outerfield photography


Catching up with fellow artist and friend, Chloe Hood, in bohemian Southsea. Chloe’s a talented designer studying BA (Hons) Fashion and Textiles with Enterprise at the University of Portsmouth, and is establishing her own brand, Hoodlum Fang. Her latest work is punk as fuck, creating tops, leggings, badges, accessories and more out of bleached and distressed photo negatives and her own digital illustrations and graphic designs. If punk, multiple vivid colours, roller derby and deviation are your schtick then you need to check her work out. Like, right now.

Tumblr: http://thatpunkgrrrl.tumblr.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoodlumFang

Berlin (2011)

Just discovered that my student union is putting on a trip to Berlin in June. The only holiday I’ve had myself was spent there, and fuck, it was an experience. I wonder if the Kunsthaus Tacheles will still be standing by then…