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The pictures all belong to Rico Haase, Marco Zanone and Lena Herrmann / copyright Rico Haase, Marco Zanone and Lena Herrmann !!

Lena Herrmann, born January 28th 1994, is one of the strongest climbers in Germany. After having won lots of junior competitons she started focussing more on rockclimbing. In June 2016 she became the 1st woman to climb 8c+ in the Frankenjura (Germany) with the route “Battle Cat”. Jean-Marc had the chance to do an interview with her. Have fun reading :)

Also, check out the following movie about Lena climbing Battle Cat (8c+): https://vimeo.com/184677436 

1. Wie alt warst du, als du mit Klettern angefangen hast und wie bist du dazu gekommen?

How old were you when you started climbing and how did you discover this sport?

Ich war noch ein kleines Mädchen als ich meine ersten Kletterversuche gestartet habe. Mein Papa hat meine Schwester und mich mit in den Wald genommen, wo wir anfangs mehr im Dreck gespielt haben als zu klettern. Ich erinnere mich unglaublich gern, und sogar noch sehr intensiv, an diese Tage. Später wuchs dann das Interesse für das, was Papa so machte, während wir spielten, und somit entwickelte sich der Reiz fürs Klettern!

I was only a little girl when I started my first tries in climbing. My dad took me and my sister into the woods where we played more in the dirt at the beginning than we were climbing. I love to remember those days and I still remember them as if it were yesterday. Later, I grew some interest in which my father did while I was playing and I developped an attraction for climbing!

2. Hast du irgendwelche Kletteridole?

Do you have any role models in climbing?

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Last weekend the world lost two brave dreamers Dean Potter and Graham Hunt. 

A climbing legend, visionary and free spirit, Dean pushed the sport of rock climbing to new heights, and was a true inspiration to me and anyone who loves the outdoors. He left this world the way he lived in it, free of fear, free of doubt, full of hope and ready conquer anything that stood in front of him.

Thank you, and Climb in peace.