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Proximity (05)-If You Want

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

Warnings: filler with a lot of fluff, language

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The rest of breakfast continued, surprisingly, without Anthony or Chris grilling (Y/N) with an interrogation, however Tom did keep making passes at her in hopes to aggravated Sebastian. Despite being a great person, he, Sebastian, and Anthony had a long standing roast going on between one another and he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get ahead, besides, (Y/N) seemed to understand the situation and went along with a lot of his jokes. All in all, Sebastian’s Marvel-celebrity friends took to (Y/N) kindly. She was funny, she kept up with their quick witted banter and, after adjusting to everyone’s personalities, started to lead their conversations. Sebastian couldn’t help the awe he had for her and eventually, Lizzie kicked his foot under the table and gave him an assuring smile that (Y/N) was a perfect match.

Outside the restaurant, Sebastian shook each man’s hand and pulled Lizzie into a friendly hug while everyone gave (Y/N) a gentle glad-to-meet-you hug. Slowly, as everyone started to walk in different directions, Sebastian slipped his arm around (Y/N) protectively. “That wasn’t that bad,” he said trying to reassure himself rather than her.

“I had a great time,” she smiled up at him. “Thank you for inviting me.” He couldn’t help the fluttering in his heart as he gazed down at the woman on his arm. 

“It was my pleasure,” he said through chattering teeth and he desperately hoped she would assume it was from the bitter cold of NYC winter rather than the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

“Can I be honest with you?” she asked, a solemn look forming over her eyes.

“Of course you can,” he said hesitantly as her lips fell from their smile and became flat and expressionless.

“I was a little disappointed,” she said in an exasperated tone.

“Why? With what?” he quickly questioned her as she kicked a slush coated pebble with the toe of her boot.

“Well, I was promised coffee and there was not a single drip of caffeine in that entire restaurant,” she teased by knocking her hip into his. Sebastian rolled his eyes and his head from one shoulder to the other in order to fully display his annoyance at her joke.

“You’re such a tease,” he muttered while pulling her closer to his side.

“Excuse me,” she gasped, “I was promised something that someone did not deliver! Who’s really the tease now?”  Sebastian noticed a small coffee shop on the corner of the block they were standing on and directed (Y/N) toward it.

“Come on crazy,” he laughed while opening the door up for her as they hurried inside. The shop looked pretty dingy and run down and there weren’t many people in it whatsoever, but (Y/N) followed Sebastian to the counter nonetheless. “Two large dark roasts and then whatever she wants,” Sebastian muttered before turning back to (Y/N) and laughing as her eyes widened at him in moderate concern. “I’m just kidding; the two dark roasts is all.” After sliding a five dollar bill toward the man behind the counter, Sebastian placed a hand on the small of her back and escorted her toward a few metal patio chairs placed around an outdoor, glass table situated at the front of the shop just beside the window looking out at the city street.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) smiled while sipping from the piping hot cup in her hands.

“You don’t have to thank me, (Y/N),” Sebastian smiled softly across the table from her as they each locked eyes with one another, feeling the other’s presence on a much more personal and intimate level as their hearts pounded in rhythm together. Sebastian took a small sip of his drink, longing to savor the moment with (Y/N) only to temporarily ruin it. His face curled into a look of disgust mixed with pain as he struggled to swallow the drink. “Fuck that’s hot,” he grumbled and then put his tongue between his teeth as his lips spread apart.

“You’re such a fucking dork,” (Y/N) laughed as Sebastian sat across from her, biting his very visibly scalded tongue with his eyebrows angrily furrowed at his drink. Just as the moment between them couldn’t become even more simple and magical–the very definition of their time together since meeting–Sebastian’s phone began ringing.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a fading smile as he plucked his cellphone from his pocket.

“It’s fine,” she smiled, understanding the demands of his career. He rose from the chair and made his way toward the bathroom to speak privately with whomever was calling and she took the opportunity to check her own phone. Already she had two requests to follow her on Instagram from elizabetholsenofficial and tomholland2013. She couldn’t help the awkward lump in her throat as she pressed confirm on each, knowing she had been following each of them for at least a year or two prior to meeting Sebastian. In addition to these requests, she had a few text messages: two from her best friend/previous roommate, and one from her department head. (Y/N) opened the message from her boss first:

(Y/N), midterm grade reports are due this coming Friday. Remember you need to have seventy-five percent of your class passing to keep your position for the following semester. You have until finals to get this, but midterms are a good way of determining how well you’re doing as a teacher. Have your students’ grades in by 2 pm.

She hurried to reply with her gratitude for his reminder, an explanation that she has recorded all grades except the midterm paper as well as the two quizzes she intends to give this week before going to her messages from Isabel. Attached was a screenshot of some low-end, online, celebrity news platform and then a regular message from her friend screaming; HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS?!?!?!

Quickly, (Y/N)’s eyes scanned the article and lingered over a photo taken by her not more than three hours ago. The photo was accompanied with the caption, “met Sebastian Stan today 😍 photo creds to his super sweet mystery girlfriend. Get it girl!! 😘” The article continued to talk about Sebastian’s last relationship with Margarita Leviana, how the pair hadn’t been seen together in at least two years and speculation was rising about the state of that relationship as well as the issue of if this ‘mystery girlfriend’ has any responsibility in breaking the pair up–if they were split–or if Sebastian was cheating on Margarita–if they were still together.

(Y/N) hurried to respond to her friend as her heart rate started to soar. Her fingers flew over the keyboard of her phone as she demanded Isabell meet her at the college as soon as possible. As (Y/N) saw Sebastian make his way toward her, she shoved her phone into her back pocket and rose from the table, grabbing her coffee and wrapping her coat around her body. “Is everything okay?” she asked as he anxiously tapped his phone against the heel of his hand.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, everything’s fine,” he said offering a small smile toward her while suppressing his panic.

“Okay,” she said while smiling in return with ease. “I have to head over to the school. Grades are due and I can’t enter them from my laptop,” she explained.

“Did you want me to come with you?” he asked tentatively. (Y/N) shook her head gently, trying not to seem as if she was pushing him away from her.

“Izzy is already at the library working on some assignment,” (Y/N) said while pulling one of her arms across her chest and sipping her coffee. “I was just going to meet up with her.” Halfheartedly, Sebastian smiled at the girl across from him.

“Okay then,” he said, took a step forward and placed his arms tightly around her in a hug. Hesitantly, (Y/N) rose her arms from her body and placed them around his. She could feel the muscles in his back relax as her hands rested on his shoulder blades, his breathing eased as the boney part of her chest, just above her breasts, pressed against his. The rise and fall of his body against hers made the world fade into the background; of all the times they’ve been in one another’s arms or have been touching one another, nothing has ever felt so intense as the moment shared in the coffee shop. They were one another’s lifeline to the reality outside of his career, outside of the stresses of her life and for the first time in each of their lives, they felt the strings tied around their hearts tug violently as the the news of their supposed relationship threatened to ruin the genuine connection they had with one another.

“Will I see you tonight?” Sebastian asked with a weak smile on his lips as he pulled away from (Y/N).

“If you want,” she smiled with a playful smirk pushing its way into the mix of emotions on her face.

“I do,” Sebastian stated with a full, loving smile covering his face.

“Then you will,” she smiled, her voice growing softer and softer the longer he looked at her with those big, icy, beautiful eyes. In a swift motion, Sebastian grabbed his drink from the table and bent over, placing a small kiss on (Y/N)’s cheek that couldn’t have lasted more than a second, but she would feel his lips against her skin for the rest of the day. She noticed his face start to flush with color as he ducked away, a smile forming on his face so large he feared the bitter coldness of the air would freeze his face in that moment of glee for eternity.

Self-Care & Helpful Tips for ENFJ “The Giver”

Functions: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti


  • Tolerant
  • Reliable
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Natural leader


  • Overly idealistic
  • Too selfless
  • Too sensitive
  • Fluctuating self-esteem
  • Struggle to make tough decisions

Turn-on = Effort

Turn-off = Unappreciative

What ENFJ stresses out

  • Being in critical or confrontational environments
  • Lack of appreciation or affirmation
  • Lack of harmony
  • Unexpected change
  • Inadequate time to complete work to their standards
  • Tense relationships or environments
  • Having to do mundane, repetitive tasks
  • Having to conform with something that goes against their values
  • Over-empathizing with others to the point of losing track of their own needs
  • Being misunderstood or not trusted
  • People not living up to their idealized expectations

How to help an ENFJ experiencing stress

  • Acknowledge how they feel.
  • Let them talk it out.
  • Remind them of their strengths and contributions.
  • Don’t use logic to talk them out of their stress.
  • Don’t ignore them, even if they seem irrational.
  • Give them a change of scenery to get away from the situation.
  • Go outdoors. Do some type of exercise with them.
  • Watch a lighthearted movie or comedy with them.
  • Do not patronize or dismiss their concerns.

    How ENFJ handle Grief

    • Distract themselves
    • Bottle up their feelings

    How ENFJ handle Guilt

    • Internalizes
    • Overcompensates for personal mistakes

    How ENFJ acts when Sad

    • Either stuck in a rut or totally apathetic

    What ENFJ should do after a Bad Day

    • Get a huge hug and a sincere reminder from a friend of why they love you and all that they’ve learned from you

    What ENFJ is like when Angry

    • If slightly angered, retreats to analyze the situation. If greatly angered, attacks the opposing party with cruel personal truths about him or her.

    What ENFJ should do Instead (when upset)

    • Recognize the subjective nature of their anger and keep an open mind to the opposite party’s point of view while discussing the issue.

    What ENFJ Struggle with

    • Letting others care for them

    What ENFJ are Hard on themselves for

    • Perfectionism/Carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders

    ENFJ’s Purpose in Life

    • Bring love where there is hate

    What ENFJ Need to Know

    • Sometimes it is okay to let other people make their own decisions and stop worrying so much about how people see you.

    What ENFJ should Never Forget

    • You are a considerate person and we all appreciate your giving heart and your ability to give us confidence.

    Buck Compadre Series - Knife, Axe and Froe

    Outdoor enthusiasts have another things to be happy about this camping season as Buck Knives have released a new series of products for them. The Buck Compadre Series is equipped with tools which will most certainly come in handy while you spend quality time out in the woods. This series of products features a high quality axe, knife and froe which makes it perfect for any given outdoor situation.


    Happy Hour Shower @ The Picker Shack

    Design build project in Naramata, BC.

    460 sq. ft. outdoor shower/ bath house. 

    Situated on a bluff within a orchard this space is intended to serve as both a communal gathering point for the owner and guests as well as a serviceable bath house for seasonal pickers who camp on-site during harvest months.  Constructed from red cedar, the project in intended to mark the passage of time and gain patina with the passage of time and use.

    “The privileges of conversation around a dining table and soaking in baths are ancient and timeless. Meeting new people, sharing ideas, telling stories, preparing and eating food together, while appreciating where the food came all contributed to our desire to re-imagine the act of waiting for a shower as an opportunity for social engagement and interaction.”

    Charred cedar walls provide a measure of privacy and uses depth to hide functionality. Spatially dividing wet and dry conditions allows for simultaneous intimate and communal experiences.

    anonymous asked:

    Do you have any favorite places in NYC?

    my favorite restaurant is forgetmenot in chinatown/LES. i always get the steak sandwich with chiptole mayo instead of horseradish or the two bridges salad ……. OR the nachos :) parm is one of my favorites, too! italian food in soho + they have ice cream cake. my favorite place to hangout in the mornings/meet us with friends for coffee is cafe henrie in LES; good chai + i get the side of bacon and the side of eggs scrambled and it’s enough to hold me over until dinner tbh. i also like going to beverly’s (a bar) in LES. i love mr. fongs too but after they wrote about it in vogue it’s packed every night and you can never reach the bar. robertas in bushwick is such a cute hang out / restaurant experience cause you can grab a pizza from their to-go spot next door and then bring it to the restaurants outdoor situation which is huge and roomy and cute.

    the met breuer is my favorite museum, it’s part of the met, only a few blocks away on the upper east side. i also love going to moma ps1 in queens.  i like getting my nails done @ paintbox in soho but it’s pretty pricey ): so i do that once and a while too! i get my magazines at mulberry iconic magazines in soho or casa magazines in chelsea. 

    i love sitting out at the park by the water in williamsburg. you can sit right on the rocks or on the grass up on the hill overlooking the soccer field it’s the best place to see the skyline/sunset. 

    my other favorite little secret pockets of the city are east river park amphitheatre, it’s another good place to sit by water and people watch. it’s kinda tucked away so it’s really chill. daily press coffee in bed stuy is my favorite place to get tea and do work, their back patio is so cute and sunny. walters resturant across the street from fort greene park is another favorite …. their burgers (!!!) i also love that park. me and j order from a peruvain resturant called chimu express in bushwik literally once a week. it’s so cheap for the amount of food you get and it’s sooo incredible. jack’s wife freda in soho always for brunch.

    there are honestly so many things to do here i hardly end up repeating things too many times but these are my go-to’s if i have friends in town or something 🌹🌹🌹

    Before Loft 89 in Manchester I remember Sierra from Taylor Nation talking about the Hyde Park show and she said how she knew it was going to be hard to have a loft 89 because it was an outdoor festival situation but Taylor was insisting one still went ahead and wanted to find a way around it.
    Andrea and Steph literally fought there way through a crowd of 60,000 fans to pick people because Taylor really still wanted it to go ahead.
    Just hearing and seeing little things like that reminds me of how much Taylor loves making people happy and meeting all of us!


    Cosplay Posing 102: Posing for your Environment: Cityscape 

    How to pose your cosplay in outdoor con situations and cityscape!