The cashier at the Daiso today told me she “liked my aesthetic”. I was caught off guard because I was in IRL at the time. Macintosh Plus begins to play in my head but I shake it away. “What was that?” I asked, and she clarified: “I said your aesthetic is on point.”


Hey folks! I’ll be out of town from Monday to Thursday on a training course. Not sure how much drafting time I’ll have - but thank you all for being great! Even those of you I don’t have any drafts with! :D

anonymous asked:

i asked this before but in unsure if you got to it - but is there anything you can link me to as for bts interacting with kids pictures , videos , anything

no sorry it’s hard for me to find lots of stuff like that while i’m on vacation.. here’s a bunch from a previous ask

Anonymous said:You know I never believed it when bts said jimin was scary when he was angry but after watching the hello counsellor episode I can defiantly see why!! 😰😰 but he seems to be able to hold his angry very well? I have never really seen jimin angry, maybe that’s why I think the Mochi isn’t scary when mad

yeah he was very composed, it seems like he’s disappointed which is even worst imo :((

Anonymous said:Hi! Do you maybe know if there are pictures of taehyung in that blue/purple red striped suit? I think he’s wearing it in the epilogue vcr

i dont think there were any pics, just a tweet and the vcr and vcr making

Anonymous said:do you know where i can download the idol party episode from?

it’s in 2 parts on openload, links are in the description here

let’s try this.

hello friends, my name is lights - but you may know me as your resident space queen. my attention can always be lured with starbucks, frozen yogurt, and anything fluffy. on the downtime i spend most of my days making music behind a computer or either wasting away in front of my xbox where i like to practice my zombie slaying skills because i’m determined to survive the world’s nearest upcoming apocalypse. i’m also supermom to the world’s cutest little dino baby, rocket, and she keeps me on my toes. if you talk to me be careful because i’ll probably cry all over you about lord of the rings. okay, that’s it.

you can all reach me on hangouts at elfbydestiny so please get to it because i would love to get to know each and every single one of your darling faces.

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.