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The Vertex in Synastry and Transits (Part 2)

Here the Jupiter person brings a lesson of expansion, luck, optimism, faith, spiritual and perhaps travel life lessons to the Vertex person. Upon first meeting the vertex person may find the Jupiter person quite jovial and very fun to be around. There may be an instant connection revolving around spirituality and philosophy. The relationship can also experience a rapid growth and expansion together not long after meeting. The Jupiter person may present themselves as a spiritual teacher to the Vertex person, teaching and showing them things that expands their perception of the world around them. The Vertex person may meet the Jupiter person overseas or may have to travel long distances to interact with them in person. The Vertex person may see the Jupiter person as a ‘stroke of luck’ by where they didn’t ever expect to meet someone like the Jupiter person, so the Vertex person holds them in very high regard. The Jupiter person may introduce something that feels 'foreign’ to the Vertex person, then altering their perspective and opening their mind to what else they can experience in the world. The Vertex person may find themselves traveling great distances with or for the Jupiter person. There is a mutual feeling of fun and optimism though other connections in the chart will be needed to show a romantic connection.

Transit: Jupiter conjunct or opposing may bring karmic lessons as the ones mentioned above. You may be confronted by a spiritual teacher or guru who opens up your perception to a spiritual practice and/or philosophy that changes your life course. You may suddenly take an overseas trip that expands your perception of life and what you can experience in the world. You may come into contact with someone from overseas that changes your life course. You may unexpectedly come into good fortune or have a sudden stroke of luck. Something may occur that enhances your faith and optimism.

Example: Vertex conjunct Jupiter in cancer. This may bring lessons of expansion and growth in the home and family life. You may unexpectedly buy a house overseas or move location. You may find out a family member is pregnant. You may have a new baby, expanding your family which certainly changes your life course. How does your beliefs resonate with the family? How does your families spiritual beliefs affect you? What can you learn from families overseas? What would it be like to live overseas and how would that change who you are?

Here we have the heavy karmic energies of Saturn fused with the life changing lessons of the Vertex. Here the Vertex has drawn a person that may make you mature at a rapid rate. Upon first meeting you may have felt like you needed to be an authority figure around this person, guide them and help them achieve their goals (and vice-versa). You may find that Saturn person rather intimidating or even fear them. They may make you feel restricted and/or try to control you and what you do. They may make you feel suppressed and like their word is the only word. They may on the other hand, guide you towards your goals and ambitions and show you how to build and structure things in a way that’s it’s built to last. You may feel restricted around them, but their stern guidance may feel beneficial if you to follow and proceed in your course of action. They could also feel like a natural authority figure over you and you may feel as you have no choice but to work under them. The Saturn person may come into your life completely blocking your life path, so much so you are forced to take a new direction. You may feel determined to evict the Saturn person from your life if you feel like they are holding you down, and their presence is stopping you from doing what you most desire. You may make a life long commitment to them in which completely paves you a new spiritual life path. People who’s Saturn conjuncts your Vertex brings huge karmic lessons that will completely block and/or redirect your life course for better or for worse. Their lessons may not be the most enjoyable but will definitely provoke you to mature and advance quite quickly.

Transit: Heavy karmic lessons for a rather long period of time is indicated with this transit, in the themes mentioned above. If Saturn turns Retrograde over the Vertex, the lessons will be much like the Saturn return, though the lessons will involve other people and will be more focused on redirecting the life path in what you are going to do and where to go in life. You original life plan may become completely blocked, forcing you to change what you are doing and where you are going. These lessons may make you become mature quite quickly. You may be forced to face your fears of something, and if you overdone it, the fear no longer blocks you, allowing you to advanced on your life path. You may be set a long term goal where your entire life is changed and set to work towards achieving this goal.

Example: Saturn Conjunct Vertex in the 7th house in synastry will bring karmic lessons around building a long lasting and stable relationship together. The Saturn person may establish them selves as a type of authority figure in the relationship. The Vertex person will feel strongly committed to the Vertex person and feel that they are who they wish to establish a long life relationship with through marriage. The Saturn person may also take authoritative role as a business leader in a partnership for work. What kind of long term goals does the Saturn person bring in a relationship with them? How solid is your relationship structure with them? Does this feel like a long lasting relationship? How does this person act as an older and wiser guide in the relationship for you?

* For the generational planets, please look at the natal connections in the chart of you have this aspect since all of those born in your generation will have this connection, neutralising the conjunction in synastry.

Uranus/Vertex (+ Transit)
Upon first meeting with the Uranus person, they may feel a sudden uneasiness around them. The Uranus person may seem quite eccentric and different to the Vertex person. They may suddenly arrive into the Vertex persons life, flipping it upside down and turning it inside out. Their suddenly encounter may destabilise the Vertex persons course in life.
In regards to transit, Uranus’ progression over the Vertex will be far more significant, as it will last for several years. The nature of Vertex events and manifestations themselves often feel like a Uranian encounter or transit, so Uranus to the Vertex may bring sudden and unexpected turns on the life path on a grand scale. Depending on the house location, the Vertex person may experience much switching and changing in the life path, which may very well be liberating, bringing new and innovative changes to the Vertex person’s life. Sudden insights of genius concepts and ideas may come rapidly, which may impulsively direct you and your course of action in life. Since Uranus and Vertex energies feel similar in their suddenness, you can expect sudden comings and outgoings faster than you can count or even be impossible to predict.

Neptune/Vertex (+Transit)
This connection in synastry can either cause an overriding sense of romantic connection and infatuation to the Vertex person OR it’s possible that the Neptune person may fly under the radar, not even being noticed by the Vertex person. The Neptune person may project chameleon like energies that allows them to blend into the background of others until they prominently make themselves known to the Vertex person.
The Vertex person may have a difficult time seeing the Neptune person as they truly are, idealising them on first interaction and compromising a fantasy of the two, and it may feel all too easy to lose themselves in the Neptune person. The Neptune person will bring lessons of empathy, spirituality, compassion, unconditional love, ecstasy and possibly addiction to them.
In transit, Neptune brings sudden life changing lessons that can bring great psychic insights and dreams, visions and strange psychic phenomena. It’s possible to reach high forms of enlightenment during this transit as long as the Vertex person doesn’t allow feelings of becoming a victim or martyr if things become difficult or challenging along the way. Themes of addiction and drug/alcohol use and abuse may arise, teaching the Vertex person the need to overcome self sabotaging tendencies and facing reality without fear.

Here the conjunction if not in the natal chart of the Vertex person will only manifest in large age gaps between the Pluto and the Vertex person. The Pluto person first interaction with the Vertex person may feel instantly transformative and eye opening or it could feel obsessive, possessive and all consuming. The Pluto person may bring drastic changes in the life of the Vertex person, destroying their foundations, forcing them to forge a new path. Lessons of intensity, merging, psychology and possible violence, extremes, abuse and power may manifest to change the Vertex person for better or for worse. The Pluto persons presence may affect the deep subconscious mind of the Vertex person, bringing to the surface self destructive tendencies and fears to be faced and eliminated. Themes of death and rebirth may also change the way the Vertex person feels and sees the manner of death, ether enhancing or eliminating their fears. The Pluto person may also teach the Vertex person about power struggles and dominance. This conjunction can also bring tremendous transformative healing.
(Personal story: My grandfathers Pluto conjunct my Anti-Vertex. He passed away when I was 9. I saw him have power struggles in his relationship with my grandmother and mother where he was always the dominant man. I always had a subtle underlying fear of him, however I was empathetic towards him and a month before his death, we bonded and our friendship managed to transform his hard interiors and allowed him to be more gentle towards my mother and grandmother. His death allowed me to be fearless for I saw his passing as a sense of relief once he had completed his lesson showing me that kindness and compassion can be transformative for both people involved.)
With the transit, all lesson above is a possible manifestation of the Pluto conjunct Vertex. Themes of elimination, transformation, destruction and reconstruction as well as healing, the occult and blind passion can suddenly come into the Vertex persons life to deeply regenerate their path in life.

(Link to Vertex conjunct the nodes and Anti-Vertex)

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Good Morning from Scotland

When the Devil’s loose by Paul Dunn
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A wonderful sunrise across Loch Hosta North Uist, with curtains of rain filtering the colours, a quite magical sight. When the Devils loose by A A Bondy is only suitable because at the time I was annoyed the rain was spoiling a good sunrise for me, in actual fact it made it wonderful.