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This iceland video provides unique advice to go with!

A recap from a 10 day trip with my father.
Word of advice: Icelandic gas station hot dogs are not only cost effective, they’re delicious.
“Wolden” by Kino – courtesy of the Musicbed


Inquisitive by James Marvin Phelps
Via Flickr:
Inquisitive Desert Big Horn Sheep Lamb Valley of Fire State Park Overton, Nevada

Raiden and his family feel like the kind of people that would enjoy camping and outdooring….

It’s an activity done away from other people, so he’s not getting any weird looks. And in MGS4, it’s mentioned that he spent a long time living with Alaskan natives, learning outdoor survival skills, so that’s something positive to share with his son…. You know, show the little guy how to pitch a tent, build a fire, tie knots, fish, gather berries, avoid drowning….etc. all that cute stuff. 

Also,…. lets be real here…. they live in fucking new zealand….what else are they going to do besides outdooring and sheep shearing?