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Eaglais an Fhiosaich by Impact Imagz
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The remains of an old chapel built to serve those villagers of Ness who spent their summers out on the moor tending sheep and cattle.


Milicent Patrick was not only an actress, she also gets the credit for creating “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” mask, the Mr. Hyde mask in “Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde,” the mutant mask in “This Island Earth,” and the Xenomorph in “It Came From Outer Space!


TWYCC sidething, Frog Jake’s POV. Will contain spoilers for you can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea through chapter 6. Mature, mostly Jake getting to know his new friends and struggling to communicate.

What would really be nice today is a fish.

You had a fish earlier, but it wasn’t very nice. One of the brown ones near the bed. The tangy blue ones have been hiding. Which would be annoying but you always enjoy having something to do. It makes the sun pass through the sky faster.

The darkness will make it easier to find the little blue swishers, but it’d be nice to find one before that. Impressive clever work.

With a slow stroke to avoid calling too hard through the water, you search with your hands open, outstretched, still, ready to snap closed like a clam jaw.

Against your fingertips and fans, you can feel movement. The urge to turn your head to see is strong, but it’s going to spook the little yummers.

But as you drift carefully, inexorably forward, the movement not only grows closer, but stronger. It’s quite a lot of pressure, maybe a whole school coming your way. If not, something falling in the lake. Every once in a while, one of the older trees bows and breaks into the water, and you can feel it everywhere.

As much as you would like to keep still and vigilant, the need to look bubbles in you until it pops into foamy curiosity.

You turn your head and look.

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Gneiss Beach by Seán Kerr Photography
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Lewisian Gneiss rocks on Tràigh Mhòr (Big Beach), Isle of Harris. These rocks are some of the oldest on earth at three billion years old.


Soay & Geann Mor from Mullach Bi, St Kilda by Niall Corbet

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imperials stranded on an island

s.o.s. (save our schlongs)

tarkin: tames a pack of tookas to do his bidding, fetching sticks for fire and shelter. he knows survival basics, but sharing that information is determined by whether or not you are krennic.

krennic: starts off handling it pretty well but eventually spirals into madness and starts calling one of their helmets “Wilson”. they’ve only been three days.

hux: works furiously to establish contact with rescuers. tries everything from rigging a com device to drawing “HELP US YOU IDIOTS” in the sand. when eli suggests treating this like a vacation, hux knees him.

phasma: goes hunting for food, catching some mighty nice…um, whatever that animal was (”captain, we can’t eat that animal” “then feed it to krennic”). if anyone suggests disassembling her armor for parts, she punches them.

yularen: oh goodness, he was definitely not prepared for being stranded. still, he doesn’t want old age to keep him from being help; he makes sure to forage plants and keep an eye out for any danger. yularen handles the situation pretty well.

thrawn: he’s certainly been “stranded” before.. of course he is calm as ever, working with tarkin to set up shelter and fashion tools. he is delegated to night watch, since he isn’t bothered by the cold and his glowing eyes scare predators away.

kallus: oh my stars it happened again. he’s stranded. un-fucking-believable. kallus spends most of his time sulking until tarkin throws a rock at him.

eli: bitch please, he’s from wild space. he knows which plants are poisonous, and nature doesn’t bother him one bit. it’s like an impromptu camping trip… with more danger… and… less food. okay maybe this isn’t fun after all.

bonus!piett: the dude was born in the outer rim, this island is nothing. it still fucking sucks (sometimes he just lays facedown in his tent and weeps) but he’s more of a help to tarkin and thrawn than anyone else.

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What are some of your favorite Ifukube tracks my dude 😎😎

I 👏  LOVE 👏  THIS 👏  QUESTION 👏 👏 👏 

Everything that man composed was brilliant, Ifukube was literally a master. Here are only a few:

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