Its my bday 🎉 19 years old last year of being a teen. I’ve had a good day tho went out with my girlies for lunch and drinks, and now I’m chilling at my lads house and dining on pizza and cheesecake. Vv good day as I hate being fussed over and just wanted to chillll ✨ I’m truly an old woman #bday


so i went out to lunch w a couple of people i’d never met before today and this happened 

person 1: oh, you write fiction, too?

me: yeah, i’ve written a couple of terrible novels and some short stories

person 2: oh, do you post it online or anything? can i read it anywhere?

me: no (: it’s all hidden on my hard drive (: i have never published anything online (: i’m very shy about it (: 

person 2: you should definitely post stuff online!

me: yeah (: of course (: maybe someday (:

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Hc??? Phil punishing Dan w a vibe in public and turning him on in front of friends

-Dan won’t stop teasing Phil before they are going out for lunch with friends
-Phil spanks him then shoves a lubed vibrator up his ass
-Dan has to walk around all day with it up his ass as punishment for teasing
-Phil has the controller and will randomly turn it on at lunch Dan gets harder and harder watching Dan jump in surprise every time
-Dan finally silently comes in his pants because he vibrations were to much on his prostate
-Dan gets even more spanks on his already sore ass for coming without Phil saying he could
-Phil fucks him hard that night

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(part 1) okay so one time i went to this girls house who in college who i had known for maybe a couple of months and we along with another friend spent the night because we were going to a concert and her house was close. So the next day we planned to go out and grab lunch on our way back to campus but the girl told her dad that we'd stay for lunch. So we're forced to stay and the girl is like he's going to make our famous spaghetti. The dad runs out to the store to but the ingredients.

(part 2) so when the dad gets home he pulls out spaghetti noodles from the grocery bag (normal right, but wait). then he pulls 4 fucking family size ketchup bottles out of the bag and my friend and i make eye contact with looks of horror on our faces and the girls whose has that we’re at just smiles and is like “bet you guys can’t guess our secret family ingredient”. and my friend with a deadpan look is like “ketchup:”. my friend absolutely hated ketchup and is spoiled so she didn’t eat it. i am too polite to decline anything so i ate a bowl of spaghetti with ketchup for sauce and it was probably the worst meal of my life. 

as an extremely picker eater I can relate!

I want to give a shutout and thanks to @princessislosingweight for posting here food.


I had fallen asleep last night with out packing or tracking my lunch and had to do it this morning, and was short on time. Saw her post about taking a frozen meal for lunch, and it reminded me that I had one left in the freezer!

Saved me on time and from considering ordering food somewhere. LoL

So thank you!!

Today was a hard day.
I haven’t felt this bad emotionally and mentally in a long time.
I tried to turn it around by going out with a friend for lunch & then she came over to spend time with me - which was great. But I should’ve just stayed home & rescheduled. Roo didn’t take her late afternoon nap so by the time my friend left roo was cranky. Husband was on the phone with att… I heated up leftovers from last night & now it’s cold & untouched since I was trying to nurse roo but she wasn’t having it. So, I drew her a bath, lathered her in coconut oil. Let her play for a while & literally once I got her dressed & laid down next to her, she knocked out.

Im emotionally drained tonight.

This week is FINALLY over and I think I might’ve killed my Physics quiz and my parents are coming up to take me out to drinks/lunch tomorrow


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