An Italian ghost town is now home to the Hide-and-Seek World Championship. The village of Consonno, once known as the City of Toys, was abandoned after a 1976 landslide. Championship organizers loved its picturesque setup and ample hiding spots so much that they named it the new host of their event, which they hope to make an Olympic sport someday. Source


i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe


“I relate to Spencer a lot because I grew up in a very wealthy family around a very wealthy group of people. My high school was a private school where you went to an Ivy League. That’s just what was expected of you and nothing less. So I grew up never being okay with a ‘B’ because a ‘B’ was not good enough. And it wasn’t really my parents. My parents told me to ‘put down the books, go outside, you look like death.’ They were always very supportive of me. But I think it was the school I went to and the world I was born into. And, I think Spencer is kind of in that. She’s in this beautiful, golden cage where everybody just says ‘you have everything so you have no excuse to trip up.’”