outdoor dinner parties

Fools In Love

Pairing: young!Remus x fem!reader

Warning: fluff,,, maybe even too much???

Description: You were trying on dresses you had for a fancy, outdoor dinner party that night but you were getting really self-conscious of your scars. You got them from being just so damn clumsy. Remus, your close friend, attempts to reassure you that you are still beautiful no matter what. Then, picking out dresses turns into something more.

You walk into the marauder’s room expecting to find Lily hanging out with James, but you only see Remus reading while laying on the sofa. “Where is Lily?” you ask, out of breath from running all the way up there. “Uhhh,” Remus mumbles, looking around him, “Do you really me to tell you?” Your eyebrows go down immediately. “Please tell me she and James aren’t-” “They are,” “Well in that case,” you sigh, “You are my girl for the day, cmon,” “Where are we going?” He asks sitting up and setting his book down on the couch.  “Trying on dresses, of course,”

“Wait for a second, I  am not going to try on a dress… right?” “Not you, you idiot,” you laugh, “You are going to help me decide which looks best on me. Since Lily is doing… that doesn’t matter, but since Lily is gone you are going to have to help me. And don’t be afraid to go hard on me. I can take it,” “Listen, I’m not sure I’m up for the job,” Remus laughs nervously. “Oh,” you mock, in a sarcastic tone, “So apparently Remus Lupin’s masculinity is way too fragile to try on dresses with his good buddy Y?N all of a sudden!” He just looks at you, smiling and his eyebrows up. “What’s it gonna be macho man?” you ask. He lets out a deep sigh. ‘Fine. But stop saying that we are trying on dresses because I am not,” “Oh, okay” you tease, sarcastically. 

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etsyfindoftheday | 1.28.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: gold sequin table runner by dreamweddingbox

i am all about this glam-meets-forest-rustic look at this outdoor dinner party — super styled but comfortable (and cold!). you can snag the gold sequined table runner for only $24.99!