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I apologize if you already knew about this, but I saw something that I wanted to share with you. In Chapter Two of BATIM, I realized that the hall with the first appearance of a Bendy cutout in front of a pentagram looked familiar. I believe the flashback in Chapter One with "Bendy" up close is in the same location. I used your stream of both chapters on YouTube to compare (the 34:44 time marker for the hall and the 29:29 time marker for the flashback), and they look to be the same background.

No need to apologize, but while you’re close, we’ve actually found that the Bendy in those flashbacks appears to be standing by Henry’s old desk! @adobe-outdesign should have a link to it, but it’s still on my blog somewhere. Maybe try the tag “theory” and you’ll find it here? If not, I’ll try to find it and reblog it shortly.
EDIT: WAIT, YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THE OTHER FLASH. I’ll check what you’re talking about ASAP!

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I just finished up writing down everyone who got love here, and how much love they got! Now, it was a lot of people! I have about 275 posts here, so i will go from most love to least, and put 2 and under under a read more! :)
The most loved person was @sproingtrep, with 15 compliments!

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ok this is gonna be a lot but i flipping love zeppydingus, sproingtrep, wheatu, ak-tastic, itstheflock, ichimui, ask-the-fiesta-time-crew, primalarc, fnafkins, bonnieffp, freddy-fazbear-pizzeria, sparklecupcakesthings, fancychicachicken, chica--the--chicken, trans-mangle, adobe-outdesign, notorious-titan-productions, airmanon, askfoxeh, springtrap-trash, springlockedfoxy, scrapbookbonnie, gentlesoulfoxy, supergrumpydumpybear, britishbunny, afnafwonderland, fnaf-trash, and askxsisterxlocation!!!

@zeppydingus, @sproingtrep, @wheatu, @ak-tastic, @itstheflock, @ichimui, @ask-the-fiesta-time-crew, @primalarc, @fnafkins, @bonnieffp, @freddy-fazbear-pizzeria, @sparklecupcakesthings, @fancychicachicken, @chica–the–chicken, @trans-mangle, @adobe-outdesign, @notorious-titan-productions, @airmanon, @askfoxeh, @springtrap-trash, @springlockedfoxy, @scrapbookbonnie, @gentlesoulfoxy, @supergrumpydumpybear, @britishbunny, @afnafwonderland, @fnaf-trash, @askxsisterxlocation

when it comes to analysis by the way i pretty much solely focus on story if that’s not obvious -writing. narratives, etc. it’s not that i don’t think analysis of minute details isn’t relevant, it’s just not my thing. i’m happy to read other people’s posts about it! (adobe-outdesign’s thorough analyses give me lifeee)

for me and my own speculation though - like, wasp was like, “have people found all of the “secrets” in the chapters yet?” and i was like “fuck if i know” because like, that is just not my bag. i’m more than happy to learn about secrets when other people find them, especially if they add to the lore or whatever like hallelujiah

i’m just a really firm believer in story structure - if themeatly NEEDED us to know something to make his story the best it can be - we’d know about it by now. i get that bendy is like 33.33% a mystery game basically and searching and uncovering stuff is expected and important to the actual gameplay, and that’s fine, i don’t feel like i need my hand held through every game ever,

but if we haven’t found all the secrets by NOW? they’re not important. or if they are, they’ve been rendered unimportant by their obscurity. for fans like us they may still be important, but for your average player, apparently whatever story those secrets hold is just none of their business lol