outdoor art exhibition

Me at an outdoor art exhibit: wow, look at this work of art

Mom: stop petting dogs and start looking for something I can put on the living room wall


Fender CS ‘60 Stratocaster Relic, macro studies.  I keep this Strat tuned to E flat in case I am feeling particularly Hendrix or SRV-ish.  Don’t get me wrong, my playing sucks, but at least it sucks in the correct half-step-down tuning of my guitar heroes!  :D

PS:  I stuck in some shots of downtown Toronto yesterday when we had one of those rare and elusive perfect summer days…26°C/79°F with no humidity (and therefore none of the smog that comes with humidity!).  I wish ALL summer days were this nice. 

A beautiful idea: the art teacher Marielle Seitz has asked children to draw pictures about people they have lost. Maybe their grandparents, sometimes even their parents. Very often the kids were drawing pictures about the pets, they once had and writing them letters, hoping they are well where they are now. A lovely exhibition in Munich at the moment, very little, but nice.

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