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Tough guy
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Tough guy

                                          i’m afraid of looking up and not seeing the sky

i am afraid of the word ‘boy’ in every conversation line

                                and i am afraid that my hero will always kill me in the end

and that my friends, oh god my friends, i’m fucking scared of losing them

                               and i know that i’ll never be a tough guy

and i know i can’t handle anything without losing my mind


                                          sit me down and shut me up and pin me to the floor

tell me everything’s alright, promise that i need nothing more

                      and i will smile, i will smile, i will smile, i will smile 

                                                   and look towards the brighter side of this

on-going company of miles

                    and i will smile, and look towards the brighter side.

Hollowell Park features views of some of the most dramatic peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, including Mount Meeker, Mount Lady Washington and the 14,259-foot summit of Longs Peak. The park’s low elevation and nearby wetlands provide the opportunity to listen to a diverse range of wildlife. On the northern edge of the park, you will find a large moraine, which is a mass of rocks and sediment that were moved across the landscape by a glacier thousands of years ago.

Transport yourself to Rocky Mountain National Park, with all its sights and sounds, in our immersive geology lesson!

Stand At The Edge Of Geologic Time

Video: David Al-Ibrahim for NPR

Watch on coolgeekzatl.tumblr.com

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(at Dacula, Georgia)

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