outbreak: undead

Title Ideas for your Wretched Autobiography
  • The Witch Contemplates That Which Is Offered
  • A Skeleton? I ask. A Skeleton in This Body? I Marvel!
  • Comforting Hauntings and Suspended Realities
  • Plunged Into Light, Retreating Into Gloom
  • Into The Mirror I Dove and Nothing I Regretted
  • Can One Be Lost When One Had No Destination?
  • I Wrote This While Eating My Weight In Waffles Possibly Over a Long Period of Time and Possibly Not
  • This Dust Be Not Much But It Be Mine
  • The Taste of Slime and Other Swamp Discoveries
  • The Joy of Ghouls
  • A Crypt, My Home, A Place to Call My Own
  • I Gazed at the Moon and Cried A BIt
  • This Witch Be Not Home Afore Dusk
I just came up with something

so vampires are dead, or like undead whatever, alright? and they don’t need to breathe, okay?
so basically, vampires would be unstoppable under water
just imagine vampires exploring the deep ocean, because the pressure wouldn’t kill them

Making Your Undead Deadlier...

With the Release of Tomb of Annihilation, and the Undead Dangers of the Chultan Jungles waiting, We give You a Great Selection of Traits, Abilities and Attacks and More to make Your Undead just a little bit deadlier…

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Fiiiiinally getting somewhere! I was already going to give up and not give a damn about symmetry ever again. But I just can’t.
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