outback nsw

Pilliga Forest, NSW, Australia. 5 November, 2015.

How lovely it is to lose your way at times. To find yourself completely nowhere, with no direction home. Even car trouble can be a blessing in disguise. I will say this about the modern world, with its hustling and bustling and absurd level of connectivity – it is almost overwhelmingly easy to disappear.

(Photo: d.)


Photoset of HMM kitbash Brastle Tiger ‘nickname Hard Yakka’

‘Old Hard Yakka’s seen a lot of fighting but he keeps going. I think that zoid will outlast all.’

This kit was a series of firsts for me: my first HMM/TOMY kit bash, my first serious attempt at weathering and scarring and first time using a special photo lens filter.

I adore the design of the Brastle Tiger. Its chunky shapes combined with sleek curves make for one stunning zoid. My Brastle Tiger was in disarray and I had a beat up HMM Saber Tiger. Both seemed perfect for my first attempt at seriously altering a HMM kit. Some parts were harder than others and some where easy, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about customising kits from doing this.

Some elements of the Brastle TIger I had to leave behind; the heat sinks on the legs were nigh impossible to attach with how I’d done the missile pods and a few back spines were cut as I couldn’t figure out a way to keep them posable. The main thing I wanted to was to preserve the ‘gimmicks’ of the TOMY kit. The brastle mane, the pods and foot locks needed to remain posable.

I’d decided early on to try and blend the two kits vs using the HMM as an underbody. The head was the hardest and required some sculpting with putty and ended up with a craggy look; like an older zoid or a zoid thats seen some serious action. Rather than try to get a smooth look, I then used powder and sealant to roughen up and scar the plastic. After painting, I then used some weathering powder lent to me by @faiarrow to get a beat up and dusty look. 

It reminded me a lot of the red dust common in the NSW outback, so hence the nickname ‘Hard Yakka’ Yakka being a pidgin word from the Yagara indigenous language of the Brisbane [Australia] region. Yaga means work.

Not to mention a lot of hard work and love went into creating this kit. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I also tried out a yellow filter to try and emphasise the rich gold. Ive got mixed feelings on that, but I can always reshoot this kit.

One day, one rhyme- Day 732

Looking at the dusty outback
You might think that it is poorly.
What grass there is looks more like straw,
It’s a barren desert surely.
The jagged hills burst from dry ground
Everything seems baked and parched.
Even the trees struggle to stand,
Leaves hang sleepy from branches arched.
It’s true the sun is merciless,
It’s true that the landscape is harsh
And you might drive for days and days
To reach green meadows, leas or marsh;
But also true there’s beauty here
Of a hardy, durable kind.
The dry grass that’s so limp and brown
In time will green again you’ll find.
The trees may droop, but they live still
And each one has its occupants,
Whether birds, insects or mammals
They still have a part in life’s dance.
Late afternoons when sun is high,
The hottest part of the long day,
You will not see them, but they’re there.
They’re all carefully hid away.
Dig down into the arid earth,
I guarantee that you will see
It teems with life that’s just below
The surface seen by you and me.
It could be thought that nought is there,
Or could be you are mistaken,
You might find there is more to see
If a closer look is taken.

This photo belongs to a series that I’m currently putting into zine form. The series is from a trip I took with my father in November, 2010 to the top corner of the NSW desert. This was probably shot on the way to Tibooburra which was our main destination. In the week and bit long trip we did over 3000 kilometres and went to the corner of NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

I’m considering printing this zine along with ‘These Flowers are Shit’ and selling them together for $15 - $20, depending on printing costs. Could be cheaper. Shipped to wherever included.

Just wondering if anybody would be interested?