outburst done

Eat.  Sleep.  Look for a power source - rinse, repeat.  That has been my life for the last few days – I’m going on very little sleep.  I think my eyelids are somehow staying open on their own.  I’m so burnt out and in heated moment in front of H.R. and Tracy – I threw in the towel.  This can’t be done.  My outburst caused the two to have a very heated debate about heroes, which led H.R. to reveal he’s never seen the original Star Wars trilogy.  Tracy and I were dumbfounded – I told him to watch it a hundred times since he’s come to this earth.

Tracy popped it in and told me I needed to watch for a distraction, which was great until we reached the end of Empire.  The final scenes hit me hard in the ol’ stomach.  And I’m not talking about like when I scarf down a triple order of Big Belly Burger.  These movies are all about the classic hero’s journey.  And it got me thinking about what that word meant – hero.  I miss the days it was just another name for a delicious 12-inch oil drenched sandwich. But here I was ready to give up the hunt for the power source.  Well, no more of that, hombre. I’ve got to focus on being the best I can be. The team is looking to me to continue this journey and defeat Savitar.

Tracy threw on Return of the Jedi.  H.R. was mesmerized by the movies and watching it with them kept me from totally balling my eyes out.  But as the movie started it got me thinking about what must of happened to Luke Skywalker between the bummer ending of the last movie and this one. Somewhere along the way he became a full on badass Jedi! And I saw that that is what I need to be.  I mean, not become a Jedi, though, man that would be awesome-sauce!  But to become the hero of my own story – and thus, I’m about to pound some more caffeine thanks to Tracy and keep on the hunt.  I know the source is out there and Cisco Ramon won’t rest until it’s found!

Makeup Voiceover;Taeyong

Request: I literally have your tumblr on my internet tab all the time, never closing it once :“ i love your work!! Can i request a make up voice over by taeyong? I think it’d be funny considering how he’s always the manlyman lol THANKKKS

A/N: i actually feel like he’d be super sweet & soft while doing this so sorry if it wasn’t what you expected!!

  • i’ve only recently just got back to writing so i hope this isnt too bad
  • and i think it’s been long too since i wrote for taeyong?
  • but i hope this is good enough and it works!!
  • also
  • im running out of makeup brands to write google isnt helping anymore help this clueless makeup girl out
  • let’s go

  • so taeyong’s always been fascinated by your skills and makeup

  • he’d straight up just stare at you with his mouth open as you do your makeup
  • kid taeyong would appear and clap his hands together whenever you finish
  • "woah so pretty my baby”
  • and your fans have noticed that he’s always in the background of your makeup tutorials giving a thumbs up or nodding his head
  • such a supportive boyfriend
  • so they’d always comment and ask yall to do the makeup voiceover challenge
  • which taeyong hesitated at first
  • mainly because he was shy
  • but finally agreed because you flashed him your cutest pout that made him s o f t
  • while you’re filming the video he’s upset because he doesn’t get to see you do it this time
  • “BABE you’ll see it later stop pouting”
  • “but, it’s different”
  • “it’s the same taeyong omg”
  • “tsk alright alright”
  • when you finish taeyong barges into the room with a straight expression on his face but does the weirdest dance ever??
  • yeap the one you’re thinking of and the one he always does
  • and luckily you caught it on camera, which made him more embarrassed
  • so before recording he gets all nervous and talkative like
  • “omg babe what if i screw up”
  • “okay im a strong man i can do this”
  • “taeyong…. it’s only a recording…”
  • “i know, i’m not nervous at all”
  • and you just shake your head because you’re super used to him
  • “hello everyone!! it’s taeyong here today to do a voiceover for Y/N’s makeup!”
  • “i hope you all would like this video and continue supporting my babe”
  • “aww just look at her in this headband, so cute”
  • “barefaced Y/N, my favourite!!”
  • “oo she’s doing her foundation?”
  • “the one she always uses! the one from innisfree”
  • “i feel like this shade suits her very well, what do you guys think?”
  • “she’s using her favourite pink egg to blend it out”
  • “all smooth now!”
  • “she’s taking out a stick.. pen? oh it’s an eyeliner”
  • “babe you showed it too fast and the word’s so small i couldn’t see the name”
  • “she’s drawing her eyelids now, look at those skills!!”
  • “every single time i watch her do her makeup and i’m still amazed by how she manages to draw the line so smoothly woah”
  • “the other eye…”
  • “oh they’re symmetrical, great job”
  • “let me guess what’s next, eyeshadow!!”
  • “yes i’m right”
  • “it’s because you’ve seen me do my makeup so many times”
  • “your boyfriend’s an expert shh”
  • “oh it’s the uh.. L-Laura Mercier??? brand”
  • “so hard to pronounce woah”
  • “but she’s taking her brush and applying this… uhm.. slightly blue colour!”
  • “make sure to smooth them out”
  • “moving on to the other eye”
  • “and…. she’s done!”
  • “doesnt she look brighter now?”
  • “oh? she taking out a small box”
  • “what’s that i’ve never seen that box before”
  • “oh! it’s fake lashes”
  • “you’ve never worn them before, why so sudden?”
  • “got to always try out new things!!”
  • “woah she’s applying this liquid thing on it-”
  • “OH oh… sorry for that outburst everyone”
  • “but she done sticking on her eye and woah, so beautiful”
  • “just look at those gorgeous eyes and lashes”
  • “oh she’s moving on again”
  • “to.. her cheeks!”
  • “cutie”
  • “first of all, blush!!”
  • “makes her cuter than she already is but”
  • “she’s using the one from nars”
  • “looks slightly pink”
  • “aw just look at those rosy cheeks!!”
  • “woah”
  • “her favourite next- highlight”
  • “she covered the name- i can’t see it omg babe”
  • “but uh.. just look at how shiny that is”
  • “cheeks… forehead… nose… and jaw…”
  • “my girlfriend’s glowing!!!”
  • “i think this is the last step but lipstick!”
  • “she just bought one yesterday from moonshot- oh she’s using it”
  • “it’s dark red shade”
  • “pouty lips aw!!”
  • “and my baby’s done with her look!!”
  • “doesnt she look amazing?”
  • “what did i do to deserve her”
  • “woah- wait- I FORGOT ABOUT THE ENDING im sorry you all have seen this side of me”
  • “but anyways, thank you for taking the time to listen to my voice and for loving Y/N!!”
  • “continue to send more love and i’ll be grateful hehe subscribe and comment!”
Angry Love (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

You nearly died from saving Cisco and Dante from Rupture, which causes Harry to become extremely pissed at you. For what reason, you don’t know…





“But that’s –”

“And absolutely dangerous!!”

You heaved a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Will you just –”

No!” Harry cut you off with a firm look that had even Barry, Cisco and Caitlin shrinking from him. Running his hands through his hair, he gripped chunks of his locks tightly and practically yanked them out. “You don’t get a say in the matter! Not after that stunt you pulled!! I mean, Jesus, ________! You scared the living hell out of me. Out of all of us! You could’ve died! Did you know that?”

You kept your gaze low. “Yes.”

Bullshit!” He grabbed a mug and threw it across the room.

The small ceramic cup burst into a thousand shards and scattered across the floor.

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Here’s the song



You looked up as Castiel appeared. Over the past few months, you’d gained a sixth sense, knowing just when he was going to show up.

“Hello, Y/N.”

“Hi, Castiel.”

“I have brought your next week’s supplies.” Cas set the brown bags on the kitchen counter. “All of the groceries you requested, as well as a few magazines and a DVD of that new movie you wanted.”

“Thank you, Cas.” You stood, poking your nose in the bag. Everything looked like it was there. It always was. “Do you have to leave?”

“Not… immediately. Is there something you need?”

You shrugged. “I just wanted some company.”

The angel nodded. “I… understand that this situation is less than ideal.”

“It’s all for my safety, right?”

Cas nodded again. “Let me just check the protective sigils. Then I will join you.”

You made your way into the living room, plopping down on the couch. This place was wonderful, really, but seven months of solitude could make even the best place seem miserable.

Cas stepped into the living room, checking the sigils around the windows before joining you on the couch. “May I see your tattoo?”

This was a typical request from the angel. You lifted your shirt, showing your inked ribs to him. Cas brushed his fingers over the strange Enochian symbols. “Very good,” he said.

The two of you sat in silence for a few moments. “So,” Cas said, finally breaking the silence. “What would you like to do?”

“I just want to talk to someone other than myself.”

“Of course.” Cas studied you for a moment. “I sense you have… concerns.”

You shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I just… don’t know if there’s an end goal with this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Am I ever going to be able to leave this place?”

“Yes, Y/N. Someday, you will be able to return to the life you once had.”


“I… cannot give you an answer. The world is in the midst of a giant war and you–”

“Are in grave danger, should the wrong person find me, blah blah blah.”

Cas pouted slightly. “You are correct. Up until the final three words. I am unsure what those mean.”

“Sorry, Cas. I’m just… agitated. I think I’m getting cabin fever.”

“This is not a cabin.” Cas reached forward, placing a hand on your forehead. “And you do not seem to have a fever.”

“Never mind,” you said, standing and crossing over to the window. Looking out, you saw an immense forest, hiding the house from every angle.

“Y/N, please.” Cas stepped up behind you, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder. “I know you are frustrated and scared and… all sorts of human emotions. And I am very sorry. But I cannot allow you to leave.”

You sighed. “I know, Cas. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take this out on you.” Turning around, you wrapped your arms around the angel, startling him. You really did feel sorry for your outburst. Cas had done so much for you.

“Fear not, Y/N,” Cas said, carefully putting his arms around you. “Everything will work out. You just need to wait a little longer.”

The two of you stood in your embrace for a few seconds before you pulled away, fearing awkwardness. “Do you… want to play cards? Or watch that movie?”

Cas nodded, following you into the kitchen. “If I’m not being too presumptuous… I would be more than willing to stay over this evening. If you wish.”

You smiled. “I’d love that, Cas.”

"Week 3," a kabby fic

I feel like a lot happened in Marcus and Abby’s relationship during those uneventful days we never saw after Mt Weather. I think seeing Abby almost die was a turning point for him, where Marcus acknowledged to himself that she meant more to him than maybe he realized before. I have lots of head canons about him nursing her back to health.

One of many, and total fluff:


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BPD Partner's Guide on how to not Enable

Okay, here’s the deal.
If I’m being awful, you have zero obligation to do anything for me, okay?
I know, I’m the queen of Validate Me Please. But it’s more of just a bandaid.
It makes it a little bit better, but I sure as shit won’t change for the better.

So, if I’m being awful and you’d like to know what would be best for me, here it is:

Do not give me negative or positive attention.
You might say something along the lines of, “I care about you, but talk to me when you’re calm” so I don’t come to the conclusion that you’re abandoning me (which yes ik is ridiculous but I can’t help it).
Don’t say anything else.
No matter how I cry or scream or panic, ignore me.

If we’re together in person, leave me in a room alone.
If I’m texting/calling you, turn off your phone.

Essentially, I am going to lose it.
I’ll go through every stage of grief.
The last one being acceptance.

I will accept that ultimately, I am responsible for myself.
My behavior can not be enabled.

When I’m done and calm (if I haven’t tired myself out with my burst of emotions and fallen asleep) you can talk to me if you’d like. Maybe something like, “Would you like to talk about what upset you, or are you okay now?” Basically, I have trouble regulating my emotions. A lot of the times I don’t realize how upset big things are making me until after I feel stupid for losing it over something small.

By giving me time to get the outburst done with, I can identify what the actual problem is, if there is one. Sometimes it could just be paranoia that I can identify as such after I’ve had time to reflect. So, if I say I don’t want to talk about it, then don’t push it. Don’t ask again. Because even if I’m lying and I DO want to talk about it, you don’t need to let me be passive aggressive or make you read my mind. If I do want to talk about it, then I need to say so. Otherwise, let me self soothe and move on.

If I’m acting out by drinking, doing drugs, self harming, etc. Don’t ask/beg me to stop. Don’t take care of me when I’m all fucked up. Don’t give me attention. Don’t have sex with me. I’m looking for either pain or euphoria to distract me from whatever it is I’m trying to avoid. Don’t indulge me. You may want to make me feel better, but remember it will hurt me in the long run.

After I’ve calmed down, let me come to you. I will probably apologize for my behavior, address the source of my outburst, or tell you what would actually help. Now probably isn’t the time for sex or arguments still. Cuddling, nonsexual kissing, etc. can help. If you’d like to say something, try, “I’m proud of you for taking care of yourself.” I recommend staying away from compliments such as calling me beautiful or kind at the moment. Also, if I fall asleep after my outburst, don’t wake me up or disturb me. If I need something, I need to ask. It’s that simple. If I need to talk (TALK NOT FIGHT) then I need to communicate that. If I need affection, I need to communicate that.

You are never obligated to stay with me or help me just because I have abandonment issues. You are always free to walk away, but if you’d like to be in my life, this is how we can make things better slowly.


Ok! So I see everyone doing Anti theories and I wanna try and jump on while the news is still young! Ok!

So Jack(Anti) just reblogged a post and wrote Suppressed, Ignored, Unpredictable in zalgo text. So let’s go through it.

Suppressed- I agree with everyone, Jack has actively been suppressing Anti since the whole PAX outburst. He’s done a really good job at keeping him down..theres no other way to really take this in another direction other than he and Anti have been battling it out over control of Jack’s body/consciousness and Jack has been winning..the question is how much more fight does Jack have in him…

Ignored- ok, so this is where I see the community becoming confused…i think everyone is looking at it as Anti saying that we (the community) have been ignoring him. I don’t think that’s the case…i think it’s more that Jack has been ignoring him as it might be the only way to suppress him. Jack may have Anti nagging at the back of his mind and might only be able to let that constant weight of him out through small mentions (which would explain how things like Return or Reborn have made it out and why he has said Antis name before in some recent videos) but hasn’t really discussed anything in full..i think Jack is the one trying to ignore Anti’s presence..and Anti is getting frustrated with the back and forth between our attention and jacks suppression of him.

Unpredictable- this is self explanatory. Anti is known for showing up at random times, he’s a glitch, it’s what they do. But I also feel like this is some major foreshadowing…so in the past, Anti has showed up along with the hype of the community, the more excited we got, the more it fed him the more likely he was to show up and glitch the videos…and right now we’re all so ready to see Anti again and we keep pressing for him to show himself…but I feel like as soon as the hype falls..thats when he’ll come out to play..we’ve kind of seen it before, no one expected Anti to appear at PAX…he likes to toy with us…i think he’ll show up when everyone least expects it…

[fic]: Heatstroke

Fandom: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Pairing: Kujo Jotaro/Kakyoin Noriaki
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,692
Warnings: erotic asphyxiation/breathplay, restraint via Hierophant Green, sex toys
Notes: Jason keeps roping me into writing shit for him. I still don’t know how to write Jotaro or Kakyoin.

Teaser: Noriaki turns and twists just enough to see Jotaro, who has his head pillowed on his arms. “I’m not on you,” Noriaki says, just to fuck with him.

“Not ‘get off me’,” Jotaro returns without missing a beat, not visibly ruffled. “Get me off.”

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Present Tense

Summary: Dean gets jealous when he finds you flirting with some guy in a bar.

Characters: Dean x Reader

A/N (PLEASE READ): Hey guys so due to the lack of notes on my last story I’m assuming you guys didn’t like it so for that I apologize. I don’t know if it was due to bad writing or if it was because it was a Sam story not a Dean. Either way I’m sorry and I hope this Dean story makes up for it. PLEASE REQUEST SOMETHING.

You sighed, counted to three in your head, and threw your head back sending the tequila down your throat ignoring the burning sensation that it left.

You had just returned from a hunt with Sam and Dean; to put it simply you screwed up, big time. You were in the woods when you heard a scream that sounded a lot like Dean’s, and you, being the lost puppy in love with the older Winchester that you were, wasted no time before running out into the woods. Dean saw you sprint towards the creature out of the corner of his eye and ran after you but you reached the creature before he could reach you.

As proof of the encounter you now had a scar the length of a pencil on your side from where the windego scratched you. Dean of course stitched it up but not without a long lecture about how stupid you were for running right to the windego. However, it wasn’t being called stupid that upset you the most. No it was when he ended the lecture by telling you that you were a horrible hunter and a waste of space.

Can you believe that! You were called a waste of space by the man you loved which only further proved that he did not reciprocate your feeling.

So in short you felt like shit, hence the tequila.

This also explains why when a relatively attractive man approached you-you didn’t send him away. You weren’t stupid, you knew that he only wanted to get into your pants but at this point you didn’t care. You were tired of being treated like shit and quite frankly you hoped mindless kinky sex with a stranger would fill the empty space you had in your stomach.

So you pulled down your shirt, pulled up your pants, twirled your hair, and batted your eyelashes. Doing pretty much anything you had to in order to assure that this guy (Frank…Peter…hell his name could be Inacio for all you knew) brought you home.

Dean’s point of view

I watched as she stormed away towards the bar across the street before storming into the hotel room slamming the door shut behind me. I paced the room a few times even punched a picture frame before collapsing on the bed covering my face in my hands.

I really shouldn’t have said those things to her but how could she be so stupid. Putting herself into danger like that. I heard the sound the windego made too but I of course knew it wasn’t real. She on the other hand had to be the hero throwing caution into the wind throwing her life away just so that she might, MIGHT, save me.

What a stupid, dumb, foolish thing to do. Why does she have to be so much like…like…like me.

Oh god I should apologize. She was just doing what she thought was best, even if it was a totally stupid idea, she thought she was saving her…best friend.

God I hate that term, best friend. I’ve known her for 3 years and still haven’t amounted to being anything more than her best friend. I see her in the bunker all the time and have to remind myself that she is different than other girls, I can’t just go up kiss her or use some cheesy pick up line that will get me any girl in any sleazy bar I’m in. No I’ve got to win her, make her want to be with me for more than just one night. I’ve got to make her feel special, like the whole world revolves around her, I know mine does.

Even though three years of trying to make that happen have not produced promising results I’m not giving up. Even if it means that I have to follow her to a bar get on my knees and beg for her forgiveness. I sigh; it’s going to be a long night.

I get up grab my wallet and walk over to the bar mentally preparing myself for this long ass apology I was about to give her. However, no amount of pep talks could have prepared me for what I saw inside.

There she was sitting at the bar looking as beautiful as ever only there was some other guys hand on her knee slowly inching its way up her thigh.

I began to storm over to him ready to rip his hand off of her leg and yell at him for being a sleezeball when the unimaginable happens. She places her hand over his and leans in whispering something into his ear.

I felt my heart drop down to my feet and a buzzing sound started in my ears. I stared at her my mouth hanging slightly open and my shoulders slumped before quickly sitting at a nearby table and watching her.

I’ve been here for 10 minutes. Ten fucking minutes of watching her whisper into his ear, bat her lashes, and touch his shoulder or knee.

I’ve been trying to get her to look at me like that for 3 years and after 10 fucking minutes this asshole has her drooling all over him.

I mean what the hell is wrong with me, why…why doesn’t she…why doesn’t she like me.

I let my eyes fall to the floor and pool with tears when I saw her kiss him quickly on the lips for in that moment I knew that she would never love me, things will never be the same, and it’s all my fault. I ruined it.

I started to get up desperate to get out of here, maybe go on a hunt by myself, anything to avoid her for the next few days, we were over and we never even started. However, I stopped when I saw the guy crash his lips harshly into hers bringing her into a heated make out session. It wasn’t until he grabbed her boob that I lost it.

I stormed up to the guy, yanked him off of her, and punched him in the face so hard that he fell unconscious.

I faintly heard Y/N yell “Dean what the hell?” but in that moment I didn’t care. I was not going to lose her without a fight.

Your point of view

“Dean what the hell?” I screamed at him angrily. If he’s mad at me then he can take it out on me there is absolutely no reason for taking it out on some innocent guy.

I stared at him angrily waiting for an explanation that didn’t come.

“You know what Dean?” I asked outraged at his behavior “I’m done; I’m done with your horrible attitude, your complete disregard for my feelings, and your shitty treatment of me.”

With that I stormed out of the bar leaving him at the counter ignoring his pleas for me to come back.

I didn’t even know he was near me until I felt him yank my arm, spinning me around to face him.

“Y/N I’m sorr…” He started but I quickly interrupted.

“What? Sorry? That’s funny Dean I thought for a moment you were going to appoligize.”

“I am Y/N please I didn’t mean it.” He pleaded

“Yet you still did it!” You exclaimed “You still called me a waste of space. You still made me feel horrible about myself. You still caused me to seek comfort in a complete stranger who would leave me without a second thought in the morning. And you still punched the first person to make me feel special and loved in weeks!”

He stared at you shocked at your outburst.

“I’m just done with you Dean! You constantly make me feel like shit and I’m…I’m just done.”

“Where are you going to go?” He asked looking defeated.

“HA well that’s rich” You laughed humorlessly “I pour my fucking heart out to you and all you care about is making sure I’m no longer with you.”

“No that’s not what I meant” He said sounding hurt.

“Whatever, to think I loved you.” You added, and without even registering what you just revealed you spun on your heel and walked away.

“Wait Y/N” Dean yelled before catching up to you and spinning you around “loved? You loved me?”

Your eyes widened as your brain caught up to the situation you had put yourself into “Well yeah, for about the past 3 years, thanks for noticing.” You replied sarcastically.

“Loved. Past tense.” He mumbled more to himself and you could have sworn you saw his eyes glass over.

“Well it’s kind of hard to love someone who seems to hate you.” You spat.

Then the unimaginable happened, Dean Winchester kissed you. Not a simple peck on the cheek, but a full out sparks-fly-passion-filled kiss.

“I don’t hate you, I could never hurt you.” He said staring right into your eyes. “I hate the things you do.”

You looked at him confused.

“I hate that you are constantly putting yourself in danger.” He continued slowly. “I hate that you seem to not care whether you live or die.” He said rapidly picking up speed. “I hate that I could…I could lose you.” He finally finished his voice cracking. “Because, Y/N” he took both your hands in his “I love you, present tense.”

Your eyes were as big as saucers at his confession and you felt your heart rate increase rapidly in your ears.

“Y/N please say something.” Dean said his smile faltering.

You almost chuckled at his worry.

“And I love you, Dean Winchester, present tense.” You said

His smile grew, if that was even possible, and he quickly engulfed you into his arms.

“Never, ever, look at a guy like that in a bar again.” He whispered into your ear. At that you did laugh.

He pulled back but kept you at arm’s length “Unless, of course, that guy is me.”

“I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that.” You chuckled and kissed him again before he held you in his arms. The two of you stood like that for several minutes just relishing the moment.

Tell me something new..

Request:  “Tell me something I don’t already know.” 

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you”

Originally posted by theultimatewalker

Another day, another zombie, another run, another almost break down, and another fight with Rick. You stood in the middle of the camp ground, watching the now large group of survivors build and strengthen the fence surrounding your safe haven. The Georgia sun was blaring down, and you could feel the sweat pouring off your forehead. You rested a hand on your swollen belly and seen just the man you were looking for. Rick. You stomped over to him, he looked up at you and sighed, wiping his hands clean from grease. “How can I help ya Y/N?” You huffed and crossed your arms, “why is he going on another run?” Rick sighed, wiping his forehead and pulling his hand down his face, it was the same argument you had with him every time Daryl had to make multiply runs in a week. “Because, we need supplies for you, and the others.”

“Rick, there are plenty more able bodied men and women available to make these runs, and most are hoping you’ll pick them to go. Daryl is not the only one who can do it. Crist he almost died last time because you sent him into an unsafe zone. That man is the father of my unborn child!” Rick huffed in annoyance and looked away from you. “Hey! Hey, you’re not allowed to do that to me! I’ve been by your side since the outbreak happened! Its bad enough I’m bringing a baby into this hell hole of a world, but I’m sure as hell not bringing it into a world without a father to protect it. And with you sending him on every run, even if he almost died or he’s tired will not ensure that happens!” You raised your voice at your brother. Who turned and pointed a figure directly at your belly, “All I ever do is think about protecting you guys,” his voice was raised slightly to match yours. “I send him because he’s the most qualified to get in and out and survive.” You were taken back by his sudden outburst, “now are we done arguing about this, its tiring.” You nodded and backed away from him, you turned and headed toward Daryl who was suiting up for his run with Glenn and Maggie. “Hey stud,” you pushed your fist into his bicep, he turned a smile breeched his features, he pulled you into a hug.

“Hey cupcake, I seen you talking to Rick,” he turned again, his back to you, “What were you two arguing about this time? Better not be about me again,” his voice soft with a serious undertone. You chewed your thumb nail, when he looked back up you wiping his hands with a rag, you nodded. He sighed and pulled you close to him, he held your waist. “You know worrying is bad for the baby,” you nodded, he was going to be a great dad. “You don’t gotta worry about ol’ Daryl here, I’ll be fine.” You scoffed, looking at the man you fell in love with, you watched him grow and change into the man that stood before you and that’s what made you love him more. “I know, I’m just scared, and my hormones all weird and I’m even more scared because I’m not there to make sure you’re careful.” You two were the dynamic duo, going on runs together, that was until you found out you were pregnant 5 months ago. Daryl nodded, and kissed you, “it’ll be alright cupcake.” Glenn and Maggie whistled at Daryl as they sat in the car, Daryl sent a thumbs up, he sat down on the bike, “I’ll be back babies,” you nodded, leaning down to him. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you” you whispered into his ear, he pulled away smirking at you. “Tell me something I don’t already know.” He laughed and started the bike, smiling up at you and laid a hand on your belly, “I love you sweet angels,” and he sped off to catch up.