outer look

carey pietsch has the most beautiful art style and everyone ought to read marceline gone adrift

so i picked up my tablet again? glad i did, im really improving developing my style i think (maybe?? hard to tell tbh)

You break a lot of things.

You broke your tooth running down the street to the playground. Your grandma told you to be careful, but you weren’t, because you never are, and she had to take you two hours across town to the free clinic to get it pulled.

You broke your mother’s love, somehow, someway, and she was left tolerating you, other mothers making lunches and braiding hair, but you were too loud, too boyish, too impulsive, too something you never really figured out, for her to feel that love for you.

You broke Tama’s airplane, even though she asked you to be careful with it, because you were playing too hard, and you weren’t paying attention, and she cried, because she loved that plane.

You broke a boy’s heart, who thought you loved him back, because he was too blind to see, and you only thought about yourself and the aching loneliness inside of you, and it seemed like enough to accept, until it wasn’t, and he was left wondering what he’d done wrong, when it was you that was wrong, always you.

You broke the Senshi’s goodwill, because you refused their extended hand, convinced you had to do it yourself. Did you even want to? You were dismissive and cruel because you wanted to be the hero, but a hero comes from goodness, and all you have is determination.

You broke Michiru’s violin, tripping as you walked into the living room, a long crack across the back, and Michiru had been so mad, because her violin was a beautiful thing, that she loved, and took months to get fixed, and it never sounded the same.

Haruka looked up at Hotaru and Pluto, fading away, the sparkle of their soul fading into black.

You broke your promise.

Because all you do is break things.

Me:*looks down at phone for 5 seconds in the middle of tv show*

Tv show: *five people died*
*three came back from the dead*
*two of the main characters had sex*
*theres 15 new characters*
*someone went to outer space*

Me:*looks up* wtf