December had started, snow had started to fall.
While customers drove, to their nearest mall.

Looking for presents, so big and so vast.
Before they sold out, which happened so fast.

Children would open their gifts, on ol’ Christmas day.
But, not if this dragon, were to have his own way.

On an island at sea, a dragon so tall.
Was hatching a plot, to steal them all!

CHRISTMAS!” He roared. “The BEST time of year!”
“I’ve waited so long, now it’s finally here!”

“Those stupid humans, on their spending spree!”
“Soon all their gifts will belong to ME!”

“Going to sleep, and leaving them under a tree?”
“It’s like they’re just saying,’go take ‘em they’re free!’

“So just you wait all you kids, in time…”
“All your gifts and your presents, they all WILL BE MINE!!!

So the more I watch episode 9 the more I see Yuuri getting ready to quit men’s singles figure skating (all the references to being near the end of his career and whatnot). He asks Victor to be his coach until he retires because he plans on retiring at the end of this season. The reason he cries when Victor says he hopes Yuuri never retires is because Yuuri knows he can’t live up to that. He already has his mind set on quitting after this season. He really wants to win the gold because this is his last season. As someone with a similar blend of anxiety and depression I know one of the things that makes me cry immediately is knowing I can’t live up to a person’s expectations of me. Especially when I care deeply about that person. I might be reading too much into it but that’s what I see going through Yuuri’s mind at the end of episode 9…

Last page! Yes, we’re out of the shop already~ I must say, Flowey eating is something I like to draw <3

Next, the Inn!! Exciting~ I really want to draw that part~ *u*

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* Now, some people wanted Frisk to TALK with the Shopkeeper. 

They did! I just didn’t want to put a whole lot of dialogue in a few pages.  

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Stiles spent his whole life solving mysteries, now he became one.

ok so last night I decided I was finally gonna rewatch all of lazytown bc nostalgia and memes right? right but just ?????? sportacus????? is so extra??????? why is he like that

but also! the mayor told stephanie that there used to be a superhero that lived in an aircraft with the number 9 on his suit. but like sportacus??? he’s number 10. but clearly sportacus isn’t an immortal being and the mayor just forgetful, as robbie rotten is also old enough to remember this number 9 as he incredulously exclaims “there’s another one??” which begs the question what happened to number 9? why did he leave lazytown? what happened to the eight before either of them? was 9′s name also sportacus or did each of these heroes claim their own name?  is sportacus number 9′s clone? how has he survived alone in a blimp for so long?

what is sportacus hiding?