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Come to Londoooooon. Like to central posh London but not outer outer London cuz it's just trees and farms but jusstttt the middle. Don't go south London cuz those are dangerous ends and don't go east London cuz it's dead but north west London is obviously the best.

This feels slightly biased lol. I’m actually contemplating going to London in fall.

Cup Noodles

Pairing: McHanzo

Rating: G

Summary: McCree meets Hanzo’s spirit dragons.

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Author’s Note:  Whoo boy, breaking in the new fanfic sideblog with McHanzo based on @monstrous-hourglass‘ wonderful Noodle Dragons AU like I said (as my main blog Kalikuks) I would. This fic is also slightly based on @Evacmun’s art of one of the dragons chilling in Hanzo’s Sake Gourd. It’s my first Overwatch fic and it’s unbeta’d so please be kind to me!

The first time Jesse McCree saw Hanzo’s twin dragons, they were a sheer display of power. Massive, ethereal and deadly. He seriously doubted he would have believed any previous explanation or mentioning of their existence if he had not at first witnessed Genji’s lone dragon from years of fighting at his side during the golden days of Overwatch. Hanzo’s two were far different then Genji’s one though, terrifying as they were, twining together in a dance through the air and cutting down anyone stupid enough to remain in their path.

The second time Jesse McCree saw Hanzo’s twin dragons, and was properly introduced to said dragons, was not in the middle of a skirmish with Talon agents. It was during a dreary afternoon in a safe house on the outer edge of London, where the team had decided to lay low as they waited on Lucio and Tracer to return with intel.

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new OC charlie goldhart

he’s an english teacher from london and he’s bisexual and he doesn’t know how to dress himself poor boy

Closing time: number of London pubs falls by quarter since 2001

The number of pubs in London has fallen by more than a quarter because of developers and rising business rates, according to City Hall research.

Two London boroughs have lost more than half their pubs since 2001: Barking and Dagenham, which has lost 56 per cent, and Newham, which has lost 52 per cent. Croydon has lost 45 per cent, Waltham Forest 44 per cent, Hounslow 42 per cent and Lewisham 41 per cent.

In total the number of pubs in the capital decreased from 4,835 to 3,615 between 2001 and 2016, a decline of 1,220 at a rate of 81 pubs a year.

Mayor Sadiq Khan commissioned the research as part of his 2030 Cultural Infrastructure Plan to identify which buildings and businesses should be protected to maintain the capital’s cultural and community life.

The study was conducted in partnership with the Campaign for Real Ale and looked only at pubs, as opposed to bars and restaurants.

Outer London was found to have experienced the greatest decline. Hackney was the only borough where the number of pubs had grown since 2001 — by three per cent.

Michael and Linda Norris have run The China Hall in Rotherhithe for 34 years.

The pub was sold to developers in 2013 and they have been offered a new 10-year lease for double what they currently pay.

They said: “We’re at the centre of community life. If the lease of the pub isn’t renewed we would likely have to leave the area due to rising rents.”

The study is to become an annual audit. Mr Khan said: “I’m shocked at the rate of closure highlighted by these statistics.

“We have partnered with CAMRA to ensure we can track the number of pubs open in the capital and redouble our efforts to stem the rate of closures.”

Difficult Cliches

Summary: Phil is in love with his best friend, but that best friend happens to have a girlfriend.

Word Count: 2294

Genre: Fluff

TW: mild homophobia

A/N: this is totally self-indulgent and very much an overdone cliche, but hey, i’m a sucker for cliches, so here you go

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Jim Moriarty x Reader: The Bodyguard

Warning(s): violence
Based on a request, thank you for submitting!
Second person’s point of view

You and Sebastian were standing behind Jim, where neither of you could be seen. You two doubled as an assassin and a bodyguard. Not that he actually needed the latter. You were quite good at your job, never letting your feelings take the best of you. However,  you’ve done something that you promised yourself would never happen; you have fallen in love with you boss… Anyways, he was currently making a deal with a man who seemed to be off for you, in more than one way. The meeting took place in an abandoned warehouse in the outer skirts of London. The meeting was cut short when Jim shook the man’s hand and signaled for you and Sebastian to follow him. You were almost out the door when the guy shouted Jim’s name and fired a few bullets at him. You pushed him aside without thinking. Three bullets pierced into your skin and you fell to the ground. You heard the sound of Sebastian’s gun going off but you didn’t see anything. Soon all your other senses left as well. You’ve blacked out.

• time skip •

All you could hear was an even beeping sound. Your head was aching and you it took great efforts to crack you eyes open. You were staring at a white ceiling. You turned you head to the left to see a heart monitor along with other medical supplies. This was definitely a hospital. You turned to your right and you saw someone you didn’t expect to see. Jim and Sebastian were sitting by your bed. Seb looked refreshed but Jim looked like someone who hasn’t moved in days. He was the first to notice you being awake.

„(Y/N)! It was about time.”

He offered a grin for you before standing up and stretching his muscles. When he looked at you his eyes held an emotion you couldn’t recognize and had never seen him wear.

„Oh, and thank you for what you’ve done. I really appreciate it.”

With that he walked out the door, leaving you a bit confused over what just happened.

„It good to have you back, kid.”, said Sebastian before following Jim.

• time skip •

It’s been months since you’ve been released from hospital. Your wounds had healed nicely, they didn’t even hurt anymore. Neither Jim or Sebastian had talked about the days when you were out and you didn’t want to bring it up. For a long time, you thought that perhaps Jim was there beside you all along, until you woke up. You deemed it as a girl’s fantasy who just wants her feelings for a man she can never have to be mutual. Jim and Sebastian were out to set up something for Sherlock but you didn’t accompany them this time.

You were sitting in your room when Seb walking into your room – without knocking, which was a bad habit of his.

„How are you doing?”, asked Sebastian as he set in the armchair placed near your window.

„I’ve been better… Seb, can I ask you something?”


„When I was at the hospital, when I woke up… Jim looked so worn out, like he hasn’t left that chair in days, while you looked refreshed. Why is that?”

„Oh, (Y/N), Jim really hasn’t left that chair until you didn’t wake up. He was worried about you, y'know. He always is.”

„He is?“, you exclaimed.

„Haven’t you noticed? Don’t you remember when he shoot the guy who called you a whore? Or when he beat the crap out of the one that invited you on a date but didn’t turn up? Or when he scared away the one that did?”

The memories of all things Jim had done for you came back on an instant. You were enthusiastic about the thought of him caring for you but that didn’t mean he loves you. You need to find out and to find out, you need to ask him. You thanked Sebastian before running down to Jim’s study. He was sitting at his desk, looking through some papers.

„What brings you here, doll?”, asked Jim, leaning back in his chair.

„There is something I need to ask you.”

„Go ahead.”

„Jim, why were you at the hospital with me? Anyone could have seen you! Through that, Sebastian says that you’ve been there the entire time while I was asleep. And why would you leave so soon after I have woken up?“

Jim stared at you before taking a deep breath and looking deep into your eyes. He stood and walked over to you, so that there was only two steps between you. He seemed a bit nervous when he began his speech.

„So, you want to know the reason why I was there? Well, the reason is, my dear, that I care for you, deeply; which is insane. When you were shot I was freaking out, I couldn’t bear the thought of loosing the one person that I… love.”

You were taken aback by his sudden confession; you certainly weren’t expecting that! He took your silence the wrong way.

„Look, (Y/N), I understand that you don’t feel the same. I mean, why wo-“

You cut him short by crashing your lips onto his. He was shocked for a second but quickly caught on. He placed his hand on the back of your neck, deepening the kiss. He bit down on your bottom lip. You didn’t grant him entrance, so he pinched your side which made you gasp. He explored your mouth with his tongue, winning your fight for dominance.

Unbeknown to you, Sebastian was standing in the doorway, smirking to himself before turning to leave the newfound lovebirds alone.

You and Jim pulled back from the kiss trying to catch your breath you shakily said;

„I love you, too, Jim.“

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Cards Against Moriarty (Sherlock Reader Insert)

Name: Cards Against Moriarty

Author: Micia

Fandom: Sherlock

Characters: Implied!John x Reader (actually it can be read as JohnxReader, SherxReader or GregxReader, thats up to you)

Word Count: 2.419

Warnings: None

Summary: Suddenly the reader is nowhere to be found, the only clue left is a black card, that reads “Cards Against Moriarty”. Which horrid game does our brilliant psychopath have in mind this time?


More One-Shots: (x)

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this memory means so much to me, as does this band and their music. It’s also incredible to see year on year how much 5sos grow as a collective and as individuals, how they seem to become more and more talented and confident in themselves. 07/04


Calum Hood one-shot

P.O.V - First person (Y/N)

*smut warning*

People stared; people questioned. Why did the marvellous and ever successful Calum Hood trek through the concrete plains of outer London? What did the young stallion find in the tower blocks of crumbling apartments - the post prominent smell being that of illegal substances? Perhaps the question could never be answered as people always asked what, rather than who.

They weren’t the only ones asking this question: I often found myself asking the same thing whilst I watched fish fingers crisp and spit under the grill. We never intended for this to happen; hell, who would even dream of such different lifestyles colliding together to form this complex relationship. Calum was rich and flawless… a “dreamboat” as some would call him – his signature Burberry duster coat always gracing his broad shoulders whilst his raven coloured jeans and various Ralph Lauren boots made regular appearances. The whole estate knew when he arrived; his growling Mercedes sticking out like a sore thumb among the various run down Volkswagens. Despite this, many were oblivious to the fact that he was participating in an unlikely courtship with me.

It all began almost a year ago. My friends and I had just been for a night out to celebrate Stacey’s birthday dressed as the Spice Girls. Many of them were completely wasted, singing “Wannabe” remarkably out of tune whilst I remained fairly sober, designating myself as the ride home. We were obnoxiously loud, but no different to any other group of young people you see in Woolwich. The pub was fairly busy, the usual smell of cigarettes floating around whilst a slight haze was present due to the frequent dope smokers lingering outside.

“Drinks!” shrieked Stacey, throwing her hands in the air whilst the others released a cheer in response, “Get ‘em in (Y/N)” she followed up, throwing a twenty pound note into my face.

“Yeah, yeah” I giggled, the corners of my eyes crinkling as I gave them all a toothy grin, “Tequila shots all around, eh?” in which I earned a positive babble of responses agreeing to my proposition. Inching the twenty into my pocket, I turned around to make my way to the bar, my killer heels making this simple task significantly difficult as I pushed my Victoria-Beckham-like sunglasses further upon my head. Apparently I had swung my body around too quickly, colliding chest to chest with a dark stranger as a drink spilt all over my face and my shoulders, trickling down my back as I stood there breathless.

“Aw, fuck” grunted the stranger, his right hand firmly gripping his pint glass as his left arm flew around my back to clutch me tightly to him, stopping me from collapsing backwards. His hand was spread across my lower back, his body shuffling back and pulling me with him so that we both stood up fairly straight again. I pulled away, just enough to see the face of the mystery man whilst still retaining the close proximity of our bodies.

He looked down at me intently, his eyebrows furrowed with slight concern whilst his dirty brown eyes flickered over my face to gauge my reaction to the incident. Upon raising my own eyes, our gaze locked; orbs searching for any sign of knowing one another, however, this marble face belonged to no man I knew, his chiselled features enticing and god-like. He exhaled heavily against my face; his hand still splayed against my back as his breath fanned across my cheeks and fluttered my eyelashes. It took everything in me to draw myself from his eyes, blinking my own before stepping back to create a sensible gap between us.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll buy you another drink” I gushed out as my cheeks became the brightest of pink, ignoring the fact that I was completely drenched and my now soaked hair plastered to my face.

“I’m more concerned about the fact you’re wearing my previous one” he stated steadily, his gentle voice matching his darkly dressed image as he lifted his left eyebrow in confusion.

“It’s okay, I’ll nip to the loo and stand under the hand-dryer” I joked, gaining back my confidence as the stranger smiled warmly at me, sticking his hand out as he said: “Calum”. I stuck my hand out and our hands met, shaking slowly as I responded with my own name. Before any more could be exchanged between us, I heard my friends jeering behind me and demanding their drinks, leading to me departing from the designer-studded boy and scuttling my way back to them, throwing my head back to flash him a smile.

“(Y/N)” he repeated in wonder, running his hand through his hair and sighing as he realised that he would never get this petite beauty out of his head.

-       Present day   -

The Arsenal game on the television chattered behind me as I stood in the kitchen rolling a cigarette, the only thing indicating that the living room and kitchen were separate being the worn table and chairs situated in the middle. My son’s artwork was scattered all over the surface, his array of chewed crayons practically everywhere. I had stuck his latest drawing of me and him on the beach to the fridge with one of the alphabet magnets, our tiny bodies rather out of proportion with the potato sized heads he had drawn. I smiled at the memory, licking the paper of my roll up and twiddling it between my fingers as I appreciated all of the little doodles he had done for me. I was his world: and he was equally mine.

A knock at the apartment door drew me out of my daze, causing me to place my roll up behind my ear and push myself off of the kitchen counter. Spying through the little peephole led to me flinging the door open swiftly and tugging the figure inside, not wanting anyone to see the mystery man who lingered at my door. He broke out into a low chuckle, shrugging his dark jacket off and hanging it on one of three hooks situated by the entrance as I began to walk back into the kitchen.

“Where’s Nat?” he immediately enquired, concerned about the small boy who was not even his own.

“He’s asleep Calum. Do you really expect him to be up at this time when he’s only three years old?” I remarked back, a slight hint of sarcasm lacing my voice. I heaved my body onto the surface once again, placing my palms flat against the marble as Calum weaved his way through the mess of children’s toys.

“Wow, someone’s in a bit of a mood” he cheeked back, imitating a hurt face and standing in front of me as I sat upon the kitchen counter, winding his hands around my lower back as he situated himself between my legs.

I looped my legs around the back of his knees, a quiet “I’m sorry” sneaking past my lips as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and sighed into his neck, “Just got a lot on my mind at the moment”.

“Do you wanna’ talk about it?” he inquired, running his hands up and down my back soothingly as he pressed his body even closer to mine, hoping to relieve my stress through the mere comfort of his embrace.

“Not really” I retaliated, nuzzling myself further into his embrace in an attempt to hide away from all of my problems. His toned arms felt like a secure shield from the rest of the world, his fitted long sleeve shirt the perfect fit for his sculpted body and his steady breaths fanning across my neck almost comforting.

“Is it money?” he asked carefully, knowing that my income was a tetchy subject regarding the fact that I had to look after my beautiful son without any financial support from my waste of an ex-boyfriend.

“Of course” I replied, almost shocking him with my honesty as I was usually guarded about the subject, “I work full time, 8 hours a day, and I still can’t afford to buy Nat a second-hand Gameboy from Ebay” I scoffed, guilt consuming me as I leant back to press my forehead against his.


“Baby…” Calum started warily as he anticipated what my response would likely be to his forthcoming suggestion, “If you’d just let me give you some cash, you could-“

“No way” I barked back, releasing myself from his hold and pacing my way through to the living room and shaking my head, “I don’t want your cash Calum. Don’t you dare patronise me like that”. Upon reaching the large window overlooking the mundane estate I pressed my forehead against it and sighed, my heavy breath creating a patch of condensation on the cool glass panes.

“I’m not patronising you (Y/N)” he stated firmly as he stood a few feet behind me, knowing that he was best to give me space when I was in a mood, “I want to help you because I care about you and Nat more than anything”.

His confession tore me apart. Why would Calum, a rich man full of potential, want to waste his time on a trashy girl and her son that didn’t even belong to him? That was the question I was always asking myself, every time I was in his arms, laid upon the sheets of my bed- that question would enter my mind. Every time he breathlessly told me he loved me, his clammy body rocking against mine as I responded with those same three affectionate words- that conflicting question would filter through me.

“You’re too good for me” I whispered, intending to keep those words to myself, hoping that the babble from the football game would drown them out.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you” he asked with concern, his eyebrows furrowing together and his eyes straining as he leant down to pick up the remote and switch off the blaring television set.

“I said you’re too fucking good for me” I whimpered out, turning my body around and flattening my back against the cold window in despair as I lifted the rolled up cigarette from behind my ear and rested it between my quivering lips. I fumbled for the lighter in the pocket of my, or rather Calum’s, grey hoodie whilst he stood there vacantly, struggling to process the words I had just emitted.

“Don’t say that” he rasped out, his voice cracking, “How many times have I told you that our backgrounds mean nothing, that they don’t hold us back from being what we want to be”. He had begun to walk towards me, three mere steps and he was stood in front of me once again, his right hand reaching up to take the cigarette from my lips and place it between his own. He took a long drag, fluttering his eyes closed and shaking his head, breathing out of his nostrils steadily and allowing the smoke to glide across my face; “You’re so much more than you think you are (Y/N), money doesn’t define you in my eyes” he said, reaching above me to drop the half burnt roll up out of the window.

“But what would other people think? What about your family!” I scoffed, throwing my head back as I emitted a sarcastic laugh, rolling my eyes in knowledge of the exact reaction his ‘prim-and-proper’ family would give.

“Why do you even care?” he retorted, “Because I sure as hell don’t” he continued, clasping his hands against my cheeks and turning my face so that I was looking at his own, our eyes locking in the same way they did a year ago upon our accidental introduction in the bar.

“I don’t want to care” I whimpered, fluttering my eyes closed and allowing myself to melt into the safety of his hands, his thumbs caressing my cheekbones; “But how am I supposed to shrug off the looks that people give me when they find out I’m shagging a posh boy, those judgemental stares I get from the neighbours who I have to look at the day after I’ve been moaning your name all night long. They’re probably surprised I’m not moaning ‘money’ rather than your name because that’s what they assume I’m with you for!”.

My confession brought the tears out of my eyes and allowed them to fall freely to the floor - skipping my cheeks as my bowed head gave them a direct summit to the beige carpet below.

“Because they don’t matter” he replied, removing his hands from my cheeks and wrapping them securely around my back, pulling my petite body into his protective frame, “I love you, and you love me. They might not understand that but it doesn’t matter, because as long as we stand together we can get through anything”.

I lifted my face from his body and weaved my hands through his dirty locks, my fingers securing themselves in his hair as I tugged his face to mine, our lips securing and locking together as the perfect lock-and-key combination. His plump lips caressed mine, all of my worries dissolving as I allowed myself to completely submit to his embrace; allowing myself to love him freely without the usual pestering question of ‘why?’

His hands wandered my rear freely, pressing his fingertips against my skin through the fabric of my clothing and massaging wherever they roamed. Our lips moved feverishly, depending on one another in order to strategically complete their dance. This was natural, heavenly, and all I had ever wanted.

He began to walk backwards, pulling me from the cold window and refusing to let our lips part; he saw it as a sign of our bond that he did not want to be broken. I pulled my hands from his hair and ran them over his face, caressing his features as he continued to knead my buttocks, bringing timid whines from my lips in response. Our gradual walk backwards was fairly graceful until Calum’s foot attached to Nat’s ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ railway track and caused both of us to tumble to the ground, a thump from the weight of our bodies collapsing and a harsh grunt escaping his mouth.

“Jesus Christ” we both muttered in response to the descent, our lips having bruised together during the fall. I remained sprawled on top of Calum, my face now shoved underneath his armpit and our limbs tangled together. I moved up and down slightly as a chuckle emerged from him, my own lips rotating at the edges as we found the comedy in the situation.

“You okay?” he laughed, his eyes crinkling as he pulled his head back to see my face, my toothy grin indicating that I was in fact fine and he needn’t worry; “This wasn’t quite the romantic start I was aiming for” he continued, a hearty laugh escaping my lips as I stared at his embarrassed face, his pink cheeks making him look like a giggly high-schooler.

“It’s still perfect” I reassured him, angling my body so that I could place a delicate peck upon his lips. The innocent gesture soon became much more, my tongue peeking out to glide across his lower lip, Calum welcoming me and allowing our muscles to tangle together in the cavern of his mouth. My knees were placed on either side of his body, my hands trailing down his chest as his were once again wandering my hips and backside. I trailed my fingers lower, and upon reaching the hem of his shirt, I allowed them to dance across his lower abdomen, his muscles tensing and a heavy sigh being emitted from his puffed lips.

I pulled back from the kiss, sitting upright as I reached for the hem of my own shirt, Calum’s hands soon joining mine and aiding me in the removal of the pesky fabric. His hands danced upon my skin after discarding the fabric barrier; the pads of his fingers trailing from my fingertips, to my shoulder, across both my collarbones, and trailing back down the opposite arm, hairs rising and skin bumping in his wake. His eyes drank in my figure; an image he had seen so many times before, the freckles and stretch marks seeming so familiar as he watched me reach behind my back to unclasp my bra.

“God, I love your tits” he rasped out, his hands soon situating themselves where the lace cups once sat, my eyes fluttering closed as he teased my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

“I love you” I breathed out, completely overwhelmed by the affect Calum was having on me and rolling my hips against his, being rewarded by a pleasant groan and him sitting upright so press his lips against mine.

“Too many clothes” he muttered against my lips, reaching behind his head to grasp the collar of his shirt and tug it from his body as I nodded my head in agreement, standing up to unfasten my jeans and allow them to pool at my ankles. Calum stood and followed suit, removing his jeans with haste as his heart pounded against his chest. Once we were both completely undressed, we pounced on one another, Calum hoisting me up so that my legs wrapped around his waist and my ankles locked together as I scattered open-mouthed kisses over his jaw, my hands weaving themselves into his hair and clawing at his scalp.

With neither of us prepared to trek to the bedroom, we collapsed onto the sinking couch, our bodies flush against one another as heat radiated and hearts pounded.

“I can feel how wet you are” he whispered against my lips, earning a whimper and buck of my hips in response; “Let me go down on you” he continued, already unravelling my locked legs and dipping his head to suckle on my right earlobe. He didn’t need a direct response; the content sigh leaving my lips and no sign of protest acting as the permission he needed granting.

His kisses began to move south, his lips attaching to the column of my neck and sucking as he brought blood to the surface in an attempt to leave a mark that would remain for days, reminding me of this event every time I looked in the mirror. Calum couldn’t believe the way my body reacted to him, the twitching of my muscles and raised hairs on my skin giving him the perfect encouragement to treasure me as though I was a painting in the Louvre. I was his Mona Lisa – his own personal piece of art.

“Baby, you’re killing me” I wheezed from above him, his kisses and hot breath now fanning my lower abdomen as his lips curved into a delicate smile against my flushed skin.

“Patience is a virtue” he joked back, raising his head to send a wink my way as I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm. His legs were hanging off the end of the sofa as my head flopped over the arm; both of us sprawled across the furniture without a single care. His arms wrapped around my upper thighs as he pulled them apart, his tongue darting out and licking a torturous path from my right knee and almost to my centre, and doing the same again with my left.

“I swear to god Hood, I won’t go anywhere near your dick if you keep this shit up” I groaned, digging my heels into his back as he released a breathy laugh right against my core.

“Hey, I was just enjoying the view” he defended himself with before finally moving his head down and pressing his flat tongue against my slit, running it up slowly with the right amount of pressure until he reached the bundle of nerves crying out for his attention.

“Oh god, that’s it” I choked out when the tip if his tongue moved fluidly in figure eights against my nub, one of my hands clutching at my breast whilst I trailed the other down until I reached his dark locks, my fingers gliding into his mass of hair and tugging gently. I earned a groan in reply, my words giving Calum the perfect encouragement to continue his actions, my quivering and breathless body above him enough to bring his eyes to glance up at me, being welcomed by own as I gazed down at him hazily. His orbs never left my face, even when my eyes closed in sheer ecstasy he retained this stare, his cock becoming achingly hard as he began to languidly rub himself against the couch cushions, desperate for some sort of friction to ease him.

“I’m gonna come -ˮ I gasped, only to be broken off with his reply of “Ride it out, pretty girl”. That was all I needed, my high washing over me and a strangled moan sneaking past my lips as I rubbed my face against him as he instructed, his assault slowing throughout my moment of ecstasy. His hands clung around my thighs, attempting to keep me still as he scattered kisses along my inner thighs, allowing me to catch my breath as my head hung off the side of the couch and my heart pounded so heavily I could feel it in my ears. He removed himself from me completely, standing at the side of the couch as he clasped his hands around my ankles and gently pulled me so that my body was entirely on the piece of furniture, catching each other’s gaze and smiling before he clambered back over my body.

“You’re unreal” I confessed to him, holding his face in my hands before crashing my lips back upon his, whimpering at the taste of myself.

“I can assure you I am real – my dick definitely included in that” he joked back, his hard length pressing against me being the accurate representation.

“And ready to go by the looks of it” I said, teasing him as I wrapped my delicate hand around his shaft and gliding it over the supple skin. It never failed to amaze me how wound up I could get Calum whilst barely even touching him, my body and my reactions being the perfect stimulus. “Come on Cal, I’m ready when you are”  I told him, my hands now placed on his lower back and squeezing the flesh whilst he registered my response and steadied himself at my core.

He pushed himself in slowly, allowing me to adjust to his ever-impressive size, a content sigh filtering through my lips as he kissed my neck in reassurance.

“You feel incredible” he muttered in my ear, his lips grazing the shell as he slowly ground his hips against mine, my own fluid trickling between my buttocks as I revelled in the feeling of him completely filling me; “Fuck, I could spend all day like this” he continued, pulling his hips back and rolling them forwards once again, starting a steady rhythm as I fluttered my eyes open and dug my blunt nails into his back. I gazed at the floor next to me, a mixture of our clothes and Nat’s toys scattered around the room reminding me that my son was in fact in the apartment whilst Calum and I participated in acts that would mortify him. A momentary panic washed over me: “what if Nat walked in and saw his mummy like this!?” before I remembered that the baby monitor on the coffee table would notify me if my son had awoken from his slumber. I smiled at myself, before my lips swiftly formed an ‘O’ shape as Calum reached that spot within me:

“Oh god” I whimpered out, all thoughts of my son leaving my mind as all I was able to focus on was Calum; his fluid body rocking against mine, the sheen of sweat glistening in the low light, his dark hair tickling my face as he bowed his head to suckle on my collarbones.

“Kiss me Calum” I meekly requested, his head snapping up from his current position and his panting face mere inches away from mine. One of his forearms rested on the side of my face, his other hand trailing down my body, digging into the flushed skin en-route and eventually toying with the swollen nub between my thighs.

“You’re perfect (Y/N)(Y/L/N)” he breathed against my lips before he connected them to his; our swollen mouths pressing, sucking, and biting at one another – teeth clashing as the movement of his hips increased, our bodies jolting with every thrust. He pulled himself out of me, leaving me feeling empty and whining as I looked at him with furrowed brows and sweat trickled down the side of my face.

Before I could protest, Calum rotated me onto my side and slipped himself behind me so that we were in the, usually innocent, spooning position. Relief washed over me as I felt him run his damp length between my buttocks a few times, leading to me grasping his base and sliding myself back onto his length, the cheeks of my behind pressed completely to his hips.

“You ruined my moment of fun” he joked, reaching his right hand around and splaying his fingers upon my lower abdomen, his hand pressing against me to indicate when he wanted me to push my hips back. This was all so natural to us; we had been through these motions many a time, the other’s body feeling almost like your own when you’re joined so intimately.

“You ruined my moment” I breathed out, chucking my head back so that he could press kisses against the side of my neck; “I was about to come and you decided to change position”

“Yeah, but it’s worth it” he remarked back; “I can feel every inch of you and it’s fucking perfect” he continued, his length reaching that place within me once again, causing me to moan and place my hand over his that was still clutching my abdomen.

“I can feel you – right here” I breathed out, pressing my hand against his as he groaned in response, my walls already clenching as I approached my high once again. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear, his hips grinding into me as I begged him “don’t stop”, my hand reaching back and tugging his hair, our tiring bodies desperate for release.

“I’m coming” I whimpered, my stomach muscles clenching and my body feeling as though it was collapsing into itself, my shoulders slouched forward and legs twitching. Calum followed soon after, his moans choked and muffled as he dropped his head into the crook of my neck, his hands clasping my body tightly as though he was afraid of losing me, his muscles tight and breathing strained as he allowed his walls to completely crumble down. Hot, tired, and glistening with sweat; we stayed in that embrace, muttering “I love you” so one another, drifting in and out of reality as we clung onto one another as though our lives depended on it.

“He’s awake” I whispered harshly, hearing Nat’s breathing change through the monitor and the sounds of his tiny duvet fluttering through the system, throwing myself up onto my feet  and stumbling around attempting to find my clothes.

“Shit, shit, shit” Calum muttered, taking the briefs off of his chest that I had thrown at him and shoving his feet through them, bundling them up his clammy legs and lifting his hips. I had managed to shove my t-shirt and panties on, my hair a wild mess upon my head as Calum buttoned up the skin tight jeans he had managed to wriggle onto his tanned legs just as Nat sleepily wandered into the living room.

“Hey, handsome!” I exclaimed at him, giving him the biggest smile I could muster considering the situation he had almost caught us in, squatting down and opening my arms in a welcoming embrace, however, as soon as he rounded the corner and caught sight of Calum, he dropped his teddy and bounded over to him, flinging his tiny body into his toned chest.

“Wa-hey there buddy” Calum beamed, running his fingertips over Nat’s ribcage and causing him to break out into a fit of giggles; “How could you drop Mister Snuggles!?” he questioned with an alarmed face, his eyes open in fake shock as Nat continued to smile at him in the most heart-warming way.

“He’s not fun like you!” Nat almost shouted; “Why you been gone so long?” he asked with a pout, his eyes showcasing his upset as his pale forehead crumpled in confusion. Calum’s heart visibly sank; his smile dropping as he pulled Nat into a hug, his tiny arms looping around Calum’s neck as they slowly swayed side to side:

“I’ve just been a bit busy, little man” Calum lied, looking towards me as I gazed back at him, my eyes apologizing as he had to make excuses for my doings.

“It was mummy’s fault” I said, causing Nat to unwrap his arms from Calum’s neck and situate himself in his lap so that he could see me; “Mummy was mean to Calum, and she shouldn’t have been because you and mummy both love him very much, don’t we baby?” I continued, tears welling in my eyes as Nat nodded his head frantically, turning his head around so he could beam at Calum.

“Well, Calum loves you both very much too, and if mummy would let him, he would like to stay forever and ever” he asked cautiously, obviously fearing my rejection as it would tear apart the little boy sat in his lap.

“What do you say, Nat, do we let Calum stay?” I questioned, already knowing the answer I wanted him to give, Cal gazing at me lovingly at how I interacted with my son.

“Of course we do!” Nat cheered, Calum lifting him up off the couch as we huddled together on the floor, our little boy sandwiched in the middle of our half naked embrace, each one of his tiny hands taking one of ours.

 “This is the start of our forever” Calum whispered in my ear; and he was right, we might not be the most conventional family, but the love that we have for one another will always leave us with an immutable bond.