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Solo Stove

We are continuing with featuring the best camping gear there is currently on the market and the product we are about to showcase is one of those simple yet life-saving ones. This is one of the lightest and most efficient outdoor stoves you’ll find around. Also, it is an environmentally friendly cooking device which incorporates secondary combustion for a much more efficient and cleaner burn compared to regular, compact stoves.


Flamestower Portable Usb Camping Fire Charger - $99.99

  • Charges any small electronic device-phone, camera, flashlight in any environment with fire
  • Charge anything with a USB cord
  • Any fire source will work, including a camp stove, campfire or grill
  • Light, compact and rugged
  • 2.5 Average watts of power-enough to charge your phone in about 2.5 Hours; 1 minute of charge time gives 2 minutes of talk time

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