who wants to play “guess which supernatural AU fanfiction is currently ruining Kirby’s life”?

here’s a hint: it’s Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone. featuring merman!Cas and an AU that will suck you in and leave you dazed and confused thinking you’re a mermaid for weeks afterwards. read it, it’s great.

My friend let me use her glitter pens so I drew another Fin-Kin Cas. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of drawing him, he is so awesome!


And I know its not finished or anything but I thought I’d share…

And go read Out of the Deep! If you haven’t yet!

And Beneath the Surface

That perfect fanfiction

1.) Waiting to read it: oh geez I’m scared
2.) Starting to read it: holy skittles this is perfect
3.) Halfway through reading it: WHY THE FUCK DID I WAIT A WEEK
4.) Finished with reading it: what the shit where did my heart go why is it raining on my face

This is probably like the worst picture in the history of mankind but Idrc because I haven’t drawn Cas in a while and I wanted to do my fav version of him again (the only one I ever draw) from @riseofthefallenone ’s fic Out of the Deep or Beneath the Surface, it doesn’t really matter.