outer space is the only thing that matters

“This person who doesn’t believe in non-binary genders matters because they studied SCIENCE at college!!!!”

Because all science is the same now apparently…… hey astronomers stop only studying outer space that’s not very productive, go do gender studies and things like biology instead……… “different fields”? Never heard of her

Outer space || m.c.

A/N: I wrote this at like 3am so its probably bad. xx 

Y/n was someone special to Michael, she’s different. She was constantly in her own world, or just admiring the little things in life. Always cheerful and kind towards Michael and everyone else. But she was a mystery, no matter how long they’ve been together, he felt like there was more to y/n. 

 Every night, y/n would drive out somewhere she thought was special to her. Michael never questioned his girlfriend leaving, she would only be gone for an hour and he trusted her. But it did leave him to wonder. 

Michael was stretch out in bed, watching his girlfriend dress into her usual attire as she hums a song, knowing what she was doing. “Where are you going? Where do you always go?” Michael asked for the first time. 

“Why is it now that you asked after all the times-” she chuckles mid sentence. “I dont know, I just always wondered.” he whined. 

“Well why dont you come with me and find out.” suggesting to him, Michael hummed loudly pretending to think about it, y/n giggling at his remark. “Why not.” getting out of bed. 

Y/n was driving to the place, no music was playing. Just her humming notes to a song with the wind hitting her face and Michael gently holding her hand. “What song are you humming, sounds fimilar.” looking over at her. “Well it should sound familiar, you guys wrote it.” she remarked. Michael kept looking at her, figuring out the song. “Outer Space Mikey.” she laughed. “Ohhh right!” y/n just shook her head continuing to drive down the empty road. 

She drove up to a cliff, pulling over. “Were here.” y/n smiled turning off the ignition, leaving the car and opening the back door to get a blanket. “Isnt this where Amnesia was filmed.” Michael recalled stepping out of the car, remembering the funny moments of making the video. “Yeah, this is where I go.” setting the blanket on the ground. “To do what.” 

“Look up at the stars, come.” gesturing him to sit down. Michael laid down having y/n snuggled up next to him gazing at the millions of stars in the sky in silence. Michael noticing how calm she was but he didnt get it. It was just stars. “Why do you just stare at the stars.”  he asked. 

“Its more than just that Mikey.” she said. “Each star is placed in that particular spot because of some unknown reason, maybe determined by fate or a butterfly effect. Every decision that is ever made determines what happens in the future. But sometimes fate chooses things that are meant to be.” she explained, Michael stayed speechless, never thinking it that way. “So fate-chose us to be together. To be us.” he stuttered. 

“I think we are more than just that.” she smiled as she kissed him passionately under the stars.

  • Aries: The red that paints your nails leaks onto the color of the world. Some will try to wipe it away. They will never be able to, and for that, you should smile.
  • Taurus: You understand the way happiness tastes, and the messages in a sunset. You can try to interpret it, but there are no words for the things you understand.
  • Gemini: The inner space of you is far greater than the outer space of the world. This is true for everyone, but only you dare explore it.
  • Cancer: You're every thought is a poem, and you hear music in every sound, see art in every view. Share it, or do not. Both make you powerful.
  • Leo: Every moment holds a world and every day is bright with promise. You are a light, and you will burn the same no matter how bright. So burn bright.
  • Virgo: You remember the secrets of the earth, and it remembers you. To speak the language of the earth and know its secrets provides you immortality, of sorts.
  • Libra: You read life like a book, sometimes skipping ahead, sometimes taking your time. You don't know yet that you can edit, and write, as you go.
  • Scorpio: When they whisper and look down, it's because they know you are strong. They know you'll survive, and enjoy yourself as you go.
  • Sagittarius: Know, as you chase the less-traveled paths and wisps in the sunrise, that you will sometimes be travelling alone. Listen to your heartbeat in these times.
  • Capricorn: Magic weaver, do not fear yourself. Trust in your ability and your wisdom, but never stop learning. Never stop asking questions, even if there is no answer.
  • Aquarius: Even when you leave places, you have been there, and that is an unchangeable constant. You'll always have been there before. In that way, you'll always be there.
  • Pisces: The sky is a map of your life, but you have to find the right constellations. You may find many different versions of yourself, but they are all true.