Zena wakes up with some news for Zeton.  She just hopes that Zeton takes it well.

Zena: *grabs food out of the refrigerator*  Zee…your dad and I have been talking - *sits down to eat*

Zeton:  *interrupts* Mom…can you call me Toni instead?

Zena:  What? Why?

Zena wonders what brought about this change.

Zeton:  If we’re both called Zee…that can get a little confusing. 

Zena:  *Thinks about it* Uh…okay. Toni? Um, I guess so.  Anyway, like I was saying…your dad and I feel that it’s time for us to both move on.  Which means that we’re both going to start dating again…you know - as in other people.

the overhead light flickers, and you try not to scream. the light flickers, and she’s out on the street.

you shake and stand there with your hand on the light switch. she stares up at you through the window, an inky outline against the oil slick shine of the road. nothing ever looks real under the streetlights, you thought. not this late, not at this angle. too wet. too fake. she does not look fake. there is no shortage of lamps on your street, but the light doesn’t reach her. more than half of them are out. they weren’t out yesterday.

your fridge door is still open like you left it, spilling artificial light onto the kitchen floor, and you can see it blinking out of the corner of your eye. blink. blink. blink. the refrigerator struggling to stay lit. blink. blink. you, too, try very hard not to blink.

the overhead light flickers.

Title: How to Give In
Author: Gabby/me
Characters: Kwon Soonyoung & Lee Jihoon (SoonHoon)
Word Count: 1,815 words
Summary: A cycle put to an end. It was about time.
A/N: Emotional af. suddenly started writing it because i was in the tags and saw some angsty soonhoon.


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soumeguu replied to your post: wouldnt it be fucked up if the lunarians showed up…

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me, a gremlin, sitting on top of your refrigerator: the fact that phos’ head is now lapis’ has essentially guaranteed that lapis can never fully be able to be recreated, should lapis’ body be retrieved, and on top of the guilt of phos’ broken promise to cinnabar and the guilt that drives them to retrieve antarctite and ghost, they will have to shoulder the fact that they have a hand in effectively killing lapis lazuli as well - that is if they’re even able to remember what drives them. if not, then they’ll surely feel guilt and self-loathing over that, as well

you, beating me with a broom: wait until the new chapter comes out you goblin