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RFA son/daughter's personality with MC


  • his child would be the sweetest little thing
  • they’d be those children with the toddler handheld videogame things
  • ofc he doesn’t want to make them too addicted so the child’s games are things like
  • “mario’s learning adventure”
  • this child will help everyone out
  • they also cry a little bit too easy but that doesn’t mean they back away 


  • her child would be very respectful
  • they’d be that toddler that calls everyone “ma’am” and “mister” because they’re too shy to ask people their name
  • also very organized
  • also this child loves talking so once you get close to them and they trust you they’ll talk your ear off


  • his child is a very fiery and energetic child
  • they’d love playing house at kindergarden because they can take up the role of any member of the house so well
  • also the kind of child who goes to talk to the lonely children and drags them to play with everyone so they feel includded


  • not saying his child would be pampered to high heaven but they would
  • to compensate this Jumin makes sure the child learns to stay humble (MC actually is in charge of this bc Jumin is Not Very Humble)
  • so they’re the rich kid that has a heart of gold
  • that child that sits down next to children who look sad and just listens to them
  • also they’d love cats so much they would wear cat-ear headbands everyday 


  • Seven went out of his way to be The Best Parent Ever To Exist so this child is an extremely happy child
  • they’re always cheerfull and laughing
  • also this child tells the worst jokes and puns ever because they learnt them from their dad
  • the child is also a very creative child and loves to play with legos (and will probably get into mechanics when older and 707 will be thrilled to teach them about robot making)

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what do you do if you know someone deserves better but you can't let them go? I guess I already know the answer , you should let them go huh?

I think that that is an easy way to get out of taking responsibility for your actions. If you know someone deserves better and you can see what behaviors you have that hurt them–you should work on being better for them.

I’ve had moments where I’ve felt like the people I love deserved better than what I had to offer and I’ve definitely felt like I needed to just leave. But that’s not really fair to the people who love us. Especially the people who recognize our poor behaviors and love us through them.

Take the initiative to break down the things you do that harm others, make a plan for healthy ways to act instead, and then execute it and be the form of better you know you should be.

Best of luck in all of your adventures.

Waiting game

Characters: Dean, Sam, reader

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: arguing, fluff

Word count: 1775

Summary: when you want to start a family and give up the hunter life, you’re not sure you’re ready to ask Dean to give up hunting for you so you can start a family together.

A/N: this didn’t go how I expected it to and I’ve never written anything like this before so I hope it’s okay

You loved Dean with your whole heart, but things between you were always hard. You both grew up as hunters, being brought up in the life affected you both differently. Dean decided to make it his profession, you however decided that the hunter life was not for you. Your parents died when you were 16, and you decided enough was enough, you decided to give up hunting. Of course, getting out of the life is never easy, you have monsters coming at you left, right and centre. Sometimes you find cases, and instead of calling some other hunters to get them in on the job, you would just take care of it yourself. On one hunt, you met the love of your life, Dean Winchester.

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Two Odd Princes ~A Solangelo AU~ Chapter 14

(Previous chapters)

Chapter 14

Nico lay asleep on a bed in the safe room. There was a mini hospital wing where a professional doctor was attending to him. Though, when the doctor checked it out, he congratulated Will on his work; if it weren’t for him, Nico might have been in really bad shape.

Bianca and Hazel stayed by Nico’s bedside until Persephone told them to go to bed. On her way out, she took a long, sad look at Nico, wishing he hadn’t been hurt.

“Is papa going to see Nico?” Hazel asked Bianca instead of trying to sleep.

Bianca reached out, grabbing her hand. The beds were close, making it easy to touch Hazel’s small hand. “I hope so. Now, get some sleep, okay?”

“Okay,” Hazel whispered faintly, closing her eyes.

Bianca lay on her back, wondering the same thing as Hazel had been. Would their father show any sympathy to Nico? He was, after all, his son even if they didn’t always get along. She had her doubts, but she knew in the end her father would see him. He had to.


It was an early hour of the morning. All the people in the safe room were asleep. Well, everyone but King Hades. He had been up the whole time, giving out orders to everyone. He also had to contact Will’s parents to ensure their son was safe and to notify them who the assassin was. Needless to say, when the king and queen of the Sun Kingdom found out that the assassin was Octavian they felt shocked and betrayed.

Hades looked down at his watch, seeing the time was four in the morning. He let out a tired sigh, rubbing his face. He then reached for his coffee, gulping down the last few sips. Afterward, he stood up, leaving the small office.

Once Hades was out the room, he checked around, making sure everyone was asleep. After he was completely sure, he silently opened the door to the small infirmary where his son rested. No one else was in there and the other beds were unoccupied.

Hades, taking a good look at Nico, approached his bed. He could see Nico shivering slightly under his blankets and his left arm was in a cast, try to prevent him from moving his shoulder too much. Hades crossed the room to a closet in the back, pulling out a white blanket and put it over Nico’s sleeping body. He checked, making sure he was warm, then stood next to the bed.

The king reached out and gently held Nico’s right hand and pushed the hair out of his face.

Nico awoke the second he felt someone touching him, fearing it was Octavian, though the touch was a caring one, meaning to bring no harm to him. As the person had his hand, he couldn’t help but feel as though he’d felt someone hold him like this before. The rough, warm calloused hands felt familiar. He thought of all the possible people it could be, but only one stood out.

It was his father standing there, and, as hard as it for Nico to believe, he cared.

Nico kept his eyes closed; waiting till the person wasn’t looking before coming to a conclusion. He didn’t want to assume it was his father and get his hopes up. He doubted his father would care if he was hurt.

The person bent down, kissing his forehead. It was another moment before he felt the hand over him give him a gentle squeeze and they began to walk away.

Nico opened his eyes, seeing that was indeed his father. His back was turned to him and he didn’t look behind him as he shut the door. Without realizing it, tears had begun to fall from his eyes and there was nothing he could do to stop them.


The following morning, Bianca went to see Nico as soon as she awoke. When she arrived at the infirmary, she saw her brother sitting up on the bed, staring blankly at the wall. He looked at the door when he heard Bianca come in.

“Hey, Nico,” she said, coming to sit in the chair beside his bed. “How did you sleep?”

“Fine,” he answered, though that was a lie. He hadn’t gone back asleep since his father came in. He was afraid if he fell asleep that it would have been a dream. “What’s dad going to do about the assassin thing?”

Bianca mentally braced herself for Nico’s reaction. “Proceed as planned. I’ll be leaving in three days to go with Will instead of today and he’s upping security again.” Nico gestured for her to go on, but that was all.


“And that’s it. Nothing else.”

Nico grew anger, knowing his father could do more. “What about Hazel? What about everyone else?”

Bianca shrugged.“ Most the guest already left.”

“But it’s not even ten.”

She shrugged again, having nothing else to say. Nico, now furious, leaped off his bed and walked out the door. Bianca followed, asking where he was going.

“Where do you think? I’m going to speak to dad.”

Before Bianca could stop him, Nico opened the door to his dad’s office. The king was sitting behind his desk, speaking to his adviser, Thanatos. They were in the middle of a discussion when the door slammed open, Nico walking in. Seconds later Bianca entered, as well as Will when he heard the noise.

“What’s going on?” Will asked Bianca, shutting the door. Before she could answer, Nico started his rant.

“So that’s all you’re going to do? Do the same stupid thing as last time? Cause if you haven’t noticed, it didn’t work out too well. And what about Hazel? Are you just going to get her a bunch of bodyguards? The guards that are here at the palace suck!”

Nico continued on for a few more minutes. Hades tried to interrupt a few times, but he was constantly cut off.

“Enough!” the king shouted, slamming his hand on the desk. Nico silenced himself, a little scared. The last time he had heard his father raise his voice like that was when he came out. “There’s nothing else I can do, so I suggest you stop trying to argue with me. And, if I remember correctly, it’s the day after the party. You should have taken off by now.”

Nico, who didn’t think he could feel this anger, was about to blow. Not only was angry now, he was sad that his father would just throw him out after last night. Bianca, who stood in the back, was now angry as well. Will, on the other hand, was slightly confused. Where should Nico be?

“Father,” Bianca said, being as gentle as possible putting Nico behind her. The tone in her voice was unmistakable. She wasn’t happy. “Nico was injured last night and you expect him just to leave, unattended?”

“I had asked him to leave after you left with Will.”

“Well, I’m not leaving for another three days, now am I?” she pointed out. “And you should know that I will not be leaving Hazel here.” Her father tried to stop her, but she raised a hand, stopping him before he could start. “No. Without me or Nico here, Hazel will be lonely. Once I’m married to Will, we both know I’ll be at his palace. Nico is hardly ever here and you know why. Now we also have an assassin who had gotten onto palace grounds at least twice, so I think that taking Hazel with me to Will’s is the best thing to do. They have better security and she won’t be lonely.”

Hades was silent, thinking it over. Eventually, he said, “No. First, I’d need to run it by Persephone, make sure she’s okay with it, and then ask Apollo if he’d mind.”

“Actually,” Will peeped. “My mother said that you’re all welcomed to stay for the time being. She thinks it’d be better for all us kids to be there.”

They all looked back at Hades, staring at him. “Alight,” he gave in. “Fine. Hazel can go.”

“Good,” Bianca said, her anger now gone. “Now, for my second request.”

“Second request?” Hades asked. Will and Nico thought the same thing.

“I want to bring Nico as well. I hear the Sun Kingdom has some of the best doctors who would be able to heal him quicker than anyone here. And, once he’s healed, I’d like him to become my personal guard until the threat of an assassin is gone.”

Everyone in the room stared at her, questioning her. Hades immediate answer, of course, was no. He wouldn’t allow it, though Bianca already saw that coming.

“Need I remind you, Nico was the one to run down the assassin and reveal his identity. Something not one of your guards came close to”

“But, need I point out, he was injured,” Hades said, attempting to win this argument.

“Still better than any your guards have done.”

Hades glared, but it was the truth. None of guards came close to catching the assassin, and Nico was able to put up a fight.

“Sir, if you’d hear me out,” Thanatos said, making everyone in the room remember he was there. “I think it’s a good idea. The prince could heal and protect his sisters till the wedding, whenever that should be.”

The king sighed again, about to object, but the glare in his daughter’s eyes intensified, and he knew what the correct answer was. “Fine. So be it, Bianca. Your brother can accompany you.”

“Thank you,” Bianca replied back calming, then turned to Nico with a smile. “I’ll help you pack.”


Three days later, all the kids stood in front of the king and queen, ready for departure. Cecil and Lou Ellen shook their hands, stepping into the second carriage. Hazel hugged both her parents, waiting for Bianca to say her goodbyes. Once both the girls had finished, they entered the second carriage as well. Will shook the king’s hand and was about to do the same to the queen when she pulled him into a hug.

“Safe travels, Will,” she whispered, letting him go. He thanked her, entering the first carriage where he waited for Nico.

Nico was the last one to bid farewell to his parents. He let Persephone hug him, hugging her back. Neither one of them sure when they’d see each other again, so they hugged liked it was their last . Afterward, Nico stood in front of his father.

Nico had planned out his goodbye to him already. Normally, they would have done it quickly, neither one wanting to be in each other’s presence, but, this time, Nico decided to do it differently.

He started to speak in Italian, only so that Persephone wouldn’t be able to tell what he was saying. “I was awake the other night when you came to visit me,” Nico spoke. Hades tried to hide the surprise in his eyes, but some of it shone for a second. “And because of that, I know that you do care about me, so… thank you, Dad.” He hesitated for a moment, but wrapped his good arm around his father, slightly hoping he’d hug back. Before Hades could, Nico released himself, running to the carriage.

Bianca had seen what had happened but had no idea what he had said. All she saw was Nico hugging their father and couldn’t help but smile. Before she realized it, Hazel was whipping her check.

“Why are you crying, B? Are you hurt?”

Bianca shook her head, patting Hazel’s head. “It’s nothing, Little Gem. I’m just happy.”


It was an hour into the ride and the boys hadn’t spoken much. Nico had been thinking about telling Will the big family secret but wasn’t sure how he’d react to it. Holding it off for as long as he could, he tried to find ways to distract himself to pass the time. When he checked the time, he realized that they’d have to stop for the night soon.

Nico silently took in a deep breath, looking out the window before speaking. “So,” Nico mumbled, catching Will’s attention. “Let’s say, hypothetically, that I was… um, into other boys. What would you do?”

Will looked at Nico with a curios look, though Nico wasn’t looking at him. His eyes were staring out the window and his hands were in his lap, fiddling with his jacket, a sign that he was nervous.

Will focused his eyes outside once again, replying. “I wouldn’t mind. In fact, I’d probably be happy for you and hope you’d find someone special.”

Nico’s heart leaped. He was half expecting him to hate him, but instead, he had the same feelings as before. Nico turned to him, trying to meet his eyes.

“Okay. And what if I was to say that I’m really am… gay?”

Will turned to Nico, a smile on his face. Nico gulped, unsure of what to think.

“It’s alright, Nico,” he reassured. “I fully support you and it doesn’t change anything between you and me.”

“Alright,” Nico said, his voice shaking. “Then I guess it’s time for the whole story.”

“Story?” Will thought out loud.

Nico nodded, beginning his story of what happened two years ago, and as he talked Will didn’t dare to interrupt him.


Little story time. Has nothing to do with the story.

I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time and spent money on makeup. All for my stupid cosplay too. So… that happened. That’s a thing. Now I have to learn what the the makeup is and how to put it on. I’m probably the only 16-year-old out there that doesn’t know this shit.

Oh well.

I’ll post a picture of myself in my costume and everything the 31st, along with the Halloween special. I’m still writing it, but it’s coming along. It’s almost done. Maybe. Knowing me it’s probably not.

Now this one does effect updating a little bit. More for my Jiper fic.

Next month is National Writing Month. Basically, you set a goal for how many words you want to write in a month. I’m going to be participating in that this year, meaning I have to go a month without writing fan fiction. Now, this isn’t too much of a problem for this story. I have up till Chapter 23 written out already. The problem is my Jiper fan fic. I need for write six or seven chapters for it by the 1st. If I can’t do that, then, obviously, updates will be slow for that story.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated. I’ll probably do a weekly entry thing in my random book for all the random things. It has a Totaro on it if you want to be kept posted throughout next month.

Oh, and the next two chapters will be posted at the same time just to make it easier. They’re both backstory, so have fun.

rocky horror minjoon show

because i’m having way too many minjoon feelings lately and also because come on look at nams he’s the perfect brad majors

  • The Gang™ is going to a midnight showing! It’s completely the 95z’s idea - Tae wants desperately to go and Jimin wants Kookie to experience a live viewing party for the first time and obviously that means they’ve all got to go.
  • No costume is finalized without Jimin’s approval. He has to make sure they all make sense. And he has to be Magenta. He is always Magenta. Aside from the one time Tae was Magenta and the whole night just felt wrong and bad.
  • Tae is Frank, again, because he’s the only one that doesn’t complain about the corset. Hobi is Eddie for purely self-serving reasons that Hobi has to tease Jimin about considering they broke up but Jimin’s still very thirsty (he gets kicked in the ass for pointing that out). For his first show, Jimin goes fairly easy on Jungkook and dresses him in a giant dress shirt and glasses. Jungkook doesn’t know why he’s doing this. He just wants to take a nap. Which leaves Yoongi, who has to be Columbia because Jimin says so (”Dude…you know I hate the glitter…come on man…”). They all look perfect since they aren’t allowed to look less than perfect.
  • The line at the theater is already hella long and Yoongi complains and Jimin tunes him the hell out. Instead he finds himself focused on someone sort of close to them in line - tall, ridiculously proportionate, long hair perfectly in place, fishnet. He’s hot. Jimin is Compromised.
  • So Hobi shoves him toward the dude.
  • Hobi’s an ass PS.
  • This guy’s strong, though, and catches Jimin pretty easily so he doesn’t fall on his damn face. And crap he’s got a cute crooked simple and Dimples For Days. Crap crap crap crap crap.
  • Jimin apologizes a billion times for being clumsy (even though this is all Jung Hoseok’s fault and he’s going to give Hobi such a beating later–) and this guy has such a smooth voice Jimin is 90% sure he’s literally got hearts in his eyes listening.
  • His name is Namjoon and he’s here with his friend Seokjin (who is also tall and well-proportioned with the actual broadest shoulders Jimin’s ever seen but he’s so soft and beautiful as Floor Show Janet) and he’s never been to one of these before and he’s actually never seen the movie–
  • “YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THE MOVIE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” And then silence for a second because Namjoon is startled and Jimin is so embarrassed by that outburst and then he’s back to apologizing.
  • Namjoon takes it in stride. He’s Floor Show Brad. Jimin is Feeling Things. He wishes he weren’t in a dress because wow if he gets even a little bit more turned on there’s going to be problems.
  • When Namjoon compliments Jimin’s maid dress Jimin legit giggles. Namjoon says it’s cute. Jimin wants to die.
  • Best part - Namjoon is single (”You and your boyfriend match really well!” “Oh no, we’re not together, I don’t have a boyfriend.” Cue Jimin’s crafty grin.) and he’s interested…? Maybe? The head tilting and the way he keeps touching Jimin at random intervals, on random body parts, certainly seems to indicate that. He definitely leans in completely unnecessarily to get a closer sniff of Jimin’s cologne.
  • Worst part - their seats aren’t anywhere near each other, and Namjoon lives all the way in Seoul but is on school holiday visiting Seokjin and some family. So Jimin immediately packs up all the feelings that threatened to overflow.
  • Better part - Namjoon says they’re going to a super-late dinner after the show and maybe Jimin and his friends might want to come?
  • Jimin accepts.
  • And pretty much forgets all about guiding Jungkook through his first midnight show.
  • So Hobi is maybe moderately less of an ass. Maybe. We’ll see.

 hc on terumob -ish

mob actually likes teru ONLY platonically and its basically all admiration on probably how easy teru can pick up girls ,but in reality mob is the only one that teru really likes and it hurts him in his soft egotistical heart because damn. this once he wishes he could be w/ someone and it would be as easy as all those girls asking him out just because hes known to be ‘smart’ and ‘cool’ but nah

i mean of course teru does admire mob in all sorts of ways but from there on it gets stronger and forms itself into a whole nother feelin, such as a gay CRUSH wow nice

as teru and hang out he eventually finds out that mob has a childhood crush on tsubomi chan and maybe that quickly escalates into jealousy and he almost sees through her personality immediately and just thinks ‘shes not even that cute??? why her. not me. also shes so fake?? .tf’ idk i mightve stuck my own thoughts into that bUT thats not the point,

AND THEN ,,he compares tsubomi chan and himself and find the fact that they both have a similar trait is that theyre kind of ‘popular’ and well known in school for their looks and teru is just ‘*clenches fist* try me bitch’  and through that whole inner teru analyzation mob is just next to him blushin and staring at tsubomi who notices once she feels teru’s glare and mob accidentally takes it as they made eye contact but NO boy u wrong 

i dont even like terumob tht much????y’all,,,

idk where this is goin g ,but

the quickest doodle ive ever done it looks terrible but u know what i meant i think–

It was just a LITTLE crisis

No, really. When myasthenia gravis flares to the point you have to be hospitalized, they call it a “crisis.” But compared to August’s Month-o-Doom where I spent 28 days in the hospital and came frighteningly close to stopping breathing, this one was easy peasy. In and out in four days. Got an extra 120 grams of IVIG, spent a few days on strict bed rest using bipap to breathe, and I’m home. Recovering though still flimsy. (That’s my word for it, because “weak” bugs me, even though technically that’s exactly what is going on with mg: it makes your muscles weak because they can’t respond to nerve impulses.) So compared to how scary and protracted the last one was, this was nothing.

I’m gaining strength by the day. I got to come home Friday night. I am so glad to be home. And I’m being evaluated Wednesday for a power wheelchair, which the hospital PT said she’d recommend, too, so hopefully that will happen and then mobility will be mine.

OK, that’s all the good and newsworthy stuff I have to say. Stop reading here if you want to avoid the self-pity party.

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“Emotional discomfort, when accepted, rises, crests and falls in a series of waves. Each wave washes a part of us away and deposits treasures we never imagined. Out goes naivete, in comes wisdom; out goes anger, in comes discernment; out goes despair, in comes kindness. No one would call it easy, but the rhythm of emotional pain that we learn to tolerate is natural, constructive and expansive… The pain leaves you healthier than it found you."—Martha Beck

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I've tried to come out to my aunt nearly 4 times since first discovering I was asexual at 15. All of them were failures as she either misinterpreted it and immediately believed her own misinterperetation instead of my corrections, or she says "you'll find someone you just don't wanna date!!", or OR she asks me every few months if I'm gay (I'm aroace...) so yea. Coming out as ace is tooootally easy..... /sarcasm

Fixer upper challenge house DL

This is the best house I’ve ever built and never been so proud of myself before. Just look at it! IT’S LIT. I love this challenge, but I wasn’t intrested in fixing one, but making my own neglected house and it came out really nice! It’s really messy, so it won’t be too easy. And who knows what might be hidden in the garden…

quick infoo:

  • 20x30
  • 87 705$
  • 2 bd; 2 ba (kinda)
  • cc-free
  • requies Get Together, Get To Work, Day In Spa, Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Spooky Stuff and Romantic Garden
  • don’t forget about moveobjects
  • gallery ID: NadineMaee
  • or download tray files hiyaaa: mediafire

more pics under the cut

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(not on anon but still Relevant as hell to that meme u reblogged) so, i met your coven mate. the one you passed me the number for, remember? he seems a little -- ... intense. is he always like that?

send anons about jo’s relationships!

          ( always accepting. )

          coven mate…? oh, yikes. oh, no. suddenly, she remembers her easy lie – easiest when it was just her! – and how she’s been too caught up in everything else to correct her. mutant doesn’t seem so far off from witch, still, and maybe there’s no harm in keeping it up for a little longer. and, really, maybe when phoebe finally does find out, it’ll be easy to explain the mix-up. who knows how to explain the supernatural! if someone asked her to, she wouldn’t be able to, that’s for sure. witches and angels and mutants and even loki – it’s all a mess. it’s not her fault she’d called herself a witch! 

          “– — erik?”

          where had they met? she has the sudden, terrifying mental image of erik and phoebe sitting together over the coffee phoebe probably bought and how easily, in that setting, erik could oust her. phoebe is probably just trying to catch her in it now. 

          “um, yeah. actually, y’know, you probably caught him on a good day. if he actually talked to you and everything. he’s not really – very friendly.”