outdoor ice skating

But imagine in Detroit at Christmas, Phichit and Yuri visit an outdoor ice skating rink just for fun one evening and Phichit links arms with Yuri and they skate around together until Phichit decides to get really bold and start pulling a stressy Yuri along with him until they’re pair skating together side by side and everyone is just stood at the sides in awe watching as they twirl and skate and laugh together, not realising that they’re the only ones on the ice as everyone watches.

Alexander Nylander - Buffalo Part Three

Word Count: 1594

Warnings: None

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven

*Alex POV*

Today my goal was the make y/n feel like the most important person in the world. Last night was not exactly the best. Leaving me paranoid. But I’m going to do whatever it takes to fix it.

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Nice | John Murphy

Hey, could you please write an AU Murphy imagine where he teaches reader to ride ice skates?? Thank you x  

A/N: I’m really sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted!! I’ll try to be more consistent. Also I hope the requester likes this, I’m not great with AU’s but I try my best :^) (also I apologize if Murphy seems kind of ooc, hope it’s not too bad lol)

Originally posted by fuck-yeah-richardharmon

“That was nice,” Murphy said, the two of you getting into his car after leaving the pizza place you’d eaten at. The cold weather nipped at your cheeks and nose, and you pulled your beanie down to cover your ears better.

“Yeah, I might even like that more than our usual place,” you commented as you closed your door. You and John had been best friends for a couple months now; the two of you had been inseparable since you met. You knew your feelings for him were more than just friendship, but weren’t sure if he felt the same or not.

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things I want to do with you

1. Build a fort under my dining room table with fairy lights and drink wine and watch movies
2. Go for walks through fields and along the beach, sharing headphones and listening to our songs
3. Buy groceries
4. Help each other decide what to wear in the mornings
5. Wash my hair and I’ll wash your beard
6. Disney film duvet day marathon
7. Buy a savings jar for our holiday fund
8. Make a scrapbook with all our train tickets, receipts, photos and little souvenirs
9. Go halves on a Polaroid camera
10. Take a blanket to a hidden field, have a picnic, drink kronenbourg, play music and dance together as the sun goes down
11. Buy a train ticket to a station we’ve never heard of and spend the day exploring
12. Make ‘our playlist’ with all our favourite songs and all the songs that remind us of each other
13. Sunbathe
14. Moonbathe
15. Hand write each other letters to post each other while we’re apart
16. Share clothes
17. Obsessively watch a season of our favourite TV show together in bed
18. Walk barefoot along the sea shore, hand in hand talking
19. Take pictures in photobooths
20. Sing in the shower together
21. Give each other back scratches and massages
22. Write a travel bucket list of all the countries we want to visit together in our lives
23. Ride around on the tube all day
24. Buy ingredients and cook a candlelit dinner together, no matter how messy or terrible it ends up being
25. Go out for dinner at a restaurant which overlooks the sea
26. Get drunk and film ourselves while you play guitar and I sing
27. Sit in Greenwich park all day
28. Light incense in your room, then out all the lights and cuddle in bed
29. Go to museums and art galleries together
30. Try on clothes in the changing rooms when we’re shopping and give each other our opinions
31. Find a comedy club to spend the evening in
32. Get matching onesies and have Mexican/pizza/sushi/Chinese nights in with a good movie
33. Hire out pedal boats in the sunshine
34. Laughing over a DIY sophisticated wine tasting with a cheese board
35. Wander around a food festival together, filling up on all the free samples and discovering new things
36. Go to a theme park and ride all the rollercoasters at the front
37. Take a sleeping bag to a park and kiss for hours while we’re stargazing listening to our songs
38. Cuddle under a blanket at an outdoor cinema in the summer
39. Go swimming in the sea when the moon is up
40. Watch the sunset
41. Watch the sunrise
42. Go for a long bike ride around the countryside together
43. Build snowmen, make snow angels and go to an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter
45. Draw and paint each other, despite how terrible we’ll be at it
46. Spend an entire day in bed holding hands and play fighting
47. Choose a book to read together and then call each other to talk about it
48. Explore Camden together, go shopping, get shisha and drink overlooking Camden lock
49. Go on safari and to the aquarium and invent names for all the animals and fish we meet
50. Dress up extremely smart; I’ll wear heels and a dress and you’ll wear a shirt and your blazer and we’ll meet at a posh restaurant and pretend it’s our first date
51. Make each other flower crowns and bracelets
52. Bake red velvet cake together
54. You write the music, I’ll write the lyrics to a song
55. Go camping in the woods, just us, and we’ll make a fire and toast marshmallows and dance and cuddle and listen to our songs together


Don’t Play My Heart Bo(bb)y

Requested by @cozylove Bobby’s trying to approach the girl he likes, even though she doesn’t seem interested in him. She just doesnt believe he is serious Plus he is so annoyingly confident about everything like it’s compet. So he does something that makes her heart melt.

Genre: fluff!

Character(s): reader, IKON’s Bobby/Kim Jiwon, Yunhyeong’s Nivea Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm

Word Count: 1,938 (sorry it’s a long one, I dragged it out unwillingly)

Summary: playboy Bobby tries to show you that he’s serious by doing something super sweet that totally melts your heart

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12 Dates of Christmas; Part 1.

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 2310

Warnings: Fluff. Lots of fluff. It’s going to be 97-99% fluff. All 12 parts.

Your name: submit What is this?


“Trust me,” Mandy had told you. “You’ll like this guy.”

Blind dates weren’t really your thing, but when Mandy told you that, you decided to give the whole concept one more try. Mandy was smart and level-headed, and she had never steered you wrong … Even if the guy she had set you up with was her mechanic, someone she was only acquainted with casually.

You looked out the window and checked the weather, hoping it would help you decide what to wear. Gray clouds cluttered the sky; it hadn’t snowed yet this year but those clouds threatened to change that fact. Christmas lights perked up the dreary view out your window, making you smile. You loved Christmastime. Maybe you’d incorporate that into your outfit for the evening.

The mechanic – Dean Winchester – had communicated through Mandy that your dinner reservations were at a nice but not fancy sit-down place, so you picked a long-sleeve knit dress with thick, hunter green and white stripes from your closet. It feel just above your knees, so as you fastened the thin, brown belt around your waist, you decided on dark red tights and boots to match the belt on the dress. You took a look in the mirror and suddenly panicked. What were you thinking?

“Mandy, you’ve got to call this guy and tell him I changed my mind,” you told her once she answered the phone.

She groaned, and you could just picture her rolling her eyes. “You’re freaking out, aren’t you? We talked about this. There’s a twenty-four hour cancellation policy, Y/N. It’s too late now. What’s the problem?”

“I don’t even know.” You plopped onto your bed. “I’m wearing red and green – that’s lame, right?”

“Not lame,” Mandy replied carefully. “But maybe a little much for a first date. Give me about ten minutes, I’ll come over and help you.”

“Thank you,” you replied, feeling more than a little relieved. “Be careful.”

You fretted and paced in the eight minutes it took for Mandy to breeze in the door to your apartment. She closed and locked it behind her, tossing her coat and bag on the couch, then followed you to your room.

“All right, let’s see what we’re working with.” She looked you up and down and tapped her fingers on her chin. “Okay, I’ve got it. Let’s get to work. We’ll start with hair and make-up.”

Over the next forty-five minutes, Mandy made short work of curling your hair and pinning it back in a pretty half-up, half-down style. She helped you with your make-up, and finally suggested you change out the red tights for green ones that matched the stripes on your dress.

“There,” Mandy smiled. “He won’t be able to resist you now.”

You hugged her tightly. “You’re the best. What would I do without you?”

“Go on this date, then we’ll see if you still think that,” Mandy chuckled. “Now get going, or you’ll be late. I’m going to wait here, eat the pint of ice cream in your freezer and binge watch some Netflix. Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!”

You pulled on your own coat, a scarf, and gloves, and braved the cold wind outside. You winced when the weatherman on the radio informed you there would be snow falling before the week was over.

What did it matter? It could snow tonight for all you cared. You had no high hopes for this date, and you could use the excuse to get home early.


Dean waited semi-patiently at the table in the middle section of the restaurant for his blind date. It wasn’t that he wasn’t looking forward to meeting someone new, but he was a little concerned that maybe this girl wasn’t as great as Mandy had built her up to be.

The restaurant was situated in a just-above-middle-class part of town, but he had chosen it carefully. One the chance that this girl was as great as Mandy described, Dean wanted to make a good impression. The Christmas décor and lights made the restaurant feel more laid-back than the handful of times he had been there before, which Dean appreciated now more than ever, as his nerves were really working themselves.

“Would you like to order a drink while you wait?” the young man waiting the table asked politely.

“It’s all right. She should be here soon.” He shrugged, briefly. “Maybe a couple of waters.”

Dean’s eyes trailed after waiter as the younger man walked to another table towards the front of the restaurant. He eyed a pretty girl walking his way with the hostess, who stopped midway and pointed to Dean’s table. She peeled her coat and gloves off as she approached him, laying her coat over her arm.

“Are you Dean?” you asked. A pretty pink blush dusted over your cheeks.

He stood to shake hands with you. “I am. And you must be Y/N?”

“Yes,” you confirmed. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” Dean smiled. He didn’t want to be superficial, but by the looks of this girl, the night was off to a good start. “Please, have a seat. I have waters on the way, but we can order whenever you’re ready.”

“Great, thank you. I’ve never been here, so it might take a couple of minutes.”

“Take all the time you need.” He watched you while you perused over the menu. “If you tell me what you’re in the mood for, maybe I could make a suggestion?”

You brightened a little. “That would be great. Honestly, I’m a meat-and-potatoes kind of girl.”

His kind of girl. “I don’t mean to be cliché, but you should try out what I’m having. Right here on the menu … the marinade on the steak is amazing.”

“Sounds good to me,” you agreed after reading the description.

He cleared his throat. “I’ll probably have a whiskey sour with it, too, if you don’t mind. Ease the nerves a little bit.”

“I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

Dean smiled at that, and you had to glance elsewhere to stop yourself from grinning so big. This guy was handsome, charming, and there was something about him … Whatever it was, it made your heart beat faster.

Once the waiter came and took your orders, you decided you were going to be brave and ask some questions.

“Well, I know you’re a mechanic,” you began. “What made you decide on that for a career?”

Dean cleared his throat. “My dad, actually. We were really close. Always working on some project in the garage for as long as I can remember. I mean, it wasn’t perfect – he was a military man, and that was hard sometimes. But he loved us, and he taught me a lot about cars.”

“I can’t help but notice you talking about him in the past tense …” you said quietly.

Dean nodded. “A couple of years ago. Heart attack.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I really miss him, but I’m getting along.” He looked you in the eye and said with a smile, “Things are getting brighter.”

You blushed yet again and looked away. “I’m glad you were close with him. I was close with my dad, too. My mom wasn’t really around, so I got really close with him and my brothers.”

“Family is important,” Dean asked. “What do you do?”

“I’m a paramedic.”

Dean started ticking the little things he knew about you off on his fingers. “Meat-and-potatoes eater, whiskey drinker, close with her family, saves lives – Mandy found me the perfect girl.”

You laughed. “And she found me quite the charmer.”

“A handsome one though, right?” Dean teased.

“A handsome one,” you agreed as the waiter set your plates down in front of the two of you. “Who apparently makes really great supper suggestions. This looks and smells amazing!”

The meal was delicious. The two of you took your time eating, conversing between bites about where in the city you had grown up, your favorite TV shows, the music you liked to listen to – anything and everything that came to mind.

“Okay, now be honest.” Dean smiled. “Did you wear green tonight because Christmas is coming?”

You hid your face in embarrassment, but recovered quickly. “I did! You know what, I’m not even going to hide it. I love Christmas. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. The lights and the decorations, the snow, the … uh, the romance.”

“Hey,” Dean said, beckoning for your attention. “I think that’s great. I mean, I always liked it, but I’m more of a Fourth of July kind of guy.”

“That’s my second favorite,” you offered.

“I’ll look forward to spending it with you then,” Dean commented sincerely.“Okay, so they really do have some great desserts here, but I have a different idea, if you’re okay being outside for a little bit.”

You nodded. “Sure, I’m game for an adventure.”

He paid the bill and helped you with your coat. While you finagled your gloves and scarf on, he pulled his coat on, and asked if you trusted him yet.

“Um, I’m sorry … why?” You asked, brow raised.

“Well, I figured if you trust me, we could take my car on this adventure, and I’ll bring you back to your car –”


“Say what?”

“Truck,” you repeated. “I drive a truck, which I feel okay with you bringing me back to later.”

Dean smiled and slipped his gloved fingers through yours.


As the two of you walked around the outdoor ice-skating rink sipping hot chocolate, you had to chuckle as Dean raved again that you had known about his car before he told you.

“I mean, not every girl I know can identify a 1967 Impala – in fact, probably the only other woman I know that could do that is my mom, and it’s because she was the first and only girl my dad ever took for a ride in that car.”

“It’s in great condition,” you complimented. “And you aren’t the only one who grew up in the garage with your dad. I just didn’t turn it into a career.”

“Oh yeah,” Dean nodded. His warm breath misted into the winter air. “What made you decide on that, anyway?”

You took a deep breath. “I wanted to help people. I wish it was more of an inspirational story than that, but really … I like the rush of an emergency call, and the idea that what I do could make the difference between a person living or dying.”

Dean looked at you like he’d never seen a woman before. “I really am not dropping a line here but, damn, Y/N. I can’t get over how amazing you are.”

You laughed and playfully punched him in the shoulder. “You’re pretty amazing yourself, Sparky.”

“Sparky?” Dean chuckled as the two of you stopped at turned to face each other. You tossed your empty cup into a nearby trash can and shrugged.

“Yeah. My dad’s an electrician, but on one of their first dates, he showed my mom how to change the spark plugs in her car. She always called him Sparky after that – a combination of the two things, I guess.” You swallowed. “Considering it didn’t work out for them, maybe it’s kind of a jinx to use it for you. Sorry.”

Dean threw away his own cup and shook his head. He crooked a finger under your chin and smiled down at you. “No. There’s no way this could be anything but a good thing.”

A kiss was coming, and you knew it – hell, you were hoping it was in the cards for the evening. Just before Dean’s mouth connected with yours however, two kids ran in between you on their way to the ice skating rink, separating the two of you.

You gnawed on your bottom lip. “Guess it’s getting kind of late anyway. I have to be at the station early tomorrow for a twenty-four hour shift.”

“Yeah, I’ve got to be at work in the morning, too. Not for twenty-four hours, thank goodness.”

You smiled and reached for Dean’s hand again as the two of you walked back to the Impala.


When he dropped you back off at the restaurant, he offered a tight embrace and a kiss to the top of your head.

“Be safe on your shift tomorrow,” he cautioned. “It’s too early into a good thing for you to be getting into some kind of freak accident or anything, and with the storm coming in …”

You grinned back at him. “I’ll be careful. And you be careful, too. Don’t get caught up by some chesty girl dropping her car off for a tune-up.”

“I’m pretty sure my mind’s only going to be in one place tomorrow,” Dean answered quietly. You silently wished he would try to kiss you again, but his gall seemed to be gone for the evening. “Maybe after you’ve had some rest after your shift, you can come help me decorate my Christmas tree.”

“It isn’t decorated yet?” you exclaimed. “There’s only a few weeks until Christmas.”

“My brother and I helped Mom decorate hers, and I lost the mood, I guess. I think I’ve got it back. What do you say? I’ll cook you dinner, we’ll decorate the tree …”

You nodded. “All right. I’ll bring dessert.”

“Perfect,” Dean smiled. “Let me know when you’re home?”

“If you promise to answer.”

“I promise. Good night, Y/N.”

“Good night, Dean.”

You got in your truck, wishing you had started the ignition before you and Dean said your good-night. It would take a few minutes for the thing to warm up, but while you waited, you watched in your rearview mirror as Dean drove off.

“This just might turn out to be the best Christmas yet,” you smiled to yourself.

Drabble #1

Merry Christmas, Little Man

Pairing: Soukoku

Rating: G

Summary:  After being dragged to an outdoor ice rink by Atsushi and Kyouka, Dazai becomes fascinated with a man who appears to be figure skating casually at the center of the rink. After learning from one of the rink workers that the man is a regular, Dazai keeps coming back to watch the man skate, and they begin to develop a friendship.

Author’s Notes:  Oh my god, two fics in one week??? What is this nonsense??? But anyways, this is a gift for @atarix !! Surprise!! I’m your pinch-hitter santa for @soukokuweek ‘s secret santa!! You wanted something fluffy and Christmas-themed so the first thing that came to my mind was ice skating au LMAO. I really enjoyed writing the banter between Chuuya and Dazai in this fic, and of course, my favorite line: “A short, elegant-looking redhead whose eyes were bluer than the laundry detergent that Dazai had considered mixing in with his coffee that morning.”
I really hope you like this fic, Anna!! Merry late Christmas and happy New Year!!

Read it on AO3

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aphcutiepie  asked:

2p's thoughts on Christmas?? PS love the blog bbe keep it up c:

((Awww thank you cutie~))


2P!America: He doesn’t go all-out for it like his 1P. If anything, he gets a little bitter because he has no one close to spend it with. This whole time of year makes him feel melancholic and he despises it. He hates all the long lines at malls and grocery stores, he hates all the cheesy city decorations, and he hates being constantly told to enjoy the holiday cheer. It takes a very, very good friend to get him to feel happy this month. Usually, that friend is Oliver. Without him, Allen would always have a real shitty Christmas.

2P!China: Christmas makes him feel lonely. He doesn’t like children, so it’s not like he has a house full of kids to celebrate it with. Instead, he spends the month buying stupid gifts for his friends, usually from some kind of joke shop. He once gave Allen a ‘cock-warmer’ sock with Rudolf on it (and started laughing before he’d even finished opening it). This time of year, he makes sure to take advantage of mistletoes, Christmas parties and champagne.

2P!England: As expected, he loves the holidays and Christmas is one of his favorites. He adores giving, along with wrapping the presents with fancy bows and cute pastel paper. He makes sure to give something to everyone he cares about, and is usually the one hosting Christmas and New Year parties. He likes eggnog too much for his own good and is learning how to make holiday chocolates. He knits Christmas sweaters, wears a different one each day of the month, and is basically the driving force of holiday spirit among the Second Players. (Also, he knows the lyrics to any Christmas song you can think of.)

2P!France: To him, this month is no different than any other, with the exception that people are a hell of a lot nicer to him than usual. He always notices this, and it’s one of the few wake-ups calls he gets a year. Everyone suddenly deciding to include him in stuff makes him realize how much he’s missing out on life, and even though he’d rather be alone, he decides to hang out with his friends more. He feels real shitty if he doesn’t. His friends usually notice this change of heart of Francois’s and it reminds them he’s not as emotionless as he seems.

2P!Russia: Most of the time, people see Ion as a stone-faced robot, but that all changes around the month of December. He’d decided long ago that there comes a time when he has to show people how much they mean to him, even when he’s usually rude or quiet around them. Everyone knows that Ion actually has a good heart, and not just because he hates fighting and war. Because of Christmas, Ion tries to smile more and to tell his friends honest things such as, “Thank you for being my friend.” It may not sound like much, but it is when it’s coming from him.

2P!Italy: He likes Christmas. He just won’t admit it. During this month, you might hear him groan a lot, you might see him pretend like he’s not having fun, and you might notice him yelling at his brother for putting lights on the house because those are not the right type of bulbs that he told him to buy, god dammit. He doesn’t mind getting stuffed into an ugly Christmas sweater by Flavio or Oliver, as long as it doesn’t say anything too stupid. In all honesty, Christmas reminds him of his younger days with Flavio, and those times were warm and happy so why not enjoy the nostalgia a bit? Also, he really likes those Belgian holiday chocolates. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

2P!Germany: Four words. IT. IS. CHRISTMAS. MOTHERFUCKERS. Lutz has a little too much holiday spirit for his own good. He has a habit of calling Luciano ‘the Grinch’ whenever he tells him to calm down. He sometimes joins in on Flavio’s Christmas caroling and wears a Santa hat during each of the twelve days of Christmas. He’s usually the life of the party at holiday gatherings, next to Oliver. Unlike him, though, he doesn’t love it mostly for the pretty things, but for the festivity and fun. Also, don’t ever agree to a snowball fight with him. Ever.

2P!Japan: He’s pretty much got an OCD for decorating his Christmas tree. No, Lutz, you cannot touch that ornament, it is hand-made real silver individually painted glass-blown straight out of the Kanishi Ornament Museum purchased from the fucking Nintendo creator who is dead by the way. Also, he thinks the hanging socks are cute. Winter is beautiful to him and as long as you don’t touch any of the perfectly placed decorations in his house, you won’t have him glaring daggers at ya.

2P!Canada: He’s not good at expressing his emotions, and the ways he tries to are certainly amusing. Christmas is one of the few times of year that he won’t look or act like a brick. It’s one of the times he’ll try not to yell at anyone, too. Around December, it’s not uncommon for him to walk around with fake reindeer antlers on his head with the most indifferent expression on his face. If he’s feeling nice enough, he might pick up small gifts for his friends. He won’t wrap them, but he’ll give them on Christmas Eve like, “I saw this and thought of you, so I bought it. Here.”

2P!Romano: He. Will. Sing. Carols. At. The. Top. Of. His. Lungs. And it will annoy the shit out of Luciano, or at least it’ll look that way. Flavio honestly believes in Santa Claus, but that’s only because Oliver convinced him (and still slips presents “from Santa” under his tree while he’s not looking). He even leaves him milk and cookies, to which Oliver gladly munches on when he’s asleep. The rest of the 2Ps know it’s Oliver, but they think it’s funny so none of them have told Flavio yet. Even they wouldn’t want to burst happy little Flavio’s bubble. He still believes in Santa to this day.

2P!Austria: He thinks Christmas is fun and gorgeous. Also, hot chocolate’s pretty great. One of his favorite things to do is lay on the couch by the fireplace with a blanket, a good book, a warm mug (probably the mug that Gilen gave him a few years back), and a nice view of Christmas lights from the window. Also, he invites Gilen over. All the time. He and Gilen exchange gifts every year, and they usually go outdoor ice skating at least once a week. The city lights look pretty and they sometimes go on walks to check out the Christmas festivals.

2P!Prussia: This month is one of the few times of year that he feels happy all the time. He’s usually a neurotic mess but it all halts for these special few weeks. Everything and everyone around him is so joyous and accepting that how could he not feel warm inside? It gets even better when he gets to spend it with his best friend, or his brother. Gilen is known to be a crybaby, yes, but around Christmas time he only tears up out of happiness. He’s one of those people who wishes Christmas could never end.

Happy Birthday--Joshaya

“I’ll see you tonight sweetheart. Happy Birthday.” My mom kissed me goodbye before heading to work.

“Thanks, bye Mom.” I waved her goodbye.

I sighed and looked out the window from my bedroom. I was alone this year for my 17th birthday. Everyone just seemed to be on vacation except my mom and I.

Riley and the Matthews had timed their vacation badly and celebrated my birthday the day before they left. This also happened to be the celebration everyone else had planned for me too. Lucas was in Texas with Zay. Smackle and Farkle were at some genius camp thing.

It was a little lonely but I know I can handle it. When my mom comes home from work today, we’d celebrate.

For now though, I was left in my own world. I had no idea what to do.

I prepped my movie marathon by making some popcorn and drinks and also getting a projector Shawn had given my for my birthday. Just as I was choosing the movie, a knock was on my door. I hope it’s not that salesman again.

It wasn’t the doorman. Oh boy it was not the salesman at all. A wide grin crossed my face before it turned into confusion.

“Applicant Boing, what are you doing here?” 

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Magcon Preference: How He Proposes

Since you two had met at an outdoor ice skating rink, he thought it would be appropriate to propose to you there. There were twinkly lights strung on every tree going around the rink. He even rented the rink for the whole night for just the two of you.

Hayes knew that your favorite dessert was macaroons. He got a mint green macaroon and placed it in a small white box, the band of the ring was stuck in the filling in the middle of the macaroon.

For your first date, Johnson took you out to a Chinese restauraunt. You always loved reading the fortunes from your fortune cookies. He had a fortune cookie made specially for that night. The long piece of paper said ‘Will you marry me?’ and also held the ring.

You and Jacob had decided to spend Christmas together this year, just the two of you. Your house was decorated with lights and mistletoe. Your tree stood in the corner of your living room, the lights shining in different colors. On one branche, he hung a red string, which held the ring. He covered your eyes and walked you into the living room, then stopped right in front of the tree. He uncovered your eyes and that’s when you saw the ring.

You and Jack always spent a lot of time in the gazebo in the park close to your house. He hung lights all around the gazebo. Then, he got on one knee and opened the red velvet box containing the ring.

You and Cam always enjoyed surfing together, so he decided that he wanted to incorporate surfing into your proposal. First, you guys walked around together on the beach. He took you to your favorite spot. He told you turn around and you saw your some of your friends and his friends holding surfboards that said 'Will you marry me?’ You turned around once more and saw him on one knee, holding open a velvet box with a gorgeous ring.

Every summer for the past few years, you and Aaron go to Paris, France together. Both of you always loved seeing the Eiffel Tower, especially at night. He took you out to a fancy dinner and then bought you to the Eiffel Tower at night, lit up with twinkly lights. He started talking about the first time you met and how he was mesmerized by your beauty. (Oops cheesy I know) He said that he had a question to ask you. Then, you noticed him pulling out a small box. He got on one knee and popped the question.

You guys were in Disney World because Shawn had a performance. You watched in awe from the side of the stage. As his song finished, you could hear the screams of all of the people who came to see the performance. As soon as the screaming and cheering died down, you heard Shawn say,“Will my girlfriend Y/N please come here?” You walked out onto the stage and into Shawn’s arms for a hug. He told you to sit down on the stool in the middle of the stage, so you walked over and sat down. He got on one knee, holding a small box. You instantly started tearing up. Then, he asked the question,“Will you marry me?”

You sat in your living room reading your favorite book. You then heard tapping on the ground. “Matt?” You called but got no answer. Then you saw a kitten walking over to where you were. “Where did you come from?” You asked as you picked it up. You noticed a small pink paper that said 'Marry me?’ and a diamond ring hanging from the ribbon tied loosely around the kitten’s neck.

You and Taylor had always been the adventurous couple, so when he asked if you wanted to go scuba diving while you were in Aruba, your answer was an automatic yes. You got what you needed and headed to your favorite spot. You got on the boat and geared up while it took you to the middle of the ocean. You felt Taylor grab your hand and jumped. You made it to the bottom and looked around. Taylor pulled a box out of nowhere, and inside you saw the most beautiful ring you had ever seen.

You got up from your spot on the couch when you heard the doorbell ring. You opened your door to find a box with nothing on it. No return address, nothing. You picked it up and closed the door, then walked into your kitchen. You pulled the tape off of the top and a balloon flew out. You noticed a small piece of light blue paper attached to the bottom of it. The paper said 'Pop me!’ You got a knife and popped the balloon, and out came a gorgeous diamond ring. You gasped and picked up the ring. Kenny walked in and saw that you opened the package. He took the ring out of your hands and got on one knee.

You and Dillon were sitting in your kitchen eating dinner. “Want something to drink?” You asked as you got up. “Yeah, I’ll have a coke,babe,” he said. You nodded and walked to the fridge, opening the door. You gasped as you saw 6 coke bottles customized to say 'Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?“ You turned around and looked down to see Dillon on one knee.

You and Sammy loved to go mini golfing. He took you to your favorite spot and you started your game. At the 18th hole, you saw your families standing there. His siblings held signs that said 'Y/N, will you marry me?’ He got down one one knee in front of them and asked "Will you?”

You and Nate had been away from each other for almost 3 months due to his and Sammy’s tour. You two were currently skyping. You continued talking and then you noticed something. You recognized the color of the hallway and became suspicious. “Nate, where are you right now?” You asked. “Why don’t you turn around?” You heard. You turned around and saw him on one knee.

You walked around town with Carter while it was snowing. You stopped and sat down on a bench in the middle of the commons. He stopped walking and turned around and smiled. “What?” You asked, smiling. He kneeled down and pulled out a black velvet box. “Will you marry me?”

Use your imagination and finish off the rest lol
So, I’m starting to do written preferences like this one. This is my first written preference, so bare with me.