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Cold Harbor Light Assault package featuring a Suppressed H&K MP7 loaded with a EOTech EXPS 3-0, Laser Devices Inc. DBAL A2 and a INFORCE W/IR WML.

Also pictured Mayflower Research & Consulting LLCLow Profile Armor Carrier, Blue Force Gear, Inc.MP7 chest rig, esstac Double Pistol Pouch, Haley Strategic Partners Troubleshooter ballcap, Outdoor Research Tactical-HSP Ghost Ring Glove, Oakley MI M-Frame 3.0 and Princeton Tech Remix Pro Headlamp.

Nelson is the perfect place for the Tiny House….. all of the gas lines were glowing…. whatever it is, Rusty got us all the way to Whitewater….. this is the best place that we could possibly be broken down….
—  Zack Giffin, Molly Baker, and Neil Provo on getting stuck in Nelson with the Tiny House. Epsiode 3 of Sidecountry Sessions is up now! The snow in Nelson looks heavenly. And it’s not just because we have none down here in Utah. I want to go to there!

Livin’ Tiny: A Quest For Powder


For anyone out there who is looking for new gear and/or apparel for trips (especially those that will take you up into the mountains and the elements), I cannot say enough good things about Outdoor Research. It is by and large my favorite company.

Last week when I slipped and had that super fun 100 vertical foot fall, the thing I was most bummed about was that my two month old OR pants, which were perfect for skiing and still light enough to hike in, were destroyed. I got them pretty cheap on The Clymb, but they retail for $140. Not only are they not cheap to replace, but it also meant I was without a good pair of waterproof pants until I could find a worthy replacement. Outdoor Research products have an Infinite Guarantee, which I figured meant that if something was faulty with their product, they’d replace it no matter how far down the road you were from date of purchase. Surely this could not include being an idiot and tearing your pants to shreds on rocks and ice and branches. I called their customer service line anyway hoping to be able to repair them (lolol) – mostly, I just wanted to be sure there was nothing I could do to salvage them.

Customer Service Dude: Oh wow. Yeah, 100 foot falls will ruin anything that you’re wearing. That really sucks. So how big are the tears? We don’t have a repair service, but they do sell patches at various outdoor retailers. Me: Oh, I have some Gore-Tex patches, but these are way bigger those, and they’re pretty shredded. The biggest is a ninety degree tear bigger than my hand. CSD: Which pants are they? And what size? Me: [tells CSD the specs of the pants] CSD: Oh yeah, those pants are super light and great for hiking, but they’re not really made to hold up to beatings like some of our other pants are. Looks like your lucky day – we have one pair left in stock in your size, and we’d be happy to ship them off to you with our Infinite Guarantee. Me: SERIOUSLY? You are amazing. I could kiss you.

For anyone who plays outside regularly, enjoys the mountains, or is planning on some amazing adventure like Everest Base Camp (there are at least a handful of you!), I highly recommend Outdoor Research (both for the quality/comfort of their products as well as their customer service). While there are some other great outdoor apparel companies out there, Outdoor Research has my business forever and ever, amen. Note: I was not paid to say any of these things, Outdoor Research is just fucking amazing, and I think everyone should know it.

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Zack Giffin’s Tiny House - Host of a New Television Series, Tiny House Nation

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Zack Giffin is an extreme, or “free,” skier and tiny-house booster, having made his home for the last three years in a 112-square-foot mobile “ski chalet.” This year, Mr. Giffin, 34, is a host of a new series, “Tiny House Nation,” beginning Wednesday on FYI, an A & E Networks channel…” - NYTimes.com

Continue reading So Small but Already a TV Star. Photo by Michael Dyrland via NYTimes.com. Learn more about the Tiny House Nation television series. Watch the Tiny House Nation Sneak Peek.

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Has your passion for awesome adventure led you yet to the Tiny House culture?

Customizable, well designed amazing, portable homes that go where ever your next adventure is.  Imagine a quaint mountain cottage on wheels.  The tiny house definition is technically any dwelling under 400 square feet, stationary or mobile.  Popularity of the tiny house has grown exponentially in past few years.  Making it easier and more affordable to get that vacation home you always wanted or simplify life, and live debt free.  

The cats over at OR (Outdoor Research) built their own mobile tiny house and have been traveling the hidden ski resorts of North America capturing the essence of being a ski bum.  

Check out OR’s Side Country Sessions.  And then here are some plans for your own tiny house.