11 million Americans-in-waiting, including 267,000+ LGBT people, need a road to citizenship.  For more info, visit www.out4citizenship.org


There are more than a quarter million immigrants in the United States today that are both LGBT and undocumented. These are some of their stories.

Sign the pledge to come #out4citizenship at out4citizenship.org


WATCH: Undocumented & Gay

There are over a quarter million undocumented LGBT people in the United States. Listen to some of their stories.


On Thursday, April 11, the Campus Progress interns will be holding a Twitter chat from 9-10pm. Join us!

At Campus Progress, we do everything we can to engage young people in progressive ideas to make the world a better place. We’re hosting a twitter chat to discuss big issues facing young people today, and highlight what the CP interns are currently working on:

- Student debt and refinancing student loans
- Women’s reproductive rights
- The current debate over gun laws
- Immigration
- LGBTQ issues
- Climate change
- Pop culture, etc.

Are you passionate about these issues? Curious what its like to work at one of America’s foremost think tanks? Then #AskCP during our twitter chat on Thursday night!