outdoor test

adventurer!eggsy ft celeb!harry au:

so you know how there’s the bear grylls show where he goes out adventuring with celebrities and he goes all over the world to test their outdoor/survival skills?

imagine one for where eggsy is bear grylls and harry hart is the celebrity. 

  • eggsy knows that when he was younger, harry was a big action film star (harry now just does romantic comedy films or period films (EGGSY LOVES THEM TOO))
  • eggsy’s like “well that was just in the movies”
  • so eggsy spends his time preparing for the episode by thinking up ways to protect harry or help him out. 
  • merlin is harry’s PA and best friend for life so like, every time he meets up with eggsy and his team, to talk about where eggsy will take harry for the episode (eggsy’s like DON’T WORRY I WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM I WILL KEEP HIM SAFE), merlin tries to keep his laughter in because it’s obvious that (while eggsy is a fan) eggsy doesn’t know of harry’s background in the military.
  • merlin relays all this info to harry and harry just shrugs and he’s like “i’ll show him then” and merlin is like “okay try not to break the kid, haz, he’s a fan *wiggles eyebrows*” and harry is like pffttt 
  • (harry’s a fan of eggsy too because he LOVES adventurer shows and maybe eggsy but don’t tell anyone it’s a sECRET)
  • on the day of the episode (idk if you’ve watched the show, bear usually drops out of nowhere from a helicopter or something) like eggsy shows up in a helly and he picks up harry and his jaW DROPS!!!!
  • harry looks good in a suit but he looks damn beautiful in his survival gear.
  • merlin let’s out a cackle behind the camera and the crew also kind of laughs also
  • (ROXY DID THIS [she’s eggsy’s like ~*Assistant*~ but also in charge of the show], she set the whole thing up just to mess with eggsy cos she knows he has a crush on harry but she didn’t know it was this serious)
  • so the episode starts out with eggsy trying very hard to impress harry but 
  • the whole episode is just harry peacocking for eggsy and eggsy’s jaw is on the ground the whole episode!!!! HE DIDN’T KNOW!!!! HARRY!!! COULD!!! DO THAT!!! DAMN SON
  • (there’s a scene where they have to climb a tree to see the landscape and eggsy is like “lemme do this” but harry is like “no, here let me try” and fuckin spidermonkeys up the bloody tree and eggsy’s on the ground with his jaw on the ground again (obvi the crew IS DYING because this is GOLD)
  • but anyway, when they’re done filming… harry is whisked away bc he did the episode as promotion for his RETURN to action films. eggsy pines 4 harry. merlin and roxy r facepalming bc how could they be so SILLY.
  • merlin has the big idea to invite eggsy to the premiere and have him walk the carpet too and roxy is like yessss 
  • the episode airs and the most popular hashtag on twitter is: #HARTWINvsTHEWORLD and #HARTWIN and #JAWMEETGROUND
  • they don’t see each other til the premiere but when they do….
    • harry’s jaw meets the ground bc eggsy cleans up very well
    • eggsy is never going 2 be over harry in a suit
    • they want to talk but they’re both swarmed by reporters!!!! (they aSK ABOUT THE #HARTWIN and stuff and eggsy just blushes and harry is like “it’s natural chemistry, obviously” [but inside u know he’s dYIN TOO])
  • they finally get in 2 see the movie: harry is seated in front of eggsy in the theatre and he’s like oH SNAP and he’s like IM OUT I CANT DO THIS!!! THNX.
    • but merlin nudges him and roxy flicks him on the head (she’s behind him 2 lol) and he goes 2 follow eggsy
    • he goes and finds eggsy in an empty hallway (ORIGINAL YES I KNOW)
    • they don’t declare their love for each other BUT as harry is talking about the episode being wonderful and wanting 2 spend more time with eggsy doing that stuff…. eggsy blurts out “GO ON A DATE WITH ME PLEASE” and harry blushes and says “YES” immediately.
  • obviously they start dating AND
  • on their one year anniversary they do a follow up episode
  • harry and eggsy are very heart eyes at each other but are very competitive so they make it
    • harry vs. eggsy. vs the world
  • and everything is adventurer gay.



*obligatory angsty post-finale art*

this is one part I wanted to draw some outdoor backgrounds, one part testing out a new font, and one part I love suffering.

I tried like 5 different quotes with this, but i’m settling on this one!

Please click on the pictures!! they look way better

ARCAREAFACT tour episode 3 “Gold VS Crimson Red Collision!”translation

I know it took more than a year but here it is! And with that all Arcareafact tour episodes have been translated.


This is today’s live stage..this must be the first time we are having an outdoor live. Our artist sound shall echo through the night sky!


Ha ha! Sei Sei Seeeei! Tonight’s liiiiveeee is party night! Let’s raise the tension!!! Fooo!!!


Fufu ♪When the money dances in the night sky everyone’s eyes at the venue will be dyed in gold..I’m looking forward to it ♪


Jii! Prepare it immediately! The Sound Dollar Shower Machine EX Gold Outdoor Type!


Understood, young master.

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Always be prepared .

Great things can come in small packages like what you can stash in a Go -tube

 Contents dry after 2 hour submergence test include in the larger CF version, Latherman style multi tool , Silva SERE compass ,ferro rod toggle , handmade spark fire wheel wrapped in jute cordage and heat shrink  , mini MK3 double sided cyflect location marker and x3 tinder paper circles .

 Smaller mini go -tube has x6 10 hour mini chem -lights , micro ferro rod with needle in gutted 550 cord sheath , x2 tinder paper circles , x2 surgical steel blade wrapped in flamable brown waxed paper .

Unveiled: A long forgotten Path Ch. 2

OK, so here is the second chapter, it took a while, due to several rewrites. I find that this story may be bogged down by a lot of information, but I just kept finding myself going deeper into the reader character. (shrugs) Hope you enjoy :)

Ardyn x Fem!Reader

Ch. 1 Prologue and New friends

Edited/updated 7/16/17

Tumultuous Thoughts

Four years have passed since your early days at the Kingsglaive Academy and meeting “the boys.” In that time, you have graduated to a full-fledged Kingsglaive and participated in many battles against the Niflheim Empire.  Unlike your fellow glaives, you did not use kukris when fighting. Instead, your weapon of choice was a giant shuriken, just like the Rogue Queen of old. You were introduced to fighting with a shuriken by a fellow glaive, Nyx Ulric.

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anonymous asked:

The fact that Louis liked those "never again, expected the unexpected" shoes TWICE. He wanted us to notice. I love how the second post was by that market with the store he bought Harry's ring from, that was a nice lil bonus. I just wish there wouldn't be so much lead up it messes with my anxiety. I just want it over. Harry got the bee though! And all that bee attire from all of the boys but Niall and all of Harry's band. Like there was a reason for all of that.

Everything’s weirdly suspicious. I’ve been side eyeing all of it 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Delete Louis’ photos of Brett Jr, do some press about it “Fans are speculating as to why Louis Tomlinson deleted all photos of his son off his social media…” then drop Louis’ new song. Couple of days later a statement “Following a paternity test it was discovered that Miss Jungwirth’s child is not biologically Louis’, he has thrown himself into work as a distraction- check out his new song featuring Bebe Rexha!” Someone employ me to run this shitshow.


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I remember when an OT4 stan(not an anti but not a larrie) was saying how they’ve never looked into larry enough to believe anything but when they saw him perform Two Ghosts without his band and in that really intimate setup on the LLS they were like low key uncomfortable and like “lol whys this so I intense” even people who aren’t larries, can see the boy’s in love. That’s how you know antis are pressed and bitter and in denial.

shjahsjka nice and yeah like you can’t deny that. Harry wrote those real deep songs about love about who??? Uh?? Yeah that’s right

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Blue! I’ve missed so much! What’s that anon talking about on all the shady things that are happening around bg??? Did they really untag louis from pics and harry lambert posted a DNA test?? Wtf?!

Someone untagged Louis from all Freddie’s pics on B’s insta. Could’ve been her, him blocking her, his team… the thing is: it’s untagged. And yeah, Lambert posted a outdoor with DNA test on it (it was about hair loss, but in Italian and the only things you could understand were the DNA test also it wasn’t even funny or anything so why did he)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis singing “my boyfriend” in I Would is the only reason I am still alive today



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KS 14 thoughts

- So many thoughts about chap 14 and yet don’t have the time to write sth long T.T. I’ll just say some main thoughts I have after reading the chapter (spoilers)

- Sangwoo lied about his age, because he also told the old lady that he hadn’t completed his military service. Perhaps they’re talking in Korean age here (which means Sangwoo’s real age is 22 & Bum’s is 26), because if you think about it by years, him being 20 is pretty logical, as I explained here.

- Bum was indeed in a financial situation before getting kidnapped. He might not even have a part time job (and unfortunately that means relying a lot on his abusive uncle).

- The landlady totally didn’t know what she was trying to get her daughter into (lol good thing Sangwoo’s not interested)

- I think Sangwoo just snatched a pair of thrown away crutches from under the telephone pole. Dude didn’t even plan to ‘outdoor test’ Bum that day how impulsive.

- ‘‘Haha have you ever even had sex?’’ confirmed that Sangwoo has no idea about what Bum’s uncle have been doing to him.

- ‘‘There’s still so many things we haven’t done together’’ confirmed that Bum is in for some bigger plan than just lock down & abuse.

- BUM’S NEW DEVELOPMENT remember ‘‘he’s kissing me omg this is what couples do and Sangwoo’s doing it to me! O///O’’?, now it’s ‘‘shopping? isn’t this what couples do? is it alright for me to do this with Sangwoo? -.-’’. Also ‘‘green light pls turn’’. I’m good @y00nbum

- Sangwoo’s definitely back to using threatening words & insults with Bum. But I think he’s not hurting Bum physically atm.

- Woo will probably take Bum to his friends to test him further (about trust and obedience probably). I’ve seen theories saying that Bum will be humiliated, raped, whored out etc but I don’t think sexual abuse is in Sangwoo’s nature. So until I see chapter 15 I’m not too worried about Bum’s safety yet.

(From now on all ks spoilers will be tagged ‘spoilers’ & ‘ks [number]’ so you can blacklist them)