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Found this old piece of timber in the garden. I restored it and did my first ever proper bit of old school joinery. I only had a saw, tape measure and a chisel to work with so it’s a little rough around the edges but I’m very happy with it. Some genius came up with this in the past in order to join massive logs together to be used to build huge sea worthy battle ships. They didn’t have the luxury of working with metal back then so they had to get creative.


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Riding to the south of France on the bike. I have my trusty rucksack full of everything I need for indefinite wild camping. The side cases have clothes, books and a few pairs of shoes. The top box is empty. I will be documenting the trip for all the wild camping and bushcrafting involved and will soon be doing loads of gear reviews. Specifically looking at all the different approaches one can to take when venturing into the outdoors and what I have found works best. Taking into account the 6 most important criteria when choosing gear… pack size, practicality, weight, comforts, cost and quality. Also a massive thank you to all my followers. This summer I hope to increase my content in both quality and quantity 🖒


Carabiner ‘Grenade’ Survival Kit With Sharp Eye Knife - By The Friendly Swede

As the name says, this survival kit employs a sturdy carabiner, and this addition makes it possible for you to carry it around as a keychain or hooked on your backpack. At first glance, however, this survival kit doesn’t seem like it could help out in an emergency situation, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.