outback mountain


I have recently returned from two trips to the Nordland region of Norway, specifically Lofoten. This time of the year is influenced by the Midnight Sun or Midnattsol. The days don’t end with the sun never disappearing below the horizon. I always wondered what it would be like to fly around and film these mountains when I first visited this place and on this trip I finally got the opportunity to do so. Along with fellow drone pilot Alan Mathieson from Outback Drones I have put together a short compilation of some of the scenes we were able to capture using the incredible DJI Phantom 4. This is the fourth generation Phantom I have owned and the advances from my very first Phantom 1 are staggering. Terrain avoidance, return to home, point of interest, no fly zones, and other features make this the easiest and safest drone yet. It is also the easiest drone to travel with. It’s small form factor and light weight make it a dream to carry onto a plane and the batteries are small enough in power output to not alarm security offices at airports all over the world.

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Today is Australia Day. Australia is such an amazing country, from the outback, to the mountains, to the oceans and beaches, beneath the bright-lit cherry blue skies along the coastline and I am so blessed that by sheer luck I was born here.  A land of red dust plains and summer rains. This land of plenty, this land of hope. The richest harvest is in her peoples. I love this country, Happy Australia Day everyone.