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what's happened with seungkwan?

It’s explained well right over here; the entire situation just doesn’t make sense to me. The response itself could be interpreted negatively but, that’s honestly such a stretch of a route to take. It’s not something that deserved the attention it got and the fact that it could affect Seungkwan and Seventeen negatively is annoying. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s feelings but it’s something that could be reasoned out of easily.


Tried to call her.
Inbound calls apparently end at 6, and she has to earn outbound calls after 6, which she didn’t do.
I cried.
I miss my daughter and I don’t understand why she isn’t participating to earn her call.

I miss her so much.
This is so fucking hard.

So much harder than the first time, as the real shit is coming out this time and it’s no easy to deal with.

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Favorite Mods ships??

RAVEN X ELESIS. Hands down best ship even though it’s a rarepair.  Oh, also Elboy x Ain and Raven x Ciel.  But Raven x Elesis takes the cake.


*Unrolls list of ships* You really want to hear them all? I’ll just say DMAP, Perkisas x Solace…..*Blathers on*


Ah… Secret :3c Though it’s kinda easy to figure out what I ship… I think~

- Lune

I live and breathe Ara/Add. a lot of it is bc they remind me of myself and sunshine.



*screaming Esper*

Main ships are addcest, but I like any ship with Add, like addxain


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I know I probably shouldn't, but I'm breaking my own rule and shipping the crap out of Lili/Cami. I can't help it, they make it too easy 😭

They really do make it way too easy don’t they

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Hello, I'm a fan of your account and it's a huge help, but, do you realize how public you are and how easy you can find out who you are? By simply searching "Ashley Halloween" into Google I've found out: Your name, which is Ashley De**k**, your birthday, Ju** 21, ***1, which links to your age, and that you attend Ma**ic* R****me* C**r**, and by that information, what state you live in and what your zip code is. I have no intention of using this info, just wanted to tell you how easily it's found

It is okay, it’s no worse than the info people give out on instagram or Facebook

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Why did they have to use WestAllen like that to prop up that toxic K*ramel ship....I feel sick after that...

they tried it but failed tbh. like it’s so easy to ignore them cause WA out shines them in every scene. 


1.) undocumented immigrants cannot vote, accusing 2 million plus who voted are undocumented immigrants has no basis or truths behind it.

2.) by making this ridiculous claim that will make liberals rebuke it, it then also makes the calls for auditing the vote and recount also appear as ridiculous and make democrats look like sore losers and hypocritical.

This is how Donald won and continues to win, everything he says his opponents are doing, he is doing himself.