outdoor eating area


17 Agave Circle

I gotta say, I love this house. It’s a shipping container style home with an addition on top for a bedroom. It features a cozy kitchen, an outdoor eating/grilling area, a small pool, and a walk-up bedroom. I hope you guys like it as much as I liked building it!

The home is 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom built on a 20x15 lot. It will set your sim back around $50.000.

You can find it on the gallery under my name: Linkoran. Make sure you have the ‘include custom content’ option toggled.


Imagine: Sam subconsciously showing his affection for you with healthy meals. 

(Sam x Reader)

You plopped on the bench of the round table in the outdoor eating area of a local tourist trap restaurant. Dean gestured outwards worth his hand, palm up, silently asking what you wanted. You shrugged waving at him to get whatever. He shrugged queuing up at the take out line. Sam passed both of you heading straight inside to hit the head. You stretched out on the bench. Tree canopy filtered light kissed your skin and a soft breeze made you sigh. Early summer in Michigan was actually pretty lovely, better than Texas, anyways. You were reaching behind you letting your spine crack when Dean dropped a tray of food on the table.

A hamburger the size of half your head with three patties, buns in between, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, the whole works, dipping in a mystery orange sauce greeted you still sizzling in excess grease. Half you you craved the death trap, the other half was repulsed. Dean raised his eyebrows up, an amused smile accompanied a cheesy laugh.

“Yeah? Yeah? Looks freakin awesome, right?”

He lifted his, crushing the food down between his fingers before his mouth could get around it. He groaned, a river of oil and sauce dripping down his chin. You chuckled reaching for yours.

“Really, Dean?” Sam frowned as he took in the display. “It’s bad enough you’re eating this crap, now you’re dragging in Y/n?”

He looked as repulsed as the other half as you felt. Dean smiled displaying a full mouth of mash and looking as pleased as the first half of you knew you would be upon consumption. Dean spoke, bu

t you couldn’t figure out what he was saying through the muffling. He gestured towards you. Sam glanced at you, then back to Dean.

“Okay, no. I’m going to get Y/n something that won’t try to kill her in a mile.” He responded apparently understanding Dean’s bizarre food language.

You picked at the fries wondering what Sam would bring back. Dean finally swallowed the first bite.

“You don’t have to eat that rabbit food he gets you. Hurry up and eat it before he gets here. It’s to die for.” His eyes rolled back with emphasis. “I think they cooked it with butter.”

You shrugged. That combination was killer heartburn waiting to happen. “I wanna see what Sam brings back, so I can make an educational decision.”

Dean shrugged taking another physics defying bite of the burger. It wasn’t long until Sam reappeared with a tray of food. He flashed you a hesitant smile as he climbed onto the bench. You tried not laugh as his long legs made the action comical.

“Okay, so, I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I got salad, veggie burger…” He rattled off the things on his tray, listing four more dishes before ending on, “and there was frozen yogurt, but I didn’t get that.”

You couldn’t help, but grin as he glanced at you unsure of your reaction. His eyebrows drew together worth his confusion and you tried to smother the affection you felt from the expression. You reached for the plate of food in the middle.

“I’ll try the… organic tuna sandwich?” You looked to Sam making sure that was alright. “Or did you want it?”

“No, no… all yours.” He gestured for you to take it. “I wanted the strange and unidentifiable tofu honey steak anyways.”

He exchanged a wary look with you and laughed.

“That’s just wrong.” Dean shot the tofu and judgmental glare shaking his head.

“Yeah, better not. Salad it is then.”

“I’ll eat this,” You negotiated, “but I still get to eat my fries.”

Sam offered you a dazzling smile as he raised his hands placatingly. “Fair enough.”