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Here’s all the fun style notes I did for @animatorsammy​ for our Animate-A-Grump Segment, along with the outfit/environment guide that I sent out to all the the animators on the project. I went a little overboard for a 12 second segment but it was really fun to try to explain how I do caricatures of these two, and Sammy really wanted to nail down my style! You can watch the finished product here:


I’ve seen quite a few posts going around advertising cheap items from sites like banggood, aliexpress, and other wholesale sites that have really cheap prices and come from Asian countries. I want to let you all know, please please do not buy from there or reblog those posts! I know the items are super cute, but how they were made definitely is not. The workers are mostly women and children, and they are forced to sew and assemble until their hands bleed. The women work such long harsh hours that they either have to make their children work too or send them away and not see them for years. All the while, they get paid next to nothing. There have been several cases where the buildings these people work in have shown visible signs that they are near collapsement such as cracks up the walls, and the workers are forced to contuine working anyway, and the building eventually collapses, killing everyone inside. Not only this, but workers who try to unionize and get better working conditions are killed. This is only part of it, there are huge environmental impacts as well. So please, please, do not buy from these stores!! If you’d like to learn more, watch the documentary the true cost on Netflix. warning, it can be graphic at times.


First of all, i’m really sorry because Yokai AU’s update will be pretty slow due some unexpected works I need to do o<-< But thank you very much for all the support you have given to me this far, i really really appreciate it!

I want to share some outfit designs and environment. Basically, I adapted some parts on Shiroba’s costume for kannushi!Aoba. You can see the similarity on the tassels :’D Kannushi!Aoba uses 大幣 /ōnusa (holy wand) for purification rituals and a 笏 /shaku (ritual baton). Design for yokai!Koujaku is 80% unchanged from the original BE!jaku but yokai!Koujaku wears hakama instead of pants. He lives under a hundred year old Kusunoki tree outside the village.

Timeline in this AU is Kamakura period (1185–1333). It was pretty hard to find some references for the village, so I used references from Edo period instead. 

Well, please stay tuned for the part one of the comics :“D

Been meaning to do a Brainstorm challenge for a while now but never seem to get round to it. But when I realised that the weeks challenge was Game of Thrones I had to do a piece for it. I had the idea of an Assassin’s Creed / Game of Thrones mash-up and decided this would be best applied to Arya as she seems to be heading in this kind of direction. Here Arya is a few years older and a very skilled killer. I haven’t read the books so I don’t actually know what happens to Arya later in the stories. I used the promotional image they released of Arya’s new outfit for a bit of reference. So here you go. Arya the assassin.

She invited me inside her home and showed me her wedding outfit.

Although they live in a rough and isolated environment, Wakhi people are amazingly welcoming and friendly.

I photographed her in Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan, in July.


Once in awhile, Momotaro had to transport some items to the distribution center so they can appear on stage. So here was a young teen who was lugging a cart full of crates and barrels. Then he passed by a lady, whose feet were closer to his line of sight due to his height.

That lady, had guns, on her shoes.

Now Momotaro had come from a place where some ladies were fine with bearing guns and wearing odd outfits. But this was still a surprise, considering the environment of Smash. Maybe this gun boot lady knew the lady with armor.

Of course, staring at someone would warrant them looking back, and that caused the boy to freeze up. Memories of how Snow White glared at him flooded into his head.

Oh no, was this woman going to blast him for looking?

~●●● About Rankstuck AU ●●●~


Title: Prince of Hope

Ranking index: 0,94 (#2)

Hope skills: operating the environment, changing properties of objects

(left - casual outfit, right - formal).

Eridan is the second heir of the Great Alternian Empire, he got the position because of his high rank. Technically, his rank is higher than Feferi’s (0,946 vs. 0,942), but once Condesce found out about it she said the ranking index should be cut at the second digit after the decimal point, thus making them equal and allowing Feferi to become the main heiress.

Despite being good friends with Feferi, Eridan always felt like he was in an unfair competition against her, and tries to win Condesce over by supporting all her politics. Like her, he is proud to be a seadweller and is prejudiced against humans (with exceptions for Jade, John and sometimes Jake).

Before the Class trial he wanted to become a Horrorterror fighter like his ancestor Dualscar (who mysteriously disappeared years ago and whose Ahab’s Crosshairs Eridan is currently using), and was focused on training with using firearms and his Hope powers. However, because he was afraid of humiliation, he refused to join any studying groups and was self-taught. He preferred to train in the Horrorterror forest, since nobody would see him there; and this is where he firstly met Sollux and then the Magenta Shadows group.

Later, after Feferi convinces him to join the rebellion, he becomes a double agent, pretending to serve Condesce and passing the information about her plans to Feferi.

The purple streak in his hair is a result of experimenting with Hope powers on himself when he was a child - he can’t change it back.

The stars on his sash are in the form of Aquarius constellation, the four biggest are insignia for achievements in military training.

Where did this fanfic idea of Integra hating anything feminine/skirts/dresses/fashion come from?? Like I know she wears suits almost all the time in the series but it’s the fucking 90′s???? Like have you not seen Scully’s outfits in the X Files? 

Pantsuits were kinda huge with women in business environments. Integra’s even got the bitchin’ sharp shoulder pads, like

Considering the era of fashion it’s set in, Integra is pretty stylish?? not to mention that she wore plenty of skirts when she was younger and even wears one when she goes out to meet Maxwell at the museum? 

Padmé Amidala 

I want to do a series on the Skywalkers, adjusting their ethnicity to match their costumes and/ or environments. Amidala’s outfits are drawn from a variety of sources but this one from Phantom Menace is pretty iconic so I chose to make her Mongolian.

Tatooine’s scenes were shot in Tunisia so Anakin’s ethnicity will probably reflect that. As a result, the twins will be mixed race.

I have no agenda, I’d simply like to see more PoC characters around and while I am sure Finn will be great in TFA, I felt it would be interesting to re-imagine the most famous family in Star Wars.

Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and I have some medical bills to take care of and on top of rent, things have gotten a bit tight. Soooo, I’m opening up commissions!

Please include these in your message:
Type of commission, Bust or Full Body, any specific details or poses you’d like included. Please include your paypal address, so I can send you a proper invoice! Also, I am willing to mail out any of the watercolor bust/full body pieces for an additional mailing fee!

Prices may vary depending on complexity/extra detail in the piece (complicated environments, crazy outfits, super detailed designs, etc)


Please message me with any questions!

Thanks for the help! - John

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Gear Up Guide: Infiltrator Outfit

“A tactical ensemble crafted from Trinity gear, the Infiltrator outfit is well suited for forest environments, with camouflage pants and a long sleeve quilted crewneck shirt with cargo pocket. A bulletproof Kevlar vest and knee pads provide extra protection, topped off with fingerless gloves and a black and white tasseled scarf. Black leather tactical boots help Lara keep her footing on tough terrain, and the climbing rope and carabineers aid her in rock traversal. A ballistic nylon gun holster and extra ammo pouches complete the look, ensuring Lara’s prepared for a variety of combat scenarios.”

- Brenoch Adams, Art Director

Get the full resolution on Flickr.