outcomeagent replied to your post: Is this the kind of insanity that happens when I’m off tumblr for most of the day?

Sadly, this sort of thing keeps happening. It’s almost sad that people want to suddenly bring up something 7 years ago and blow it out of context. It’s annoying, but there will always be haters looking for something negative to talk about…

Yeah, it happens everywhere in every fandom all the time unfortunately. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I’m just amazed. 

The one good thing I see from all this is that it weeds out all the idiots from the fandom, because I’m pretty sure we don’t want them around anyway. This will all blow over, just like everything always does, and we’ll go on our merry little way enjoying ourselves, and the rest of the people can go on with their miserable lives being pissed off and offended at everything ever. What a life that must be. Good luck to them.