10 things I learned in 12 months of rowing

1. Never forget the fundamentals: Put the blade in. Pull. Get the blade out. That’s all it takes and it’s easy to over complicate things, so make sure you’re doing the basics better than anyone else before you think about the extras.

 2. Have confidence in your ability: Success requires belief, if you don’t think you can win then you never will. If you’re in a boat then your coach knows you’re good enough, if you’re not in a boat find out what it takes to get there.

3. Take no shortcuts: Rowing is a sport unlike most in that 99% of the result is down to the work you put in on a daily basis. During those sessions when you’re tired and cold and lacking motivation ask yourself if your competitors would be up this early, training this hard. If the answer is no then you’re doing something right.

4. It will be unpleasant: Suck it up. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I don’t need a speed coach to tell me I’m going Pretty Fucking Hard right now, and it’s not important whether I’m pulling 300 or 310 watts, it hurts all the same.

5. Never lose sight of the bigger picture: It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day monotony of training when summer seems so far away and you’re not seeing any improvements. Just think back 6 months and see how far you’ve come, and look forward 6 months to remind yourself of the goal and why you do this. However…

6. Focus on the small things: Anyone can get up at 5am and do 15k before lectures. Anyone can stay up and do another 15k while everyone else has gone to the bar. But it’s the little things- nutrition, stretching, recovery- which will make the difference between everyone else and you. You have 240 strokes in a race- if you can make each one half a percent better, you’ll come out on top.

7. Control the controllables: You don’t know how fast your teammates will be in a seat race. You don’t know other crews’ race plan on the start line. The only thing you can control is how fast you go and how deep you’re willing to push yourself, so don’t stress about what others are doing.

8.  Appreciate how fortunate you are: Take the time to take in your surroundings occasionally, the fact you get to see a stunning sunrise every morning, the fact you’re able to spend your time doing something so worthwhile with your best friends. Be thankful for the people around you; your family, your friends, say thank you to your coach after every session, they don’t have to be there.

9. Don’t half ass it: If you don’t really love it, the competition is too fierce and the standard is too high and the demands too tough to continue on that path. Once it becomes a chore, it’s over. Have fun, do it with passion, but if it feels like a chore at 17 you’ll never make it.

10. Never stop learning: Soak up every drop of knowledge you can, filter the crap and keep the gold. Ask questions, ask your coach why you’re doing a drill, ask your friends what they had for breakfast, ask senior rowers what they did to get in the top boat. Google is your friend: read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch what the best in the world are doing and compare them to your own performance.

Mozu’s had astoundingly bad luck with levels so far (she’s gained Strength 3 times in 16 levels, with a 70% growth rate) so I was considering benching or at least deprioritizing her, but then I realized that since her speed is so damn high, she can just ignore the Speed penalty on Effie’s Lance and do massive damage to everything

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do you think Bruce is ever taken aback by just how SMALL Damian is? Like "oh no he's so tiny. Why is he out here, fighting crime?" Or he realizes that it's really easy to pick up Damian even though Bruce lifts people all the time as Batman but he's still kind of amazed like "Look at me holding this little human I made" and Damian is just glaring daggers like "PUT ME DOWN FATHER"

“Little human that I made” 😅😂


Finally, a bio for my Xenoblade X Cross Sunel~ (I think photosets look terrible on my blog so please click on the images ;A;)

Basic data:

Sunel || 24 || Curators || Galactic Knight

Weapons: Uses a photon saber (blue), psycho launchers (blue led ones), Ares 90 (BLACKTAR X)/ Lailah (BLACK TAR)

Appearance: Dark pink (maroon?) hair, silver eyes, has freckles. As tall as Phog.

Personality: confident, responsible but not really the serious guy, curious, chill/easy going, tolerant.

Likes: Primordia, hanging out with Phog, meeting the xenos, saying WOOHOO HIT’EM WHERE IT HURTS, music, friendship.

Dislikes: injustice, when he/a teammate triggers an enemy by mistake, Murderess, Mia.

Under the cut: more info about Sunel’s personality, how he woke up and his relationship with Phog… and you’ll also find out that he wants to create an alien band lmao (cause NLA’s hatsune miku is not enough)

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I Was Made For Loving You

Previous Parts: 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12


Summary: Your tried to visit Bambam back at the dorms but however you had bad timing to go talk to him. Eventually enough was enough and you couldn’t help the thought of Bambam even being mad at you. You push all your pride to the side and without thinking twice, you texted Bambam hoping he would reply. Surprisingly he did but he didn't make the conversation go easy. But eventually after talking everything out… You had your friend back. Yes he did have a crush on you but not having Bambam in your life was something you wouldn’t like.. You had your soulmate who was finally you boyfriend and now you had your good friend Bambam.

THE END (Sorry I’m terrible with endings)


Fic Update: Blame It On The Poptarts Chapter Five

Thanks for the response to the fic so far. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Hope you all enjoy :)

TW for references to miscarriage.

It’s a good thing that she picked a house with durable hard-wood floors, Regina decides as she paces half the morning away, because she’s certain that had she gone with the carpet there’d no doubt be a hole worn through it by now. She sighs, running her hands through her hair as she tries to tell herself that everything will be alright.

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Okay with all of these asks with possible fic ideas I've been trying to make an attempt at actually writing something because grammar is my fucking bitch, plus I always have weird ideas that I would LOVE to read about and I can never find fics for. TURNS OUT it's not that easy. Apparently, what I want to write (politic stuffs, amazing character interactions, believable dialogue, etc) is pretty hard to set up well and it's hard to remember everything you need to??? I have so much more respect ...

for fanfic authors, and authors in general, who write That Good Shit™ because jfc the PLANNING. I’m undecided whether or not I should just give up because I’m too lazy or power through and possibly put something out there that isn’t up to my own standards. uhgnevjc

This is painfully true. Connecting threads is something I’m fairly decent at and it’s still such a goddamn pain. Politics can be fun, but they are definitely a headache and a half when more than two people are involved. 

Still. The only way to get better at anything ever is to practice, so I say go for it! Even if you’re not happy with the results this time around, the next one will be better. ^-^

Since no one asked

No one sent an ask yet and I have a need for angst right now soooooo WHO WANTS MOTHERFUCKIN HEAD CANONS WHERE S/O GETS GETS HURT SAVING THEIR PALADINS BUTTS!? CUZ I FUDGING DO! 


 - You two were on a galra ship again, trying to get some raw quintessence to see if you could somehow use it to find out how to neutralize galra tech (since it all practically ran on this stuff) 

- The other paladins were outside distracting the galra ship’s army. It was suppose to be an easy ‘in n out’ mission except….. the galra increased security since the last time shiro was there (saving allura) 

- It was an ambush. The first soldier aimed from him but you lunged in front and took blast yourself 

- For shiro, the time slowed 

- He could smell the your flesh sizzling from the heat before your body hits the ground 

- You whimper and his heart drops 


 - Poor space dad has tears streaming down his face as he attacked anyone that DARED to go near you. 

- He picks you up with his human arm and slashes a pathway through the galra security army with the other 

- He HAS to get you into the healing pod. He won’t forgive himself if he doesn’t… 

- he was frantic and running on pure instincts and adrenaline 

- They YANK you from his arms and before he could even react, another tackles him 

- He’s screaming and yelling at them to leave you alone. He can see the fear in your eyes as they drag you away and all he can do is watch 


- Keith is training himself too hard again

 - they had trouble forming volton in their last mission and Keith felt it was his fault (refuses to tell you why)

 - You tired to get him to take a break but he won’t have it


 - NOR BATHED (this stinky precious cinnamon roll) 

- You of people know that this boy is cute but stubborn as hell.

 - You begin to worry about him so you watch him train 

- He decides that’s it’ll be a great idea to fight not one battle simulator robot but SEVEN

 - This is where you hop in. (You can’t let him fight seven alone)

 - He was annoyed at first but after seeing how good you two fought together made him happy


- “Keith! You need a break!”

 - Pretty much pretends he doesn’t hear you 

- The thing about not sleeping for days, it causes fatigue, hallucinations and slows the mind. 

- Keith was doing fairly decently as he fought but then he felt his legs buckle under him

 - You grabbed him from neck of his shirt and flung him away from the last standing battle robot 

- You lost your balance and fell on top of the robot though and had some sort of spear head weapon pierce you between your hip and waist 

- Kieth right: fuck fuck fuck fUCK 



- Irony is a bitch 

- Turns off battle simulator and pretty much sonic sprints to the infirmary whiling carrying you in his arms. 

- He feels your blood seeping through his shirt by the way 

- The whole time he’s saying sorry with a cringing expression on his face and has a hard time looking at you without tears threatening to spill from his eyes 


- This man is kicking SERIOUS GALRA BUTT right now!

 - Him and his lion are more in sync and it shows

 - But has anyone told this boy not to get too cocky?

 - He’s showing off, bending the plan just a LITTLE bit 

- 30% trying to impress you, 70% trying to piss Keith off with his mad piloting skills

- But remember that the galra had a tractor beam?

 - Lance got caught while all the other paladins had to fight against other galra mini ships 

- You saved your boyfriend by FUCKING HEADBUTTING THE TRACTOR BEAM STATION (much like hunk did before)

 - There is a reason why you and lance are perfect for each other 

- Only, your pilot ship isn’t as resistant against blunt hit as hunk’s lion was so it take more than a few hits to make any real damage 



 - But you don’t until both your ship and the tractor beam station are unusable

 - That means oxygen is leaking from the pilot’s space and it’s getting awfully cold for you.

 - What’s gonna kill you first? Lack of oxygen or space version of extreme frost bite?

 - That’s when the glorious blue lion ate your ship and got you out of space’s harsh environment 


 - He takes you to allura as fast as he could (the paladins had to retreat) 

- After that lance doesn’t talk to anyone when you’re in the pod. He doesn’t sleep or eat and feels really shitty overall 


- IF you healed just fine, you will receive a shit load of bear hugs and lance can not stop talking in incomplete Spanish sentences. Most of it is yelling at you to not do that ever again 


- “S/O!!!” He screamed as you felt a knife slash down your torso 

- You two were taking a walk and a supposedly peaceful planet while the allura and coran tended to ship repairs 

- It felt like your guy’s first official date (since it’s really hard finding time and location that are date worthy when you’re in the middle of a galactic war) 

- He was so happy. It felt amazing to hold your hand like this, feel you by his side as you two pretty much enjoying each other’s company while window shopping through an alien market 

- You were laughing at Hunk’s hypothesis of what that space goo you guys eat is really made off (remember that episode from futuruma where they found out what Slurm was made of?) 

Originally posted by fynewnewyork

- however, laughter is caught short when you saw sketchy alien getting ready slash hunk from behind 

- “Hunk look out!” 

- He got out of the way (thank goodness) but that meant the knife meant for him, was directed at you

 - You fell backwards into Hunk’s arms and he panics when he saw just how fast you were bleeding out

 - Hunk had no time to worry about the alien that struck you HE HAS TO TAKE YOU TO THE HEALING PODS 

- you should see that boy run 

- Hunk is a gentle soul but holy shit when his S/o is hurt like this, he’s one scary dude.

 - Hunk’s silent rage is scarier than any galra army 

- Blames himself and kinda wished he hadn’t moved out of the way. At least it wouldn’t be YOU in healing pod 

- The paladins have to stop him from leaving the ship, in fear of what he might do when he’s like this 

- Pidge hid all potentially dangerous objects from hunk 


- first of all, HOW DARE YOU 


- WHY 

- You were with pidge in the control room of a galra ship, trying to take it over and pretty much succeeding.

 - Everything was going as planned until you pushed pidge away from the panel 

- She was was ready to yell at you but before she could, a galra soldier (the one you two thought you had knocked out) used one of his laser gun to shoot the controls panels and fried them. But you, being between him and the target, was caught in the crossfire. 

- pidge was so in shock, she felt like she’s in a nightmare as she watched your body slam against the control panels, smearing it with your blood as you slide down to the floor 

- When the other paladins made their way to the control room. They found the bodies of unconscious galra men (alive) but one electrocuted to the point where their skin was peeling from their flesh. And then there was pidge. She sobbed open mouth wails as she tried to stop the bleeding 

- “Don’t close your eyes, I’m getting you to the heal pod soon just.. don’t… S/O!!” - Don’t leave this child. I drag your ass from the afterlife for pidge.

 Ah~ that fulfills my thirst for angst… for now at least~

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I'm the anon. who asked about her parents/moving. First of all - thank you ! - and yes, could you please help me?


Since I didn’t answer you in a timely manner, I went and made something a little more useful than just giving you links. Here’s a tutorial I made just for you! Anyone else who needs a quick and easy sigil making method can try this out as well!!

when I started to figure out my sexuality I identified as pan just because it was the easy way out for me and when I realized I was a lesbian I was in denial because I didn’t want to be That lesbian and I didn’t want to be that stereotypical lesbian feminist gamer type and now that I think I might not be cis I’ve realized I’ve been rejecting that idea for a very long time because it’s all just so Complicated.

Register to Vote, Get your Absentee Ballot

I know I’m registered to vote, but I still just double checked (making sure nothing lapsed or whatever).

It’s REAL easy to find out if you’re registered to vote.

Google helps right here.

Doesn’t hurt to check.

And, if you’re not registered to vote, fix that here!

Or, if you haven’t signed up for your absentee ballot, get that sorted now! There’s NO reason this has to be hard, there’s no reason you have to go to polls (or outside) on election day. Just vote by mail! It’s SUPER easy!


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Little Update

Posts have been a little slow recently, I just wanted to fill everyone in as to why.

First of all, I had something to take care of this past week that is now nearly all taken care of. Woo.

BUT besides that, a few of you have requested some of the girls in their Cinderella / Across the Stars outfits. Because all of the girls wear these outfits, it’s not as easy as digging out SSR models. There are multiple models and textures that correspond to different body sizes, meaning I need to do a little extra research to figure out which body each girl uses.

Because of this, Kimi and I have been spending most of our time creating a spreadsheet to make things easier in the future. I’ve also been setting everything up before-hand, and while the Cinderella dresses are done I haven’t gotten to the Across the Stars outfits. Now that I know what I’m doing though, it shouldn’t be long.

SO, because things are behind I’m going to quickly layout the plan for the upcoming posts.
We tend to post SSRs as they’re released but we, unfortunately, missed the Cinfest girls. Instead, the next two posts will be Mayu and Syoko’s new SSRs and following those will be the Cinfest girls we missed. After that, I’m FINALLY going to post the Cinderella / Across the Star girls I haven’t been able to post until now. The que will resume from there! New SSRs will be posted as they’re released.

That about wraps it up. If anyone has any suggestions or requests or anything don’t be shy! 

Good luck with the event~⭐


Ross: I didn’t get a cat!
Rachel: Oh…that’s interesting.
Ross: No, it’s not ‘interesting’! It’s very not interesting! It’s 100% the opposite of interesting!
Rachel: Okay, I got it Ross!
Ross: You had no right to tell me you ever had feelings for me!
Rachel: What?
Ross: I was doing great with Julie before I found out about you!
Rachel: I was doing great before I found out about you! Do you think it’s easy for me to see you with Julie?!
Ross: You should have said something before I met her!
Rachel: I didn’t know then! And how come you never said anything to me?!
Ross: There was never a good time!
Rachel: Oh, you only had a year! We only hung out every night!
Ross: Not…every night! And it’s not like I didn’t try, but things got in the way! Like Italian guys, or ex-fiancees, or…Italian guys!
Rachel: There was one Italian guy! Do you have a point?!
Ross: The point is, I don’t need this right now! It’s too late! I’m with somebody else! I’m happy! This ship has sailed!
Rachel: So are you just going to put away feelings or whatever the hell it was you felt for me?!
Ross: I’ve been doing it since the 9th Grade, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it!
Rachel: Okay, you go ahead and do that, Ross! I don’t need your stupid ship! [Ross leaves, and she walks up to the door to shut it] And you know what? Now I’ve got closure!!
—  F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Ross Geller and Rachel Green - 02x07 The One Where Ross Finds Out