outdoor decks


Top of the Empire State Building barely peaks out from above the cloud deck, viewed from the Observation Deck of One World Trade Center. This view is basically “the island of Manhattan” during a day where the clouds are low.

tonight on star trek ds9
  • benjamin sisko: we've got a rogue telepath on board.
  • miles o'brien: they could be reading our minds at any moment... seeing any personal secret of ours.
  • julian bashir: we should exercise caution.
  • elim garak: hmmmm.
  • benjamin sisko internally: [Rules For Playing Solitaire]
  • miles o'brien internally: [an infinite space with infinite outdoor decks to be built]
  • julian bashir internally: [making out with garak in a pool at the bottom of a waterfall]
  • elim garak internally: [making out with bashir in the middle of a holodeck vampire LARP]

*Exclusive* Grey’s Sara Ramirez Lists home for $1.49 million

Purchased in 2007 for $1.14 million, Ramirez has redone most of the 2,900 sq. ft. main home and exterior. Originally built in 1979, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in a trendy LA neighborhood only a short drive from where she used to film Grey’s Anatomy. Contemporary kitchen, architectural living room with 2 story ceilings, large master suite with spa bathroom. Included is separate cottage next door, built in 1908, which has 1 bed and 1 bath + outdoor deck. Total lot is 7,500 sq. ft. It looks like Sara has moved out and the property has obviously been staged by the realtor (so don’t get excited by the nursery!)

Photos below the cut.

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