Hunt Ranch At Abiquiu, New Mexico   I  Homeadverts

Welcome to The Hunt Ranch at Abiquiu. An ultra rare, unsurpassed, historic jewel set in the pristine landscape of Northern New Mexico. Set in the perfect location to take in the view of the fields and river beyond, the 310 year-old Grand Hacienda has a strong connection to the quiet beauty of the Northern New Mexico frontier. The Spanish Colonial details throughout the home have you feeling as though you are back in time.


Magnificent private estate in Gaithersburg, Maryland  I  Homeadverts

Magnificent, private estate on 34 acres with gorgeous 9-hole golf course, swimming pool with cabana/outdoor kitchen, tennis basketball court. Features 8 bedrooms, 9 baths, 4 powder rooms, 4 fireplaces, formal living and dining rooms, grand parlor, gourmet kitchen with breakfast room which opens to terrace, and is surrounded by glorious view of property and trees beyond.


The Red Courtyard.

So this is like a modern type house I guess. The three living spaces are only connected through outdoor hallways, walkways , or the main “court yard”. So some people may find that annoying but its not really a big deal since its such a small lot and house. Its perfect for a family of 4, I have my made over Goth family living in it right now, and it works just fine. It comes completely empty so do with it how you please, but I did include an example layout picture so that you can see how I saw the rooms being used [The Goth’s house]. 


Here is the CC you will need to make it look exactly like the pictures, however if you choose not to use the CC the game will replace it with base game things.

The siding is one I made and will be included in the download! :D

Download[Tray Files] (Link Fixed!)

Vista de la pasillos al aire libre de la fachada posterior, Edificio Guadalupe Victoria, Parque Agua Azul, Calzada Independencia Sur esq. Calzada de las Palmas, Reforma, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México 1962

Guillermo Quintanar Soalegui

View of the outdoor hallways along the rear facade (park facing), Guadalupe Victoria building, Parque Agua Azul, Calz. Indepedendcia Sur, Reforma, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 1962


Magnificent mansion in London  I  Homeadverts

8 bed mansion which has undergone extensive renovation and offers accommodation for a large family and includes separate staff and guest quarters. The master suite benefits from his and her bathrooms and dressing rooms and the gardens have been beautifully landscaped with a wonderful heated outdoor swimming pool and Andrew Martin furnishings throughout.

Travel 13

Longish chapter. Importantish chapter. Some people will think I dodged certain things again… but if so, it’s with a slightly different approach than usual. Maybe some things aren’t always suited for teleological narrative structure? Or maybe I am insufficiently focused on the customary telos? TT; DR (too theoretical; didn’t read): sex. Of some sort. And then some comedy, for the relief. I wish I had a joke here, but all I got is part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, and part 12.

Travel 13

They stop at the first motel they see; Helena does not even remember, by the time they are walking, luggageless, down the outdoor hallway to their room, which chain it belongs to. That they are on the first floor, the first floor outdoors—“Nothing with a view?” Myka had joked weakly at the desk—meant no elevator ride, no transitional space of semi-privacy, nothing to prepare them. If they could have been magically transported from the Flynns’ driveway to the room… but no, they had to get into the car and drive, and look intentionally for signs, and think about what they were going to do; Helena also had to call Charles to tell him she would not be home until morning.

Still, when the door clicks closed, Helena honestly expects be thrown against it: it is almost a conditioned response, now, for her body to tense and then, once Myka is pressed against her, to begin to melt.

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Castle Pines North Estate, Colorado | homeadverts.com

Enchanting grand estate situated on 55 acres of picturesque green pastures, featuring panoramic Rocky Mountain and Pikes Peak views and surrounded by 4000 acres of historic open space.


209 Breed Hills Court, Houston, Texas  | homeadverts.com

The home is built around a beautiful atrium and has wonderful flow for entertaining.