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2 AM Near the 40 Mile

This is my first photo of the midnight sun from Taylor Peak above the 40 Mile Wild and Scenic River near Chicken, Alaska. The 40 Mile is actually 390 miles long and is the longest federally managed wild and scenic river. I’m still south of the Arctic Circle so the sun sets from about 12:30 AM till about 3 AM, but it stays like dusk outside. Colin, the BLM employee in the photo, is from Fairbanks; he says that they don’t even try July 4th fireworks there - it’s too bright to see them.

Bob Wick, Wilderness Specialist, BLM National Conservation Lands


Happy 1st Birthday, Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument!

The Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, jointly managed by the BLM and U.S. Forest Service, encompasses nearly 331,000 acres of public land in the heart of northern California’s Inner Coast Range.  Rising from near sea level in the south to over 7,000 feet in the mountainous north, and stretching across nearly 100 miles and dozens of ecosystems, the area possesses a richness of species that is among the highest in California and has established the area as a biodiversity hotspot. A part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands, the monument offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, off-highway vehicle use, horseback riding, mountain biking and rafting.

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Colorado rivers offer floats through scenic canyons, lush landscapes and historical resources.

The predominately free-flowing San Miguel River extends 72 miles from high alpine meadows and waterfalls above Telluride to a deep red sandstone canyon confluence with the Dolores River. The San Miguel offers a variety of runs, all within the class II+ to III range. The Dolores River flows for more than 200 miles through southwestern Colorado, starting high in the San Juan Mountains and descending to its confluence with the Colorado River near the Colorado-Utah border.

Last week, BLM Colorado staff, local residents and local organizations – including Colorado Water Conservation Board, The Nature Conservancy, Rimrocker Historical Society, Sheep Mountain Alliance, American Whitewater, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Rig to Flip and county commissioners – floated sections of the San Miguel and Dolores rivers for a first-hand look at river conditions, riparian health and local history.

Photos of San Miguel River shown here by Dana Wilson, BLM.


The Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago (MCC) is a federal prison located in Chicago, Illinois. The facility holds both male and female inmates and holds inmates at all security levels, including those who are awaiting trial or engaged in court proceedings. The building was designed by Harry Weese, and the unique design of the building sets it apart from other federal prisons and correctional facilities nationwide. The building is a right triangle shape with 28 floors, and each cell has a window that is 5 inches wide and 7 feet long. The outdoor recreation area is on the roof of the building, where male inmates are allowed two hours every other day. Female prisoners are allowed access to an indoor exercise room and law library once a week, and are not allowed to have jobs working in the kitchen.

Inmates successfully escaped from MCC in 1985, 2009 and 2012, but all were recaptured, although the inmates in the ’85 escape were on the run for months before they were found. Piper Kerman spent the last few months of her sentence at MCC.


Take the family out for a #mypubliclandsroadtrip at Mackay Reservoir in Idaho.

Fishing on the Big Lost River and Mackay Reservoir is a year-round sport. Many fishing outfitters and sporting goods stores in Idaho advertise the outstanding fly fishing throughout the region. Hundreds of anglers brave the winter weather every year for a spot on the frozen reservoir. Fishing licenses are required and are sold at several businesses in Mackay.

Today, Mackay Reservoir is stocked with rainbow trout and kokanee salmon. This has given it the reputation as one of the best ice-fishing lakes in the region. Here’s what you might find:

  • West Slope Cutthroat: Black spots scattered on the front and back of the body, and on the back and tailfin. Also look for a red “cutthroat” mark under the lower jaw. 
  • Mountain Whitefish: Shiny silver scales, small mouth on the bottom of the head, and a forked tailfin. Younger whitefish are often food for trout and salmon.
  • Brook Trout: Watch for pink spots with blue halos on the sides of the fish, black lines on the pelvic and pectoral fins, and mottled dorsal fins.
  • Kokanee Salmon: Known as the “landlocked sockeye,” this fish stays its whole life in fresh water. Kokanee have a bluish-black top, silver sides, and a white stomach.
  • Rainbow Trout: Look for small, irregular black spots on top of a pinkish-red stripe on their sides and on the tailfin.

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Blue Ridge Country Magazine Updates Writer’s Guidelines - Pays up to $250/article

Blue Ridge Country, a bi-monthly magazine celebrating the people, places and culture of the Blue Ridge area, has updated its writer’s guidelines for freelance writers. The editor now accepts submissions for these recurring departments:

  • Country Roads (travel/environmental news, book reviews, etc.)
  • Cabins in the Woods
  • Festivals & Events
  • On the Mountainside (outdoor recreation)

Similar to the feature articles that appear in the magazine, departments convey a feeling and identity of the region

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I wrote this yesterday: http://longcoolhallway.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/upon-leaving-the-backcountry/

Folks who participate in the outdoor industry, who want to get more black and brown youth outdoors, who think that spending time outside is valuable, who want to help people of color be more engaged in environmentalism, conservation, outdoor recreation, think about history. Think about who was displaced from “wilderness,” think about what being taken to the woods meant for your students’ great grandparents, and think hard about what is happening to students and to their families and to their communities now. There are so many more layers than “just get outside.” Getting outdoors doesn’t occur to POC not simply because of lack of visibility or education, it is because of systemic violence, historically and currently.

#Neverstopexploring your privilege.

Support #blacklivesmatter.
#asians4blacklives #poetry #outdoors

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I just rewrote my resume drunk ha ha ha
New edition
• Ecological Restoration: on going work involving the removal of harmful invasive species and preservation of the historic Genius Preserve of Winter Park, Florida
I PULL WEEDS FOR 10$ an houR OK MY resume is a joke
•taught English to orphans in Thailand … Did I???????( kind of but no not really !!!!! We mostly just played soccer and ping pong w them
•outdoor adventure recreation instructor and retail associate!!!! I mostly just show people how to properly paddle on a stand up paddle board and then watch as they completely disregard my instruction and fall in the lake ur welcome. Then sometimes I walk around the shop barefoot and don’t sell anything to anyone
•professional student fundraiser…. I CALLED PPL AND READ A SCRIPT AND ONLY CRIED ONCE during my ONE month of employment (*3 times)
•intern at Mace security international … Jk I packed boxes for shipment and talked about space and time travel with my cousin. and sometimes cried in the bathroom overwhelmed by existential dread and the smell of packing tape don’t judge ME
•food service TECHNICIAN
•local high school ice cream gal

There’s a few other things but I don’t want to overwhelm you with my brilliance, talent and achievement.