outfit du jour


Outfit du Jour.

Took the dress from my sister + new tights + new boots. And the dress has pockets, yay. I wore something over it for school, though. With a matching floral waist belt, blah.

Dress: Target

Sweater tights: Target

Shoes: Vintage from Etsy

Outfit du Jour: Saturday Night Digs

When: May 21, 2011

Jeggings: Guess?
Tunic top: Fox’s
Lace cardigan: Kohl’s
Flats: Steve Madden

This is just a quick little blurb - I hung out with two lovely ladies on Saturday night: Yanil (above, on right) & Nicole. This is perhaps my favorite simple and go-to casual look on out the town (tacos, pubs, and dive bars, oh my!).

Also, did you know that jeggings were invented by the gods? I always put off trying out jeggings and only recently decided to convert over to the holy order. Is it possible for something to be comfortable and cute? The possibilities might just be endless.

Outfit du Jour: Hell, Hell, Helmut

When: February 10, 2011

Dress: Helmut Lang (my new love!)
Tights: Marshall’s
Heels: Need Supply
Bag (pictured on floor): Betsey Johnson

I’m recently starting to get very into Helmut Lang and the minimalist pieces just speak to me. Some of you may remember this printed skirt that I will wear until my dying day. This tusky gray and black dress is no exception. Also, my Need Supply platform heels are SO, SO, SO comfortable and I wore them all day at the event.

I go through black tights like water because as soon as I got home, my puppy pounced on me and tore a hole!

What are some of your favorite designers as of late? Helmut Lang makes me feel edgy, womanly, and put together. I think I’m hanging onto this brand for a while!

Outfit du Jour: Soho Spy

When: June 1, 2011

Dress: BCBG
Sandals: Enzo Angiolini
Ring: Made Her Think
Sword bracelet: nOir
Crystal bracelet: J.Crew

This outfit is a perfect example of running around all day at work and then going to an event after clocking out. I was going to the Spanish Soho Mile right after work and a meeting, so I wanted to look chic for night but also professional during the day. Though, please don’t think I’m manifesting a breast parade at work.  Considering my job (teachin’ young minds) and dress code, I covered up with a black tank. Night time event? Tank be gone and you get the drift.

Big thanks for Christine for shooting these fab photos!