Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge for Smartphones

Just don’t forget the Tortillas, Hershey’s, Ketchup and Arizona Ice Tea while shopping in the meats area.

(is that a tortilla pack? Or a pack of pitas? I cant tell…)




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A thick fur coat keeps this boar from freezing in the frigid lands of her home. While suited for the outdoors, she’d love to warm place to stay for the winter!

Made from soft minky fabric and high-quality faux fur, and sewn from an original pattern. She has a realistic flop thanks to weighted plastic pellets in her legs, bottom, and arms, while her body is filled with soft and squeezable polyester stuffing . Her hard polymer clay parts are original sculpts, painted with acrylics and protected with matte varnish.

Please treat her kindly! Avoid rough handling, moisture, and any kind of outdoor barbeque.

Measures about 7 inches tall.