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If a society puts half its children into short skirts and warns them not to move in ways that reveal their panties, while putting the other half into jeans and overalls and encouraging them to climb trees, play ball, and participate in other vigorous outdoor games; if later, during adolescence, the children who have been wearing trousers are urged to “eat like growing boys,” while the children in skirts are warned to watch their weight and not get fat; if the half in jeans runs around in
sneakers or boots, while the half in skirts totters about on spike heels, then these two groups of people will be biologically as well as socially different. Their muscles will be different, as will their reflexes, posture, arms, legs and feet, hand-eye coordination, and so on. (…) 

There is no way to sort the biological and social components that produce these differences. We cannot sort nature from nurture when we confront group differences in societies in which people from different races, classes, and sexes do not have equal access to resources and power, and therefore live in different environments.

—  Ruth Hubbard, The Political Nature of “Human Nature”

Summer details.
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lazySunjade - The Kitchen Witch (CC FREE) 

Oh my god, it’s amazing. I made a mod free build! A little supernatural-inspired shop for you to use for whatever you’d like. I can’t vouch for it’s functionality, but it makes for an okay set! I challenged myself to make a cc version of this lot which I will be alphatizing later on, and thought, hey! Why not put it up for download? So here’s the deets:

Generic Lot

Note: Because I have some overrides on base game items in my game, this lot WILL SHOW UP AS MODDED on the gallery. But the items will simply show up for you as their regular base game selves. I repeat, there is no cc in this build. But if you are downloading via the gallery you will need to check the “show custom content button”

Required Game packs: 
Outdoor Retreat, Dining Out, Get to Work, Get Together, Romantic Garden Stuff, Spa Day, Vampires, Movie Hangout Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff, Cool Kitchen Stuff

Make sure you have bb.moveobjects on enabled before placing the lot!

Origin ID: lazysunjade 




Pink trees! Bottom two rows feature shadows, top two are shadow-free for those who’d like to add their own.


+  YOU MUST credit aqua for the edits
+  YOU MUST own RPG Maker MV. No using these tiles for other engines!
+  YOU MAY use these tiles in your commercial and non-commercial games
+  YOU MAY edit these tiles
+  YOU MAY repost your edits with proper credit and a link to this post