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Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 5

“Nothing happens until something moves.” - Albert Einstein 

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When V told her he’d show her the stars, Y/N  wasn’t exactly expecting a huge observatory at the back of the convention building. After texting Lena to go ahead without her, she let him lead her to wherever and was surprised when he actually led her into a private facility.

The observatory wasn’t open for the public but V had “special access”, as he told; revealing to her that he was a member of the group who arranged the whole convention. He even had an I.D. for proof.

“Aww you look cute!” She cackled, seeing an old photo of him and thinking how it was mandatory to have embarrassing ID pictures at least once in your lifetime. But V had snatched the ID away before she could even stare at it for too long and keep it to memory.

He led her into an astronomy museum first and Y/N had to admit that she had a lot of fun listening to him talk about constellations, meteors, and probably every single processes happening in outer space.

Or was it the whole universe?
, she thought amusedly.

He told her about his favourite constellation, Orion, saying how it was the first ever constellation he spotted when he started getting into Science back in elementary school. He said he would look at it every night and remember all the good memories he had; even saying how bright and full of possibilities his life was back then just like the constellation. Y/N found it sweet that he would share such personal information and it gave her a sense of meaningful companionship with him, knowing that he trusted her with his innermost thoughts.

“This is really amazing.” She awed as she stared at the images of the constellations; their names spilling from her tongue languidly. V watched in fascination, thinking how more interesting the constellations sounded against her lips.

“You haven’t seen nothing yet.“ He whispered and Y/N looked at him questioningly; a sparkle of excitement lighting her eyes.

He walked away and Y/N followed him to a set of gray double doors. He glanced at her with a slightly mischievous smile before pushing it wide open.

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