100x More”

with Kubo-sensei, Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri’s VA), Shunichi Toki (Leo’s VA), Yuutarou Honjou (Guang Hong’s VA), Miyamoto Kenji, & Suzuki Akiko 

*My Japanese is not the greatest, so whatever I post here may be inaccurate or missing some parts because I didn’t understand everything. You have been warned! 

The event started off with a short audio drama of Yuuri waking up and finding himself in a classroom, clearly confused. Leo and Guang Hong pop up and note that they had homework to do. Their assignment was to study about ice skating and there will be a final exam next week. Yuuri didn’t know about any of this and worries (me too Yuuri, me too).  

Next, Toyonaga, Sunichi and Yuutarou came on stage wearing gakurans, while Kubo-sensei had a seifuku on and was carrying an ita bag! I was surprised to learn that Yuutarou is only 20 years old and a 2nd year college student! He remarked that the last time he wore a gakuran was 2 years ago (i.e. back in high school). Toyonaga tried to recall his last time wearing a gakuran, but gave up LOL. After, Miyamoto and Suzuki walked on dressed in regular clothing, but still stylish. 

The lecture was divided into 4 parts:

1) I believe they talked about inspiration from real-life skaters. At first, they discussed foreign skaters like Denis Ten, Evgeni Plushenko, Stephane Lambiel, Johnny Weir, Patrick Chan, Nathan Chen, Brian Joubert, and Javier Fernandez. Japanese skaters were also brought in, like Takahashi Daisuke, Uno Shoma, and Yuzuru Hanyu. 

2) In this section, the cast discussed figure skating choreography and expression. Miyamoto explained how he came up with his choreography for Yuuri’s Eros and Yurio’s Agape. For Eros, Miyamoto wanted to emphasize the body and its movement by having the hands be closer to the body, like sliding them down one’s sides. He noted that it gives a sexy feeling haha. On the other hand, Agape was choreographed oppositely by having the hands and arms more distanced from the body and paired with fluid, graceful movements. Suzuki demonstrated how even changing the fingers/hand’s position slightly can give off a different vibe. They also brought out a real-life version of Yuuri’s FS outfit and it was GORGEOUS. SO SPARKLY. I WANT. Here they wanted to demonstrate how even the costume design is important in emphasizing the overall feel of a skate program. Miyamoto receives inspiration for his choreography from animal shapes, such as a bird’s wing or a fish’s fin. (Can’t help but think of Seunggil’s parrot outfit now…) As for Suzuki, she gets inspired by her environment and natural scenery. 

3) Here, I think it was about the relationship between the skater and their coach but I’m not too sure. Communication between these individuals is important, and as an example of coach-skater behavior, they showed a clip of Viktor backhugging Yuuri before his SP. It’s funny how almost everytime Yuuri/Viktor/Viktuuri moment appears on screen, they show Toyonaga’s face LOL. Anyway, Suzuki was asked about what things she says to her coach and vice versa before she skates. She said that she says ittekimasu and her coach replies with itterasshai (so cute!). 

4) Lastly, we learned about jumps! Suzuki explained the difference between a loop, flip, lutz, and axel. Basically it boils down to which side you do the take-off and the skate’s inside/outside edge (not sure if this is 100% correct!). The VAs were so cute attempting to do the jumps >//< After they were quizzed by being shown a clip and having to guess what jump it was. Shunichi’s was probably the hardest because his question was a combination jump lol. 

In the end, we took one final look at Yuuri’s FS and also watched Yuzuru’s SP. All the cast members gave their last words and thanks. The ending was so cute because the “lecture” Yuuri had was just a dream and he ends up late for practice with Viktor in real life. (So he woke up from a dream inside of a dream….inception, anyone?) 

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading and please stay tuned for any new posts I make about YOI events! (=⌒▽⌒=)

^ Goods sold at the event 

^ The pamphlet/id cards they give you + stickers I bought 

Veep Style (or my longest post ever)

The way Veep uses costumes to demonstrate character has interested me for a while, and so I’m diving in to the subject just this once.  Everything I learned about ‘reading’ costume I learned from reading Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style recaps (if you’re a Mad Men fan who’s somehow never encountered them, go forth and read).  Needless to say, this won’t be anywhere near as comprehensive, and in fact will be chiefly focused on one character, which is Amy.

There’s a simple reason for this - Amy is the most dynamic dresser on the show.  Which isn’t to say that she’s necessarily stylish - Selina knows how to dress to convey very specific messages (as does Dan), something Amy mostly doesn’t do (with one hilarious exception).  But there are two reasons why Amy’s style changes so much more than anyone else’s over the course of the show.  

Within the world of the show, Amy starts off as a comparatively young woman (say approximately 30 at the beginning?), and one who has never felt particularly comfortable with her own beauty or confident in her ability to attract men.  She also desperately wants to be taken seriously in an environment that is not particularly friendly to her.  Outside the world of the show, Anna Chlumsky has had two babies - which means her body has gone through far more dramatic changes than any other member of the main cast.  (Reid Scott and Timothy Simmons’ receding hairlines don’t really compare).  

So let’s look at season one.

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Commitment (Miraculous Ladybug AU)

Note: This is probably the most decent piece I’ve written in a long while. Super happy c: Enjoy!

Rating: K

Words: 1,483

Genre: Romance, AU, Friendship

Pairing: Adrienette

Disclaimer: I do not own Miraculous Ladybug


It was obvious to anyone within the vicinity of the girl that she had been stood up. It’s no high class—entire paycheck’s worth—, fancy restaurant, with exquisite lobster and expensive steak; but, at the same time, no run down fast food joint. Comfortable booths and polished tables, perfect lanterns and a light atmosphere—more like a family restaurant of sorts.

The girl—dressed in a cute, short sleeved red dress with a black sash around the waist and a matching black jacket, and little black flats—sat in a booth alone, stirring the straw to her pink lemonade around, the melted ice clinking against the crystal. Condensation dripped down the side of the medium sized glass, making a circled puddle of water on the tabletop. Sighing, the girl checked the time on her phone, only to place it back down after seeing her date was now two hours late. She honestly couldn’t see why she hadn’t left after the first hour; for some reason, she felt like staying…just in case.

The surrounding tables, full of either couples or families, watched in sympathy as the girl with the curled black pigtails sat alone, no smile on her face. Her waitress came around every twenty minutes, refilling her lemonade and suggesting the check, but every time she refused, saying she’ll just wait a little longer. Even if there’s no point.

“Marinette, hun, we’re closing in an hour,” Alya, her best friend and waitress, said with eyes full of pity. “Are you sure you don’t want the check?”

Marinette sighed, and checked her phone. “No, I know he’s not coming, but I don’t want to go home just yet,” Home, another place alone in the dark.

Alya sighed, shaking her head and walked away. She had tried telling Marinette the guy wasn’t good enough for her, that she would only get hurt. She didn’t want to admit she was right, because it meant Marinette’s sadness.

Marinette met the guy while visiting the Louvre again for the hundredth time living in Paris. He was sweet, offering to buy her lunch at the food market just down the road, after reciting interesting facts about each piece of artwork they passed in the monumental museum. They met up at the Eiffel Tower the next day, seeing as how the weekend had not ended yet, and he eventually asked her out for a date the following Friday—which was tonight, and he never showed up.

The sound of porcelain colliding with the wooden table brought Marinette’s attention to her right, where a small plate and a mug had been placed beside her lemonade. It appeared to be a brownie and a cup of hot chocolate. Marinette glanced up at the person responsible, assuming it was either Alya, trying to be a friend, or her date finally showing up. However, he was neither. A waiter; of muscular build and tan skin, blonde hair and holy moly—those were some green eyes.

“You look like you could use it,” he smiled, lips curving perfectly to melt Marinette’s heart.

“T-thank you,” Marinette blushed, twiddling her now nervous hands. “But I’m okay—,”

“It’s on me,” he insisted, pushing the brownie closer to her. “I hate seeing a sad expression on such a beautiful face,”

Marinette smiled and let out a small laugh. “Thank you,”

The waiter, Adrien (after reading the name tag pinned to his shirt), returned the smile, nodded, and left to tend to his other remaining tables.

Marinette unraveled the napkin containing her silverware, and dipped the fork into the brownie. The chocolate melted in her mouth, it was delicious. Definitely the perfect dessert to end such a pathetic night.


The second time someone stood her up, she wore a pastel pink poodle skirt with a white button up and a light green cardigan, adorned with white heels. Her black hair fell free from her everyday pigtails, curled in a small up-do, with pink barrettes. A new design from Marinette herself, fresh from the dress form.

She was scheduled to meet a guy for lunch from the university she attended, a fellow student from the graphic design class. He caught her one day walking about campus, and asked about her fashion designs. He had an assignment to create original characters and place them in an outrageous environment. His only issue, he couldn’t design outfits for the life of him. Once the two got talking, she agreed to commission him for a lunch date. Usually she left the date-asking for the other person, but this time she felt flirty and confident, must’ve been that new outfit she designed and was dying to try out. Low and behold, here she is, in the new outfit, alone. Again.

A mug and a plate, both filled with chocolate, nudged itself into her peripheral vision; Marinette glanced sideways to see Adrien trying to sneak the two onto her table while being jokingly discreet. Once he saw he had been caught, he jumped up, folding the tray behind his back and smirking.

“Ah, looks like the princess has caught her knight sneaking himself into her room late at night, whatever shall he do?” Adrien hummed his laughter.

“Leave the check with her and quit buying his princess chocolate,” Marinette laughed, but dug into the treat anyways.

“Ah, but you look much happier,” Adrien said, rolling on his heels. “I couldn’t disgrace my princess by allowing her to be so distraught.”

Marinette smiled, feeling instantly ten times better. “I’m used to it,”

“You shouldn’t,” Adrien responded in a low voice, but he had begun walking away, he couldn’t be sure if she heard him.

Fortunately for him, she had.


Her third date also failed to show, but Marinette couldn’t find it within her to care. She felt drawn to this place, something about it made any bad day turn into a better one. No, she didn’t care her dates stood her up, someone else always made it better.

“You could always say ‘no’,” her routine chocolate meal arrived, only this time, whip cream, cinnamon, and chocolate chips had been added to her hot cocoa. She glanced up at Adrien, questioningly. “Alya said you like it this way,”

“I do,” Marinette smiled, bringing the mug closer. The warm scent infiltrating her nose. “What’s this about saying 'no’?”

“Your dates, the people that ask you out,” Adrien said, slightly leaning on the table. “You can always tell them no, that would be better than saying yes and being left behind, right?”

Marinette scooped a small portion of whipped cream into her mouth, chewing the chip as well. “Maybe I like saying yes, because I know my night will end up happy anyways,” her eyes met his.

Adrien seemed to be pondering her words as he watched her. She dressed simple this time, a white patterned sweater and ripped jean shorts, with brown ankle boots. She left her hair down, curling all around her shoulders in a midnight wave. He didn’t understand, who in their right mind would ditch a date with his beautiful princess?


He felt angry. There she was, sitting by herself—again—in the same booth she picked out every time she came here with a supposed “date”. She looked adorable, gorgeous, beautiful. He couldn’t pick one.

He made up his mind, he was going to give her the date she deserved. His shift ended in five minutes, and he thankfully brought a change of clothes with him. Changing, he snuck into the kitchen without Marinette spotting him, and made his routine meal for her, only doubled. Carrying the tray of goods, he walked out onto the floor in casual, civilian clothing. Blue jeans, a white tank top, and a short sleeved black button up, leaving the buttons undone. He set the tray on the table, watching in amusement as she jumped, and startled, watched as he presented their meal on the table, before taking a seat across from her. He folded his arms on the table and smiled at her still shocked expression.

“W-what is this?” she asked, placing her phone down and cupping her mug.

“I hate watching you sit here alone without a date, so tonight, I’m yours,” he said, feeling bold.

She blushed, lifting the cup to her mouth, she mumbled, “I didn’t have a date,”

Adrien blinked. “Excuse me?”

Marinette sipped her drink and set the cup down. “Tonight I actually didn’t have a date. I just felt like coming here,” she hesitated, “I just like seeing you,”

Adrien stared, then erupted in laughter. “I never caught your name,”

“It’s Marinette,” she smiled. Something about her intrigued him, he couldn’t stay away.

“Adrien,” he replied, but he guessed she already knew that. He does work here after all. “So, after this you want to take a stroll with me around Paris?”

“A stroll sounds nice,” she agreed.

He was her first date in a long, long time.

A conjecture (Doctor Who):

I’d call this an “hypothesis,” except, because I don’t have a time machine, there’s no way to test it:

If the costuming department had dressed the Tenth Doctor in an outfit that looked like a vomited crayon box (as they had dressed the Sixth), David Tennant’s approval ratings among fans would be much closer to their approval ratings for Colin Baker.

Ten would probably still be ranked at least slightly ahead, because a greater portion of his stories were better written – and, of course, the production values were higher. But, in terms of personality, both these incarnations of the Doctor are self-important, arrogant, and sometimes callous about the lives of the “lesser beings” around him.

Six’s outfit underlined these negative traits by ensuring that he never fit in with his environment. And Ten’s outfit downplayed them – just look at how his color palette blended in with the color of the TARDIS console room.

Anyway, just a thought.


Soooo belowwwww my step goal yesterday, but sharing for consistency. Stayed at my parents place after work and after two spoonfuls of guacamole for breakfast/lunch I was fed a grain-free oil-free meat-free stir fry dinner (hot kale and garlic, basically) and then downed white wine with my mom while talking shit about my highschool boyfriend’s family. Not very step-friendly. I was starving and low on steps at 11pm so cooked up a ton of broccoli tots and ran in place in a feeble attempt to get to 10k…didn’t even make it! Today’s another day. A little self conscious about my hair in this corporate environment but my outfits ok.

Been meaning to do a Brainstorm challenge for a while now but never seem to get round to it. But when I realised that the weeks challenge was Game of Thrones I had to do a piece for it. I had the idea of an Assassin’s Creed / Game of Thrones mash-up and decided this would be best applied to Arya as she seems to be heading in this kind of direction. Here Arya is a few years older and a very skilled killer. I haven’t read the books so I don’t actually know what happens to Arya later in the stories. I used the promotional image they released of Arya’s new outfit for a bit of reference. So here you go. Arya the assassin.

Where did this fanfic idea of Integra hating anything feminine/skirts/dresses/fashion come from?? Like I know she wears suits almost all the time in the series but it’s the fucking 90′s???? Like have you not seen Scully’s outfits in the X Files? 

Pantsuits were kinda huge with women in business environments. Integra’s even got the bitchin’ sharp shoulder pads, like

Considering the era of fashion it’s set in, Integra is pretty stylish?? not to mention that she wore plenty of skirts when she was younger and even wears one when she goes out to meet Maxwell at the museum? 


The following imagery is disturbing to some people. It is totally and completely NSFW and if things like that make you uncomfortable please scroll past this post and continue tumbling.


Consider yourself warned.


External image

Sorry to everyone who just popped a boner or have to change their now sopping wet panties. I know we've all deleted “Sexy Shoulder” “Hot Female Arm” and “Incredibly Attractive Armpits” from our history countless times, but I have something important to say about this curve where our arm meets our body that society seems to go batshit about.


Apparently I missed the boat when it comes to the armpit fetish, because that’s the only way I can explain the obsession the world seems to have with armpits. Specifically female armpits. They must be shaven at all times. Deodorants must smell like you just rolled through a field of artificially manufactured daisy shit (Off topic but seriously. Why is is to hard to find unscented deodorant?!). And these things are banned from schools. It’s dumb and it’s stupid, but thinking about it got me really worked up about school dress-codes.


The other day a friend of mine was in a debate about this exact issue. You see, the school district I used to attend (I’m home-schooled now, but only have been for a few months.) is thinking about erasing the school dress-code. Just letting students wear what they want, as long as it doesn't threaten the health of the students (So no dresses made of knives or poison laced rings.)


Now obviously if a school is considering doing something like this, there’s going to be some complainers. The boy she was debating this with seemed to be so upset about tank-tops I’m surprised he didn't have some sort of heart attack. I imagine holding that much holding that much hatred towards an article of clothing can have some negative health effects, such as “Dumbfuckwadatosis” and “Beingalittlebitchitis”.


Kidding aside, the main points this boy seemed to bring up over and over, was that a) Most clothing “slutty teenagers” wear nowadays is “completely transparent” (Obviously he didn’t pass 9th grade science because if he did he would know translucent and transparent are two different things. Last time I checked teenage girls weren’t wearing glass/saran wrap to school) b) The dress code exists so that students will look professional. and c) The way some girls dress makes others uncomfortable, and it’s selfish to show off your body just because you’re proud. Now he said all this along with calling multiple girls whores and saying “if you didn’t learn why some things are a bad idea and why it’s important to know what a majority would think with reason then the Clorox bleach is in your cleaning cabinet waiting with a martini glass”

So obviously this is a kid operating without a brain, and by using “If you don’t agree with my than go kill yourself” as a legitimate argumentative point, he lost all merit he once had. But it did get me thinking.


What if I put together a bunch on very unprofessional (possibly even provocative *gasp*) outfits, that fit within the current dress-code. Then I thought, what if I put together a bunch of semi-professional and respectable outfits using clothing not currently accepted within the dress-code. So that what I’m going to do.

This is all of my clothing, every last bit, excluding things that are too small / don’t fit.

Now before we start I want to talk about the dress-code and it’s rules. All of this will be based off of what is listed on my school district website, and personal experience on how it’s enforced. Obviously some rules may differ depending on the area, but this is how it was at my school.

External image

These are the general rules.

  • No inappropriate logos or messages on shirts.

  • No exposed bras, thongs, or other underwear

  • Opaque clothing

  • Shoulders completely covered (This is usually enforced as the “3 finger rule” all tank tops must be thicker than 3 of your fingers together.)

  • No boobs or cleavage

  • Back and midriff covered

  • Shorts must be longer than your fingertips with arms relaxed at the sides


Now these are the rules listed. What they don’t say is that you aren’t allowed to wear PJ’s or tights that aren’t covered by shorts or a dress/skirt.


So first off, I’ll show you the “school appropriate” outfits I put together. If you see a problem in any of them where I overlook a dress-code rule, please inform me and I’ll remove that picture from this post and leave the caption “I was suspended for this outfit”


I call this “Above legal drinking age and have never tried extacy”

This one is called “Very classy lady on her way to a business meeting”

A fan favorite here. It’s called “Above the age of 12 and wearing this unironically”

This one is my personal fav. “I am a doctor with a law degree and also an engineer.”

And lastly, “I stay at home on weekends to watch family feud with my grandma.”

So those are all the outfits I made that fit into the dress code. Here are the ones that don’t

A particularly wretched photo labeled “I fuck men with my armpits because I’m a slutty bitch whore slut.”

This photo is appalling. Bearing her shoulders and her midriff?! It’s called “Dirty whore with no dignity and several STD’s”

The first in a horrible series of photos labeled “I love anal”

The second “I love anal” photo. Make note of the bright colours in this one. She’s trying to draw more attention to herself that way. Even though her breasts (which are totally a sexual organ by the way) are completely covered, you can tell she wants to have intercourse. 

The third and last “I love anal” photo. She tries to make herself look grunge in this photo. Absolutely disgusting and dirty. 

This one really gets under my skin. Not only is she showing her legs like a slut, but her shirt is white and you can see her bra through it. It’s titled “Fake geek girl trying to get attention with her tits”

Lastly, this is a sloby good for nothing whore in PJ’s. It’s called “I do porn and have sex for money.” since PJ’s in public = sex worker.

Now, since I know you all just came in your pants, I’ll give you a little time to clean up and wash your eyes out with soap before I continue.


But there it is.The clothing that set churches on fire and ruin people’s lives. The outfits we have banned from schools. These are articles of clothing that get girls sent home from school. That’s right. So incredibly outrageous that a student is forced to miss the entire day of study and must then catch up the following day. Let alone if you are caught committing the dastardly deed that is wearing a pair of shorts multiple times. If that happens you can be suspended for days, possibly even weeks. I’m not even done yet I still want to talk about the things we as students can wear comfortably.


External image

This is a map of the world. Now depending on where you are located on this map, hot weather can be though. Now I live in Canada, and I know we get shit about being freezing cold, but it can get to be 30C (86F) sometimes even 40C (104F) degree heat here. That’s hot enough, and as someone who doesn't take heat well, can make me feel really effing sick. People can faint or get really sick from heat, and as anyone with a uterus knows: periods + extremely hot weather = excruciating pain and discomfort. People always talk about how uncomfortable it makes the boys, and how we’re selfish for not covering up, but I’d like my comfort to be taken into account too. The last thing I want to do is wake up in the morning, put on a way-too-hot outfit, and then spend 6 hours of my day sweating in a sweaty room full of other sweaty students. If you've been out of school for awhile or attend some magical school for pixies, most schools don’t have air conditioning. Meaning when it’s 42 and you’re internally dying, you fucking deal with it. No weaksauce temperature controlled breathable air for you. You put ice-cubes in your bra and toughen up.


Now what does this have to do with anything you may ask? Even if you don’t give a shit about looking professional at school, I want you to refer back to the clothing I was wearing that was “school appropriate”. What’s the common theme between all of them? Your answer is layers. Layers on layers on layers of clothing


Even if you thought those outfits were appropriate for a school environment, you can’t tell me that it’s even remotely possible to wear that many layers in extreme heat. It doesn’t even get that hot where I live, can you imagine all the poor girls in Texas or Australia where shit gets fucking hot.


Now I’m going to show you all the clothes that I can actually wear to school


First off, since we won’t be layering, all of the clothing that is against the dress-code can go


Far too hot for sweaters, so those can go.


So can long sleeve tops and jeans since those are basically death


Look at this. Two piles. After filling my bed with clothes, that was all that was left. This isn’t because I’m a “slut” or a part time prostitute. This is because clothing companies don’t make clothes that are “school appropriate”


The only reason there are two piles is because I was lucky enough to buy a few pairs of these in 2010.


I often see the argument “why don’t girls just wear shorts that aren’t all the way up their ass.” The answer is because they don’t exist anymore. They’re out of style and thus smaller stores don’t sell them anymore. Last fall when I went school shopping, I searched everywhere for another pair of these. After going to two different malls, I found two stores total that carried these shorts. In both places they were 40+$ and don’t have that kind of money to spend on anything right now, let alone clothing I don’t even like. Shopping for school clothes is extremely hard, because they simply don’t make clothing that is wearable in the heat, and fits all of a school’s strict guidelines


Stop telling me girls need to cover up. Because we try, but since we don’t cover up perfectly to your standards then we’re sent home and we miss school and we stop bothering. We stop caring about our bodies, we stop caring about our learning, and we stop caring about ourselves. When you constantly say “Don’t wear that, don’t show this, this makes you a slut, and teens these days are so disgusting” that we start to believe that we are. We start shaming ourselves and each other about our bodies. It’s not healthy and it’s not okay. These stupid school dress codes don’t make any sense, and they makes things much more difficult than they need to be.


When you start calling girls sluts, and gross, and whores, for the things that they wear, they start to see themselves that way. Girls already have enough pressure put on the to look perfect, and when they finally have enough confidence in themselves to wear that tank top, or those shorts, they don’t need you to call them a whore for doing so.


Experimenting with Documenting

The final experiment was to transform my outfits into wearable, sellable pieces that someone would actually want to own. To do this, I took inspiration from fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who, rather than taking photographs in a carefully controlled studio, he took them on the streets of New York. This allowed the pieces to be viewed as accessible and trendy, something  one would see in an every day context. His photographs are pictured first. 

So, my AMAZING photographer Jasmine Hall and I wandered around Paddington, letting chance dictate where our photos would be taken. We discovered that my plastic bag outfit looked the best against a plain background, where as the environment for my paper and tea outfit could be more flexible.

The end result emanates a glamorous, timeless look, no longer being thought of as mediocre, single use.    

She invited me inside her home and showed me her wedding outfit.

Although they live in a rough and isolated environment, Wakhi people are amazingly welcoming and friendly.

I photographed her in Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan, in July.


First of all, i’m really sorry because Yokai AU’s update will be pretty slow due some unexpected works I need to do o<-< But thank you very much for all the support you have given to me this far, i really really appreciate it!

I want to share some outfit designs and environment. Basically, I adapted some parts on Shiroba’s costume for kannushi!Aoba. You can see the similarity on the tassels :’D Kannushi!Aoba uses 大幣 /ōnusa (holy wand) for purification rituals and a 笏 /shaku (ritual baton). Design for yokai!Koujaku is 80% unchanged from the original BE!jaku but yokai!Koujaku wears hakama instead of pants. He lives under a hundred year old Kusunoki tree outside the village.

Timeline in this AU is Kamakura period (1185–1333). It was pretty hard to find some references for the village, so I used references from Edo period instead. 

Well, please stay tuned for the part one of the comics :“D

tentacle-explosion’s Fallout 4 Mod List

PSA: Please for the love of all that is holy read the descriptions/posts for each of these mods before installing. Some of them require very specific installation steps, or have conflicts that require patching, etc. And please don’t just click the “Download (NMM)” button at the top of any Nexus page - go to the files section and make sure that you understand what you’re downloading and which file(s) you need. If you mod irresponsibly, you greatly increase the chances of borking your game.






Clothing & Armor



Weapons & Ammo


Why Marshall Eriksen is underappreciated

- He has never needed a “no questions asked”, because he loves Lily enough to always tell her the truth.
- He made sure that Barney and Robin always sit on the same side of the booth.
- Marshall puts his friends and family first and helps them whenever he can.
When Barney and Ted were arrested at the airport and needed a lawyer, Marshall didn’t question but drive to Philadelphia.
- The fact that his son really gets the middle name “wait for it”.
- When Robin was not feeling like a real New Yorker and thought she has no reason to stay in New York, but Marshall told her that it is not New York without Robin Scherbatsky.
- The fact that he is a child at heart.
- Marshall’s love for food.
- His belief that Bigfoot and Nessie exist and the way he holds onto conspiracy theories.
- BEERCULES (do I have to say more?)
- Marshall’s love for Star Wars.
- He is the perfect person to go on a road trip with including his old Fiero and “500 miles”.
- His love for dancing and dance battles.
- Slap Bet
- Marshall getting enthusiastic about board games and always inventing new ones.
- His love for pie charts and bar charts, which led to an intervention eventually.
- When Marshall lawyered someone.
- Marshall and Lily always have the best halloween outfits.
- His dream of saving the environment and how dedicated he got to his job as an environmental lawyer.
- Marshall singing “Let’s go to the mall” at Hoser Hut.
- The invention of Baskiceball with his family, and that he refers to himself as “Big Fudge”.
- Marshall’s jokes about fish.
- His pep talks are the greatest.
- The way he brings out the best in his friends, screaming “not good enough”.
- His love for Lily and his best friends, regardless of their flaws and annoying habits.

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