Okay, but something about the FFXV ending is bugging me. I’ve been thinking about the last scene where Noctis wipes out Ardyn, where the bros appear behind him, and I’m starting to think that they may not be dead.
When Ardyn sees them, he shakes his head as if he’s confused and hallucinating and then they’re gone and just Noctis stands there. If I am to explain his father standing there, I think it’s because Noctis asked Regis to “trust in him” before he died. I think it’s supposed to be more of a symbolic message, that Noctis isn’t alone, that he has support from both his friends and his father in the end. 

something that continues to bother me with people who post their opinions of the expanse is that they’re all comparing it to The Greatest Space Shows That Ever Existed Ever and finding it lacking

well a) no shit it’s a first season? you’re comparing it to shows that got to hit their stride and tell more of their story while we still have half an arc to complete. it’s not finished and people are already like “well it’s no BSG” come on of course not we’re only 10 episodes deep and 

b) it’s not gonna be BSG it’s not gonna be Firefly (which while I love it I still find kinda lacking in many other departments but whatever I get it) it’s THE EXPANSE that’s the point here. it’s it’s own thing. it’s a work that adds SPACE to some of our favorite genres (WESTERN! NOIR! HORROR!) and that’s how it stands out 

but if y’all are gonna expect it to be something else it will never succeed.

how to make a svt vapp in 10 easy steps

1. start out normally, explaining why svt is doing this vapp

2. have someone laugh at mingyu for one of the following:
    a) messing up his lines
    b) having an unfortunate voice crack
    c) being mingyu

3. skinship between two of the members that starts going from g to pg-13 

4. have one (1) of booseoksoon start yelling their lines 

5. have joshua and/or vernon shout ‘woot’, ‘yes’, ‘yeahhhhhhh man’, ‘wow’, or ‘yay’ every time a member stops talking

6. have all of them clap at least every three minutes

7. have at least one of them start singing for no reason

8. have at least one of them start moaning for no reason

9: have josh and vernon smile at each other in mutual memery

10. chaos

Lesson #7: Spoonie Witchcraft

Hi there! This short lesson will take you through a brief history of spoonie witchcraft and where it comes from and then will delve into practices that I particularly like to keep up as a spoonie witch. Please note that these are my experiences and things I’ve found helpful for myself - there is no right or wrong way to do anything! If you find you don’t like certain things, that’s completely okay.

Brief History of Spoonie Witchcraft

  • The term was coined from Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory - she explains how easy it is to become worn out by everyday activities when you have a chronic illness.
  • Spoons = energy level
  • There’s a pretty cohesive Wikipedia article on it, located here.
  • It’s different for every person - there are some days when I might have 12 spoons, sometimes I’ll only have 5. Every activity that I do requires spoons (energy), so I need to pick and choose which activities take priority and how I want to use my spoons.
  • There’s an interactive game here if you have trouble understanding! This game is also great to help explain to friends what it’s like to be in your situation.
  • Some people may think that this makes witchcraft a lot harder, but that’s not the case at all! There are so many ways that you can continue your craft, no matter what’s going on with you.

I’ll explain a few different ways that I personally like to continue with my craft, even if I’m low on spoons.

To start, on the days that I have more spoons than usual, I normally try and do bigger things so to speak. Whether it’s a more intensive cleansing of my space, a spell or ritual that requires a lot more energy and effort or a very intuitive and energy intensive tarot reading, I make sure to allocate some time if I can to do these things. Personally, I keep a Google Doc filled with links to more complex rituals or spells that I want to save for days like these - that way when I have more mental energy, I don’t waste it looking for new things.

Let’s move on to the days that happen more frequently - those days that I don’t have as many spoons as I’d ideally like. I have a few things that I like to do, just to help with my positive thinking and to help me not drown myself in negative thoughts.

  • Tea with intent - I’m sure you’ve heard it before but my personal favorite is to put an already charged crystal in the mug I’m going to use and leave it there overnight - that way I can make my tea without using a lot of spoons and just let it be.
  • Wearing charged crystals or stones as a necklace for the day
  • Wearing charms that have already been charged
  • I often find that I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water - it can help if you have water that’s charged with positive or healing energy, go ahead and drink that! You can do this with moonwater, charge your water with energy, different types of fruit, etc. I wouldn’t recommend drinking rainwater or stormwater for health reasons.
  • Carry salt packets with you: if you feel like you’re having a bad day, bad luck, if you want to quickly cleanse your aura, throw some salt over your shoulder while thinking of / saying your intent (I find it easier to say my intent when I’m low on spoons).
  • There are some days when I don’t have enough spoons to even clean my face, but if I do, that’s a really great way to do some cleansing magic. This goes for people who aren’t spoonie witches as well, cleaning your face often makes you feel great. It can be a good way to wash negative energy off of you.
  • Do some research / read: I’ve seen plenty of this on tumblr and I think it’s a great tip for all spoonies - if you’re not able to physically do anything but you have the mental spoons to read, that is a GREAT way to enhance your craft. There is so much to learn out there and you could even add a page in your grimoire or BOS if you learn something you like!
  • Coloring: this is just a mental health tip in general, but coloring can be very soothing for the soul. I’m someone that doesn’t have the energy to do this often, but when I do I never regret it. Can also be helpful for letting things go.
  • Sigil work: I like designing sigils because for me, it can be a super therapeutic process and doesn’t require a ton of mental energy, since I’m not charging them yet. Just figuring out what you want your sigil to look like can take a lot less energy than having to actually charge it (at least for me).
  • Meditation: Meditation is so great because even if you’re having other thoughts and feeling like you don’t have the mental energy to focus, you can still do it. Meditation allows you to have other thoughts, but just to let them pass you by or think them entirely through so you can move on. I just discovered a great app called Insight Timer, which does a lot of guided meditation - perfect for someone like me who needs a helping hand.
  • If there are days that I have some more spoons than usual and I want to cast a spell, but I’m not totally there in terms of feeling positive, I can use my negative energy to cast an “opposite effect” spell. That way I’m using my depression or my negative energy to make sure the spell I cast has an opposite effect. Use your judgement though, as sometimes it’s easier to make errors this way and your spell might have the opposite effect you intended.
  • I’m not currently on medication, but for those that are, don’t throw away your empty med bottles! If you remove the labels (or you can keep them on, whatever floats your boat), they can make great jars for storing herbs or other ingredients. Eucalyptus oil will help get the adhesive off, so then you can cleanse the bottles and voila! You’ve got a makeshift jar! You can charge these and store ingredients associated with healing in them if you associate your medication with healing - or you can obviously use it for anything else :)
  • Subsequently, you can also enchant your meds with success or draw sigils on the bottles.
  • Love plants but don’t have enough mental spoons to take care of ones in your house / plant a garden? There are two great apps for this that I love. The first one is Viridi, which lets you grow succulents on your phone. Now obviously you can’t take these plants and turn them into something tangible, but it’s a good way to stay connected and feel like you’re caring for something when you can’t do the real thing. I also love Plant Nanny, which has a double purpose - you can raise and grow tons of different plants by inputting how much water you’re drinking per day into the app. I’ve been using it for a few months and it really has helped me drink a lot more water and be mindful when I’m dehydrated, something that I feel like is easy to let happen when I’m in a bad depression or very anxious.
  • I really love tarot, but often I don’t have enough spoons to do an extremely comprehensive spread on my own. I like to do daily readings because it calms my anxiety, so I’ve actually found a few apps that I feel pretty connected with. The Tarot is a good app for taking general concepts (Work, Love, Financials, Family) and either doing a manual pulling of cards or having the app automatically pull cards for you. Tarot Daily is another one that I like and then finally Tarot Sampler is really good because it allows you to compose your own spread but also to let the app pull cards for you. All of these apps I definitely connect with, probably because a lot of my energy goes into my phone. It’s different for everyone, but I’m extremely connected to technology (I live in NYC and work in the tech world) so apps really identify with me.
  • Affirmations are amazing. I used to think they were bullshit, but seriously they are something you can just recite and after a while, their meanings take root in you.
  • Addings herbs for intent to your food! It’s sometimes hard to even make food, but you can definitely add herbs depending on what your intent is.
  • The reason I have a “my grimoire” tag on tumblr is because often I don’t have the spoons to work on my physical grimoire. It helps me keep track of everything that’s personal to me without having to do anything except hit “reblog” and tag.
  • BODY WASH IS GR9 IF YOU DON’T WANNA / CAN’T TAKE A BATH. The scents of body was are super important too!
  • With everything here, you always need intent. However, intent can come in many forms. I do a lot of things by repeating phrases if I cannot visualize energy, which is what I like to do when I have a lot of spoons. If it’s writing it on your phone, texting it to yourself, do it!
  • I text emoji spells to myself (tech thing again). To me, that casts the spell if it’s a spell for me. If it’s not for me, I’ll simply text the person the emoji spell.

I know sometimes I feel down about my craft because I often can’t do as much as what I want to, but this post always reminds differently.

Some great spoonie witchcraft blogs that I follow, feel free to add your favorites!

- Katie ( @a-capricorn-witch )

When manual pencil and papers aren’t around these are my best friends …

SketchBookX app is absolutely amazing! For about 7 months with this baby I could totally draw anytime, anywhere without a hassle (I could even use my finger when that 10 bucks pen isn’t around). And it’s FREE, which only adds more to its amazingness. 

(After photoshop, this is what the final piece looks like)

sovietsoldier1120  asked:

Rest, and by resting, I don’t mean reading all the books you possibly can while in bed, Pharmercy.

For the billionth time that day, Angela had to turn away from her workstation as her shoulders wracked with wet, ugly coughs. She didn’t have time to be sick, not when the entire crate of Soldier:76’s newest healing canisters were all malfunctioning and he needed at least 6 working ones by sunrise.

“What is wrong with you?” Angela mumbled to herself as she returned to work, examining the wiring with a frown.

Nothing seemed to be out of order, the circuits were all connected and the healing nanobots were working as intended, but they just wouldn’t deploy. The only way to get them to work now was by smashing the exterior casing, and considering that it was made to withstand even the impact of a direct grenade, it was no easy task.

Angela coughed again, nearly falling out of her chair with the force of it. She could barely sneak in a strangled gasp before she was coughing again, her lungs aching.


The sudden call of her name was all it took to send her sprawling out of her chair with a startled yelp, “F-Fareeha!”

Said woman looked torn between worry and amusement as she strode over to Angela, hands on her hips and a frown on her lips.

“You’re sick,” she said, her tone making it clear that it was more of a statement than a question.

Brushing it off, Angela struggled to her feet, “It’s not that bad, Fare-”

She was interrupted by another intense bout of coughing, so bad that she had to bend over and lean against her desk for support. Fareeha frowned, definitely unconvinced, as she rubbed gentle circles into her girlfriend’s back.

“You need to rest,” she said, cutting off Angela’s indignant protest, “I will sling you over my shoulder if that is what it takes.”

Angela huffed, regretting it immediately as it triggered more coughing. She had experienced the indignity of being carried like a sack of potatoes by an Amari before, years ago, and it wasn’t one that she would like repeated. Hana and Lena would never let her hear the end of it.

She wasn’t getting anywhere with her poking and prodding, anyway, and she had a few dozen nanobiological textbooks and research papers in a drawer by her bed. Maybe one of them would provide her the answers she needed…

“Alright,” she conceded, “I’ll rest.”

“Rest,” Fareeha repeated, and the look in her eyes told Angela that she had read her mind. “And by resting, I don’t mean reading all the books you possibly can while in bed.”

She pouted, “Fine.”

hi y’all!

i’ve finally (after like…a year) updated my fic list! da au, hyung au, and the love hotel/host club au are all added there for easy access.

also, out of curiosity: i’m currently considering cross-posting to different websites now that i near exclusively write long fic, since tumblr is kind of shitty for posting/reading that kind of format and comments are easier on other sites. if i were to crosspost, would livejournal or ao3 be better?

I’m not sure what else there is to be said about the Beyonder’s relationship with Dazzler, considering he already tried to woo her, got rejected, and then accidentally killed her, but I guess we’re going to find out! I’ve never read an issue of Dazzler. It’s so easy to forget she had her own series before she even joined the X-Men. At least she looks familiar here. Gone is the disco suit and roller skates, replaced with the blue costume she will be wearing when she eventually joins the team (and subsequently when she’s in the X-Men arcade game). (Dazzler #40 – Nov 1985 – Secret Wars II Tie In)

Homecheck- Micah and Ano

Ano never needed much when it came to looking into people. A first and preferably last name was all that he really needed to really find things out about them. And did Ano find out things about him. It was rather easy getting all of the information he needed and then some, making ANo wonder if any of the men in the tower even did background checks on themselves to properly protect themselves. Amateurs…

Ano knocked on the door, the wall of an associate looking down at the other when it was finally opened. Ano flashed his best smile at the other. “Hello Micah! I dont believe we have had the opportunity in meeting.” Ano offered a large hand. “Ano Kamea.”


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Tae posted the anon tweets. I don't get why everyone is so confused every bday. He's always the only one who never signs off his tweets.

People are confused because Namjoon and Jimin did not post either (or just didn’t sign off). If only one of the members didn’t post with their name, it would be easy to figure out, but this time there are multiple members who possibly did not post or didn’t sign off.
- Kylie

I haven’t posted much about the post-surgery life. 

I’m still wrestling with my demons, still feeling that I cheated and took an easy way out (I’ve had no complications, perfectly smooth sailing, no trouble whatsoever, I haven’t vomited once or been nauseous more than a handful of times), that I am so lazy and lacking in fortitude and willpower that I had to have major surgery to lose weight. I know, logically, this isn’t the case. I have chronic pain on top of fibromyalgia. I could manage to lose 30-40 pounds, keep it off for a few months, and gain it all back. This is an intervention I needed and needed desperately because chronic pain made me sedentary, and attempting to stick to a heavily restricted diet made me miserable. I couldn’t do it for very long. I was hungry constantly.

I’ve lost 56 pounds since surgery 2 months ago. I’m down a bra band size, a shirt size, a jeans size, a dress size. Probably underwear, too - those are getting baggy. My shoes are getting big. 

I can eat most things again, but my doctor restricts all starches and carbohydrates other than from dairy, fruit and non-starchy veg until six months post-op. You would not believe how much I miss popcorn! He believes every person who gets this surgery is a food addict and will remain a food addict until they die. I’m not sure I believe that. I’m not sure whether that’s denial talking or not. I like food. Now I have to like it in moderation, which is fine with me. I know that my stomach is very small and eating too much will make me sick, and I hate puking more than I love carbs. I barely have room for fruit and veggies once I finish piling in all the protein!

I do need to go the gym more. Or swim, if they ever open up our pool again. 

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Do you have a favorite female jojo character?

Uhmmmm… I’m terrible at picking one favourite in most things so it’s hard to give you just one name… I will leave Stone Ocean out of this answer cause it would be easy to pick characters from it since this part is so heavily focused on female characters making them a lot more developed than ones in other parts.

So I’d say, in no particular order, Lisa Lisa, Trish Una, Tomoko Higashikata and an honourable mention to Poco’s sister in Phantom Blood cause damn, she was scared of Dio but still didn’t take his shit and even slapped him for good measure. Nice.

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has the budget for goblin's production been released how is this drama getting such good cinematography!!!!!! editing!!!!! i'm so excited it feels like i'm watching a movie broken down into 20 parts

Studio Dragon never fails to deliver epic cinematography when they need it, that makes tvn dramas quite easy to fall for. Out of their recent works, my eyes were especially blessed by Another Oh Hae-young and Dear My Friends. Those dramas were such eye candies in all senses. There’s no doubt Goblin has huge budget though, since it’s Kim Eun-sook’s drama. 

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I doubt this is a compliment you'll get often, so here- Your panels are well laid out and easy to read.

aaaa thank you, anon! That’s not a compliment I get often, and it’s always relieving to hear - I’d hate for the flow of the comic to be hard to follow.

Have a good one! : D

How To Make Survival Feminine Pads

How To Make Survival Feminine Pads

External image

Disposable feminine products may be convenient, but what would you do in the event that SHTF or you simply couldn’t buy them?  Learning to make your own is not only an exercise in self-sufficiency, it’s frugal and far less wasteful than the disposable products.  Grace Garden and Homestead has a great, simple tutorial on making cloth feminine pads using mostly re-purposed cloth.  Old baby blankets and pieces of fleece work great and a waterproof material for the liner can be found at any fabric store or re-purposed if necessary.

The design is really simple, and you can get creative with the fabric or fasteners if you like.  I found the most helpful tip was to make them in a variety of absorbance levels.  That way, you have your liners, your heavy day pads and everything in between.  The sewing pattern is easy, and you can even print it out for easy and consistent fabric cutting.

How To Make Survival Feminine Pads

How To Make Survival Feminine Pads was originally published on SHTF & Prepping Central


Today in d&d: quite a lot happened

Starting from where we left off last time, Taba manages to de-escalate the tension between the group and the two huge guards they just burst in on, only for Aiya to “take advantage of her distraction” as soon as they put their weapons away to attack them in bear form.  

Taba tries out the “bottled curse” she bought from the magic shop, getting a crit on her roll to throw it at one of the ogrillon, and learns that it really does unleash a curse when the glass breaks. In this case, “SHIT!!!”.

After defeating the pair, Seth puts an ear to the doorway into the next room and hears many kobolds bustling around (making enough noise that they couldn’t hear any sounds of combat). Taba decides that there’s an easy way out of this and kicks the door down, covered in blood, with a maimed guard on the floor behind her. In the middle of kobold dinner time. The poor little guys flee the canteen en masse through a hole in the wall (though perhaps to return later…).  

In the next room they find some jail cells (and some kobold guards, that they also manage to intimidate into standing down), and finally rescue their kidnapped friend! The problem is, he doesn’t have any more idea about why he was taken than they do. The kobold’s boss was going to interview him, but is apparently still busy in the nearby caverns. 

The gang beat a hasty retreat to avoid the return of the kobolds, or their boss, although they pause on the way to frame the guards by dousing them in booze and sticking one’s axe in the other’s wounds (an odd decision, given that they already claimed to a whole crowd that they were responsible) and flee back towards the rat tunnels in the hopes of finding their way out (via the basement of a wizard who said she’d help them out). 

They stumble into a man-shaped abomination formed of hundreds of rats constantly crawling over each other, which immediately tries to attack them. It corners them against a wooden barricade, at which point Taba remembers that she has a bag that summons magic animals… and rolls the number for the biggest and strongest animal she could possibly have summoned. 

The most majestic and beautiful of giant elks promptly crushes the tangle of rats in the core with a noble hoof (revealing a potential connection to the obelisk they destroyed in the forest), smashes the wooden barricade behind them, and carries them onwards, hopefully towards their exit. They also find some notes, presumably written by those responsible for creating the horrible creature in the first place, but exactly what they entail isn’t necessarily clear…

oh also I drew a chef hat on a kobold but they never went in the kitchen .(