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meme-lean-alejandroo  asked:

How about samurai jack outfir for Halloween? If it isnt too much trouble :D

When I was a child, I always wanted to dress up as a samurai and wield a katana, but everytime, I was told girls couldn’t be samurais.

Well, nobody tells me what I can or can’t be!

[ OOC: Sorry, I’m a little late for Halloween, I saw the last two requests late on Halloween night and I was busy trying to finish the Inktober challenge ^_^U ]


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Pewdiepie,Cinnamontoastken,Cryaotic,Markiplier,jacksepticeye,smosh, therpgminx and tobuscus !

More informations about this “””game project”” below :

(also.it’s only a concept game. i’m not experimented enough to make a game all by myself.But i want to change this !plz guys, just DO IT. )

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creative-classpect  asked:

:O ! Can you do a Lord of Rage outfit?

FUCK dude I don’t even know what the lors outfir looks like. muscle shirt nfnfmdkns??? ripped shorts? lord English is so fuck ugly who gives a fuck. trenchcoat. only trench coat. welcome to flashervile population: bunch of angry mother fuckers
rage outfits by defuslt are rough scratchy n thick. kind of causes sensory overload+ more flipping out?awful bad and also not good. the symbol is silk like knight of heart however so that’s the only good part.