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Drunk karaoke of Bohemian Rhapsody with Vernon 😂

Warnings: Use of alcohol

Drink responsibly!

“Come in Y/N, we’ve been waiting for you,” Joshua opened the door for you and let you in with a bright smile and a red cup in his other hand. He hugged you awkwardly with one arm after you threw your coat off to the pile of other outerwear on the floor. Hansol told you this would be a small party but judging by the amount of outewear in the lobby, there was a lot more people than you expected.

“Where’s Hansol?” You asked Joshua before he could disappear in the crowd of people. He took a sip of his drink and quirked his brows in amusement. “Looking for that boy already? He’s in the dining hall, it’s been turned into a karaoke room,” Joshua told you and pointed you the way.

You smiled at him and held onto your bag as you passed people, some making out, some just mingling and seemingly having a calm night. You recognised most of the faces you encountered but didn’t want to interrupt them, and besides - you only came because Hansol pleaded you to.

You found your way to the karaoke room, mainly following the loud, sort of off-tune singing. You stepped into the big room that had a big space in the middle, presumably where the dining table had been, and chairs next to the walls where some were sitting. At the furthest away wall of the room, in front of the window, was a big screen and a karaoke machine underneath it.

Before you could even start scanning the room for Hansol, he came up behind you, scaring you. “Ehey, look at you! You came!” He was basically hanging on you, his arm around you and a cup filled with alcohol in the other. He didn’t reek too much of alcohol but you could tell he was tipsy. There was no denying that.

He couldn’t stay still at all - he was swinging from side to side and bopping to the sharp electro sounding music coming from the karaoke machine. You didn’t know who was singing when you came in and Hansol didn’t seem to either since he didn’t cheer for that person. But that changed soon when Jihoon got up from his seat, leaving his drink behind.

“Yeah man, yeah man. Let’s get it Lee Jihoon!”

Hansol was definitely the best and also perhaps the loudest hypeman you had ever seen. Jihoon was just singing a random song (that you recongnised to be psy at the end) and Hansol was living for it. He was dancing with his red cup filled to the brim, spilling some of it on himself, all while singing along with Jihoon as well as occasionally yelling his name.

You wondered how in the world Jihoon didn’t lose his patience with Hansol but then you realised that you just weren’t drunk enough and Jihoon clearly was. “Y/N, you’ll sing the next one with me!” Hansol exclaimed when Jihoon scored an impressive 98 points on the karaoke machine.

“I’m not ready to sing yet, I need to down a few drinks before,” you explained and ran off to the kitchen and mixed a nice drink for yourself. When you got back, to your surprise you still saw Jihoon with the mic next to the karaoke machine. He was singing with a girl but didn’t really seem to care about her - he’s a mic hoarder, you thought to yourself.

You found yourself next to Hansol, drinking from your own mixture of some pretty hard alcohol and out of Hansol’s cup and soon, you started feeling relatively warm inside and a lot more excited about the karaoke as well.

You slapped his arm. “Sing with me!” You gestured to the machine, ready to showcase your singing now after a little encouragement. Hansol was caught off guard by your sudden desire to sing but he didn’t say no - he if anyone was all up for public singing.

Jihoon was a little hesitant in handing out the mics to you two, obviously drunk, but he did anyway and took the liberty of choosing the song for you two.

“Bohemian Rhapsody?!” You bursted out in shock when you saw what he chose for you two. “That’s impossible to sing,” you whined but still held onto the mic.

Hansol didn’t seem to mind the song choice at all - he was smiling and pumping himself up by jumping. “You’ll kill it!” Hansol cheered you up when the song had already started playing and you looked like you wanted to cry. How on earth were you going to do such a song justice…drunk.

You regretted drinking so much but you didn’t have much more time when Hansol suddenly said that it was your turn to sing. You snapped out of your thoughts and began to sing, trying to catch up with the lyrics that you didn’t know all too well and your ability to follow the lyrics on the screen was not the best in your state either.

But neither was his, thankfully. And in the end, you both carried out your verses in a dramatic manner, acting the lyrics out as best as you could. You didn’t care so much about getting the lyrics right, some of the words on the screen just flashing by your hazy eyes.

Hansol was indeniably excited about your duet, basically screaming at you when you were getting closer to the end. “So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?”

But you responded to him with just as much, or more power and attitude, pointing your finger at him. “So you think you can love me and leave me to die?”

You found yourself enjoying the karaoke more than you had imagined and most of the credit for that went to Hansol - as he kept making you laugh and pushed you into singing with everything you had in you. You didn’t need to take it so seriously.

Your passionate duet ended on a rather calm note. You got closer to each other and looking each other in the eyes as you sang the lyrics as softly as you could. “Nothing really matters, Nothing really matters to me. Any way the wind blows.”

You were exhausted and trying to catch your breath, your throat all sore from all the screaming you had done. “High five,” Hansol said and bragged about your score of 67 to others. You slapped his awaiting hand with yours and laughed - he was having the time of his life.

“We need to sing one more!” You said to his surprise after he put his mic down, pointing to Jihoon who was controlling the machine. Who cares if your throat was sore? You thought and downed your drink you had left on the table in the corner of the room. You wanted to have fun, and this was definitely it.

Hansol looked at you with excited eyes and nodded. “Hell yeah, should we go for a ballad this time? You can be the main vocal,” he suggested while tapping your shoulder and you happily agreed. He looked so excited that it was impossible for you not to want to sing more with him.

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