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Carabiner ‘Grenade’ Survival Kit With Sharp Eye Knife - By The Friendly Swede

As the name says, this survival kit employs a sturdy carabiner, and this addition makes it possible for you to carry it around as a keychain or hooked on your backpack. At first glance, however, this survival kit doesn’t seem like it could help out in an emergency situation, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Outdoor Friendly Tips !! 🌸

If you see a bee lying around somewhere there’s a good chance he’s tired from carrying too much pollen, if you put a little sugar water on a spoon he will re-energize !
Save the bee’s !! 🐝

If you see a turtle somewhere, check whether it has claws, or flippers . If it has claws DO NOT PUT HIM IN THE WATER he’s a land turtle !! He’ll drown ! 🌲🐢

If you see a turtle crossing the street and want to help, pick him up from the back half of his body, and when you move him make sure to put him in the direction he was going otherwise he’ll just turn around and get in the street again !! 💛


Xpectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set

Hunting is one of the oldest skills developed by man and it’s so primal and basic that it just can’t get old. One of the basic weapons used for hunting are a bow and arrow so if you want to try out this activity or you’re a hunter who wants to expand the weapon collection, the Xpectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set might be come in handy. The main benefits of this bow are that it’s compact, reliable and affordable.


United Cutlery M48 Talon Survival Spear

Spears, along with knives, axes and clubs arethe earliest tools developed by mankind and have been used in combat, hunting and fishing for ages. Up until the modern era, spears have found their place in almost every army in the world and were used either in one or both hands as melee and throwing weapons. However, these advancements have not been able to completely eradicate the interest of using modern spears in hunting or as a part of survival gear. A testament to this is the United Cutlery M48 Talon Survival Spear.

7 Safety Tips for Rituals & Spellwork

Originally posted by fairyuniverse

Rituals are not a hobby, nor a game. Spells of any sort, invocations, ouija talks and all these activities can be risky. That’s why I thought I’d share 7 useful tips with you to stay safe during your practices.

1) Watch yo candles ♨ Make sure they are placed in an “open space”. Nothing should be hanging right next to the flame, no feathery dreamcatchers, no shelves above, no wooden whatsoever nearby unless it is properly isolated. Use coasters, patens or tall candleholders to isolate the bottom of the candle, even if it’s burning inside a jar ‘cause you never know;)

2) Keep food and drinks FOR YOU on your altar, besides offerings ⚗ Having them at your fingertips is key to survive sudden physical issues, trance and fainting. Some of us dare to work with major energies (gods, demons, angels, spirits, the dead etc.) that are too powerful to be controlled, so the chances of messing up during a ritual go up and you could end up feeling sick for a lot of different reasons (maybe I should write a post about this topic..?). 

3) Always have offerings on your altar & outside the circle ☯ Avoiding conflict with elementals and other entities is a must. Thank them with words, gifts, or by sharing things. If you mess up and don’t want bad energies flowing around your place, leave extra offerings around the house - best inside a jar or a box that has a stopper. Cast the circle and guide unwanted energies towards those spots by simply telling them where to go - don’t leave your space. Even in the worst case scenario you should try to stay calm, kind and self-confident.

Bonus tip: outdoor rituals can be considered less dangerous because of energies dispersing easily afterwards, but never EVER walk or drive far from your house. Please don’t. We’re not in a movie. Love ya ❤

4) Invest in a black stone (medium-sized pyramid, geode, etc.) & a black candle. ☖ Remember: the darker the color, the stronger the protection. Keep at least one of these two items on your altar but make sure you’ve got both (they together can work with all the four elements in some way) and don’t hesitate to use them for protection when emergencies occur. 

5) Learn how to read flames ⚝ No matter what your personal element is, communicating with fire salamanders can actually save lives. Divination with candle smoke or flames is quite a pro thing, so it’s not of primary importance when it comes to basic skills. However, everybody should learn to read shapes and behaviors of the flames. You’ll detect the presence of bad - or good - energy in a blink. This practice helps a lot if somebody tries to interfere with your positivity or sends you bad luck in general: the sooner you know, the sooner you get rid of that curse and raise your defenses. 

6) Wear protective stones and crystals ♢ Do some accurate research, know yourself and find out which one among your personal gemstones has the strongest protective properties. DIY or buy a piece of jewelry or accessories with that specific stone - make sure it’s real and not synthetic! - and wear it as often as possible. 

7) Arrange/set up your magic space with logic, even if you’re a beginner or testing out new stuff. Close the circle whenever you open one, think of what you’re going to do or need during rituals, check everything before you start, ask yourself if a particular setting is complete or if it makes enough sense to be put toghether (less is more!). Surround yourself with things that make you feel good and unbeatable! Never forget to put your own physical & mental safety first. 

Next post maybe about wands? I don’t know yet.
Hope this was helpful for some, xx  Gwyne❤❤