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LINDA PARK WEEK ♡ day six:

∟ AU: With the guys away Iris, Cindy, and Linda investigate a multi-millionaire…until Cindy discovers their hero boyfriends are kidnapped.

the dutch trash bins   |   I updated my ‘dutch trash bins’ recolours of the wheeled bin from ts4. they are, still, in the colours of the municipal trash service in the part of the Netherlands I grew up in, there it is required to have a trashbin for waste (black), paper (blue) and garden/vegetables (green).

it’s now an override but it does include the 3 original colours the game came with. I added more house number options, but I didn’t want to go all overboard this is kinda already too much. they are including custom thumbnails so you can see the difference between the numbers easily =)

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"Fuck This Thing in Particular" Curse

Built for recent Nazi happenings, so this is a very strong spell. But, it can be adapted for all your fucking needs.

- Carnation petals (Disdain, Rejection)
- Thistles (Pain)
- Black Salt or Ashes (Banishing, Decay)
- Black Pepper (Banishing)
- Shell Shards
- Red Candle (Anger, Power)
- Large Rock

I’m not by the sea, so I’m grabbing what’s available for shells. That means a Cicada shell for me. As long as it can be crushed and has hard bits, it’ll work.

Grind flowers and pepper together. Sprinkle in pepper and ash/salt. Light the candle and let the wax drip into the bowl or jar where your ingredients are. Hold the shell over the the bowl and crush/crumble it with your hands. An incantation may be added here as you wish.

After the candle has burned down (to the bottom or to your satisfaction- I see y'all broke witches and I feel your pain), pack the mixture into a bag and put the bag under a large rock outdoors. Allow the sun and moon to keep the spell alive.

When/if you wish the curse to end, simply remove the bag from under the rock and dump the contents outdoors, away from your living space.

If the target knows or suspects they’ve been cursed, leaving the bag under a rock outdoors may not be ideal, as they could find it. In this case, a smaller bag may be made and kept under a smaller rock on your windowsill.

Happy cursing, my witches!