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The Oregon Coast Project

The Oregon Coast is a very special place to me. I was born on the east coast, and shortly before my brother was born my family moved to Lincoln City, where I lived until I was 4 or 5. All of my formative memories are from times on the coast, from riding my tricycle on the beach just a block from our house, to being caught in a sneaker wave and my dad sprinting into the ocean to come save me from being washed away. Every time I revisit these places I’m filled with a weird feeling of nostalgia and sadness - not because the memories I have are sad, but because this place probably won’t be around for much longer - at least not the way we’ve come to know it. 

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Bronze Age Rock Art on Ilkley Moor, North Yorkshire, 6.4.17. 


This video for the song “Impregnable projection” by the band “The Dirty Projectors” features a runner traversing the landscape of Jackson Hole, the valley just east of the Teton Mountains and South of Yellowstone, in Wyoming.


DIY: Grill Storage

Break out the hammer, because this weekend’s DIY is all about nails. Inspired by nail art (the hardware kind), we sought to make a decorative hook board to store all of our tools for the grill. We started with a project board (cut in half for free at Home Depot) and painted it Sandy Feet, then painted the hooks Nobility Blue. We sketched out our font for the letters BBQ, and hammered the nails in place. To finish off, we painted the nail heads Japanese Kimono. A note: when you attach your hooks, be sure to have a fully charged power drill (not pictured). You will definitely need it.

What goes best with a fun DIY project? A playlist:


Painted outdoor furniture, string lights and colorful accessories set the stage for a summer get together. 

If you paint outdoor chairs or tables, be sure to pick the right type of paint. Rustoleum 2X spray paint is a great choice, as is Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior (be sure not to use interior paint). A semi-gloss sheen makes painted furniture easier to clean.

Trying To Present A Project To The Class When You Are A Quiet Person:
  • Me: **Talking about something to do with your class.**
  • Teacher: Can you talk louder?
  • Me: **Tries to talk louder. (Probably isn't much of a difference.)
  • Teacher: A little louder.
  • Me: **Makes an effort.**
  • Teacher: Use your outdoor voice.
  • Me: My outdoor voice is the same as my indoor voice.