anyway i’ve been trying to formulate this post for like two hours so i’m just going to say that i can actually understand how people “understand” mary because it is actually incredibly easy to separate people from their crimes, especially if you love and care about that person before they commit the crime. this is honestly a real life reflection; actual real life murderers, being, you know, people, do have families they love and care about and who love and care about them, and it’s often incredibly difficult for loved ones to reconcile the person they knew with the crimes they commit - even when the person pleads guilty or confesses, and occasionally even when the crimes are committed against them (this occurs practically routinely in dv cases, btw). casuals cared about mary before she shot sherlock, and it’s hard to reconcile their quirky mary character with murdering mary so they just sort of write murdering mary out, and then it’s easy for them to continue to care about her afterward, and many of them fall into the same trap that sherlock did, in thinking that she and sherlock are the same, that she’s just a “female version” of sherlock. so i get it! i really do. the difference is that in actual real life, it doesn’t really matter why you’re a murderer (unless there’s self defense, but it certainly doesn’t apply here). you still have to pay the price. there are still consequences. so no tbh “understanding” doesn’t really mean honestly, deeply understanding her or her motives. it’s a cursory understanding of the facts as presented that works in concert with the inability to reconcile, which favors the good and the happy interpretation, because that’s what we knew before and that’s what we go back to thinking. confirmation bias and all that. so it’s not actually that bizarre that casuals can continue to connect with mary and it is tbh a really interesting phenomenon because it does so directly reflect what happens in real life between people who have committed horrific crimes and their loved ones. 

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Alana is afraid as hell of heights. Once, she, Zoe, and Jared went to this indoors theme park-ish thing and there was this one place where you went higher and higher and it's this obstacle course thing. Zoe and Jared got out quick and easy, but Alana kept the five people behind her waiting for her to go and cross the side rock climbing but it was too high for her. A stranger even tried to help but she couldn't do it and they had to take her down.

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please post a work out playlist

Ooh this is an easy one! I have lottsss of playlists on spotify (RIP my $0.99 premium 3 month trial). 

Here are some of my favorite songs to hear during workouts:

  1. Hero by Family of the Year
  2. Still Breathing by Green Day
  3. Work by Rihanna 
  4. Hall of Fame by The Script
  5. First by Cold War Kids
  6. Now or Never by Outasight
  7. How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty
  8. Bridges by Broods
  9. Demons by Imagine Dragons
  10. The Greatest by Sia
  11. Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix by Tove Lo 

yoooooo @ the Portal tags

you know, I’d really enjoy it if we stopped acting like it needs to be Wheatley vs. GLaDOS 100% of the time always and forever

if everybody could just chill tf out and take it easy over the fictional robots that’d be great

lifehack: if you ever feel like articulating a nasty to “The Other Team”

then simply take a nap instead

it’s so much nicer and less of a hassle and better for your health and also less insulting to such a good game

Why did Yondu keep Quill? This kid was nothing to him, just a job. The job itself was likely profitable since Quill’s dad was quite powerful. So why did he skip out on an easy score to take on the responsibility of a young boy?

Remember Peter’s black eye? He’d been fighting with the other boys AGAIN and why? 

“They killed a little frog that ain’t done nothin’. Smushed it with a stick.”

Presumably Quill’s father specified that his son be delivered to him unscathed, but even if he hadn’t, Yondu wouldn’t risk the job over something he hadn’t done. Yondu must have asked Peter where the black eye came from and Peter explained how he fought other boys after they killed an innocent frog. Remember Yondu’s control console?

Any of those look ferocious? Intimidating? How about matching? Nope. All of those figurines are odds and ends he’s picked up all over the galaxy. And they are all “cute little buggers.” Whether he likes it or not, Yondu has a soft spot for the adorable and the odd. He collects them. 

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Happy news! Danica Roem defeated three opponents to become the first out trans candidate in U.S. history to win a contested primary for a state legislative seat. 


With so many negative headlines out there, it’s easy to feel like there are no victories for our community anymore. Please remember that there are still good news happening, fights we win, people who fight for your rights. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom