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30 Day Dungeons & Dragons Challenge - Day 3: Favorite Playable Class

Rangers have always been the jack-of-all-trades class in D&D. The can fight, but not as well as Fighters. They can be stealthy, but not as much as Rogues. They have some Animal and Nature abilities, but not as much as a Druid.

I’m not much a a wilderness person, but something about the outdoorsy style of the Rangers has always appealed to me.

Plus they usually get an animal companion and duel weapon fighting for free.

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Any house style/home headcanons for the pokeships?

Contestshipping: They live in a rather traditional home (as in a Japanese styled home—similar to May’s home in Petalburg and in the same way as that home contains some western aspects to it).They live in more so of the outskirts of Slateport City; while they’re not on the beach they can see the ocean from their home, and can often sit on the edge of their floor with the doors open to enjoy the ocean breeze (Like this:

Obviously the room wouldn’t look exactly the same, but the concept of being able to open the doors and sit and enjoy the outside is common in a lot of traditional Japanese homes). They’d have a spacious backyard with some gardens as well as a rock garden for decoration. They have a hammock May insisted they get and a tree house Brendan built for Allie and Nick that he roped Drew into helping him with. They go to the beach often, and they’re able to continue to train their pokemon easily as the outskirts allow them more space and terrain.

Their house is a modest size, nothing too big. It has two floors (no basement). It has three bedrooms on the upstairs—the master and two bedrooms for Allie and Nick. They have futons they can prepare and have stowed away for when guests stay the night. Drew got super into the interior of the house, so it’s very simplistic yet pretty/artsy. However, May enjoyed helping out and added a lot of her own flares with fun/cute decorations for the tables/shelves/walls. They have quite a few bookshelves as well as a kotatsu (Drew wondered if they’d even need it, but May insisted they’d have chilly days especially by the ocean). They also have a nice place for their tea set, as Drew’s super into tea. Their house consists of a lot of neutral/earthy/calming colors.

Pokeshipping: Because Pallet is a small town, their house isn’t particular big—but neither mind, as small homes to them bring families closer. To make up for it, however, their backyard is huge. With how much open space Pallet has, their background goes on for what almost seems like forever, boarded by the forest (which their kids love to explore/play in). The ocean is also not too far away, so they often go to the beach to swim or fish. They’re a very active/outdoorsy family. The style of their home isn’t anything special—it’s a cute cottage like home, similar to other homes seen in Pallet.

The house is usually well kept, but can become chaos/disorganized easily. The house is full of splashes of both Ash and Misty, Ash being huge on picture frames and the like that he puts all over the place and Misty being huge on decorations like nice seashells or jars of sand to put on tables or shelves. Unlike May and Drew’s house, their house doesn’t have a lot of free space. They have two floors, no basement. They have four bedrooms (the master, one for Skye, one for their twins, and a guest) and each room is full of knick knacks and things on the floor that shouldn’t be on the floor and especially the kid’s room are full of bright colors and many Pokemon related merchandise (Pokemon related merchandise can be found all over the place in their home, really—more so than in the other shipping homes, though each home as at least some Pokemon related merchandise). Their TV is huge because Ash always loves to be able to watch all the Pokemon battles on TV live if he’s not able to go to them (such as official battles between champions or the Elite 4 of different regions). Their family loves watching TV together, whether it’s Pokemon battles or movie nights or cartoons.

Ikarishipping: Their house isn’t very big. Paul is often not in it (he trains a lot—that’s not to say he’s never home, but he’s out a lot), so it’s mostly Dawn and Lizzie using it. They just have two bedrooms, a master and a room for Lizzie, with futons for guests (though they don’t have guests stay overnight too often, as most people Dawn are close too don’t live terribly far away). It’s two floors, no basement. Dawn handled the interior as Paul expressed little interest, so the home is very nicely put together/pretty—yet not overwhelming for Paul’s sake. Dawn’s all about decorations, so there are paintings and pictures and little things to put on tables and shelves and everything else all over the house, all neat in place. There are always magazines on the coffee table, and they have a bookshelf as Paul loves to read.

They don’t have much of a backyard, as they live right in the middle of Hearthhome City in the bustle of it—so their house is pretty tightly compacted with buildings around it, especially since Dawn’s pokestyle shop is attached to their home (because of it, Dawn often has her supplies lying around the home and unfinished works and the like).They’re not too far from the Contest Hall, so Dawn often helps out there and sometimes acts as a judge. Paul goes to the outskirts and travels to train (he often goes to Mt. Coronet, which is about a day away). Dawn loves spending time in the city, even if it’s just to window shop. Lizzie has a favorite spot in the park she loves to go to to sit in the shade and read.

Tuesday’s Truth: Reinvention Runway

R: Mom, this girl on the playground keeps asking me ’ why do you wear boy clothes?’

M: And what do you say?

R: Nothing. I just roll my eyes. 

M: Well, you could say, ‘these aren’t BOY clothes they are clothes. MY clothes and they represent my style, Bitch.

But here’s my bitch, I want to start a company that makes fucking cool cargo shorts, athletic shorts, kick ass cool t-shirts….for “girls”. 

I was in the mall today and EVERY pair of shorts for “girls” were just beneath the butt cheek. No pockets, nothing to store very important shit in. No outdoorsy, sporty, functional styles. NO…WHERE. 

I have searched online and only found cool images of cargo shorts that are no longer for sale. The above ones I bought for her at Costco yesterday, in the 'boys’ section. 

But wouldn’t red, purple and blue camouflage be cool? Wouldn’t bright cool colors be great? I would like them to fit her better, less room in the front. 

How does one start something like that when you have no money, but plenty of ideas?