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carey pietsch has the most beautiful art style and everyone ought to read marceline gone adrift

  • Lardo: [through a walkie-talkie] Breaker, breaker outer perimeter, looks clear. Over.
  • Holster: Robert, Robert...uhh...Ronald, Ronald, Ryan.
  • Lardo: Are you sure you’re not trying to say Roger?
  • Holster: Oh, wait I got it. Ringo!

I was torn between the nightie and another idea. MICHIRU EXPERT HOLLIGAY HAS WEIGHED IN AND THUS I PRESENT


Wearing, of course, one of Haruka’s button-up shirts.

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Opinions on Shetland Sheepdogs?

A sheltie is one of my favorite patients right now. He’s such a little prince, even though his senior years have left him a bit scruffy looking.

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They’re not bad overall as a breed, IF you can meet the grooming requirements of that floofy coat. They will get seriously matted if not groomed properly, with deep mats even if the outer coat looks good.

Their teeth are not great. Not as bad as some breeds, and a few individuals get lucky and have alright teeth, but they benefit from early preventative care.

They are an uncommon breed, I suspect largely due to the grooming requirements, but in my experience have been fairly sturdy and long lived. They do get eye abnormalities, but many breed clubs have screening procedures in place to try to eradicate it. In any case, a dog can be blind and still enjoy a good quality of life if there’s squeakers in its toys and you don’t install a swimming pool.

I haven’t noticed any one particular issue this breed consistently suffers from, they only seem to get the standard mix that any dog can get. Paten ductus arteriosis and von willebrands (clotting disorder) are recorded as problems in this breed, but I’m yet to encounter them.

So from a veterinary perspective I don’t think they’re too bad, so long as you can keep up the maintenance.

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First, let’s take a look at Shuu and her hotness

Next, Sayaka looking at Shuu

Then, Shuu looking at Sayaka

Outer family’s reaction to Shuu when she said she played Princess Serenity in her younger days

Back to Shuu and Sayaka looking at each other

Shuu looks at Sayaka while Sayaka is thinking

Finally she decides to pull Sayaka to her side

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is this the version where anyone can wear anything?

It is! I’m starting with Haruka and looking at the gender options now.

I’m going to the border, my body will be stronger, my heart will start to shine                                       I will  be  a l r i g h t.