outdoor bbq

Hi all! Sorry I missed a post! I was very on brand though. A coworker had a BBQ to celebrate the near completion of our next big exhibition at the museum. The BBQ took place on a back deck and adjacent patio. There was a lot of outdoor seating and great food.

In porch blog news, I’m working hard on a series of playlists for this summer that encompass the three different time spans of sitting on porches!

1. Readin’ and Relaxin’
2. Grillin’ and Chillin’
3. Partyin’ and Drinkin’

More to come on those soon! As always, submit your porches over at https://twitter.com/porchrates


Good morning.

Today is Memorial Day. In lieu of traditional BBQ and outdoor activities, I’m staying in with my six year old on this rainy day to play Monopoly and assemble his first 1000 piece puzzle. Yay! Love being a mom❤

Also at the top of my list today is leaning into the impermanence of life. Situations change, people change and “this too shall pass” (as I keep hearing). Grateful for impermanence.

Happy Monday!

Bussana Vecchia: An artist’s paradise in a ghost town.


Bussana Vecchia is certainly a great place to be welcomed into Italy. An ancient medieval village that became a ghost town when all of its residents abandoned it is now inhabited by artists from all over the world. Their studios, all open to the public, are mixed into the overgrown windows and broken shutters of the old town, tucked away in between narrow cobble streets with crumbling stone arches overhead. There’s even a restaurant where visitors can dine alfresco with wine and outdoor BBQ-cooked steaks and take in the coastal views. The town is an artist’s paradise, completely autonomous, where creativity flows through the streets in the form of brightly painted postboxes, quirkily decorated front doors and murals hung on walls.

Follow the hashtag #Fromrusttoroadtrip to follow our van conversion project and our travels around Europe! 🌍  

Sacramento Radfems!

I wanted to have a meetup for women in the Sacramento area. I wanted to get a headcount of who could make it. It would have to be a Sunday (can’t be the third Sunday since that conflicts with the Bay Area Radfem Meetup). The time is up in the air but afternoon is most likely when it will be. If you’re down to hang out please like/reblog this post. It’s cool if you reblog this on a sideblog or inbox me instead; it’s understandable. I’d like this to be a monthly event like the bay area one if possible.

Just outside of the Sacramento area?

After the first meetup I wanted to have an outdoor event maybe a BBQ at a park. For this event I want to invite radfems from the greater NorCal area: bay area, Tahoe, Stockton area, Chico, etc.

Once I get a headcount for both, I’ll solidify dates.

And of course I welcome women to signal boost. Just make a note when you’re reblogging like in the tags, that you don’t want to be counted.


Tiny Shotgun Cottage in New Orleans
on JULY 29, 2015
This tiny shotgun cottage in New Orleans has about 400 sq. ft. of space with one bedroom.
When you walk inside you’re in the living area and open kitchen. Continue walking to the back to find the bedroom and bathroom.
There’s also some yard space in the back to enjoy the outdoors, BBQ, or garden. If you’re staying in New Orleans this cottage is available as a vacation rental in the area. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.
Tiny Shotgun Cottage in New Orleans