That visage
A goddess captured
New greetings
Face to face

A past revealed
Through another’s words
Lustful eyes
Falling upon golden skin

Words uttered
To capture a little more
Delve a little deeper
Underneath the surface

Everything in place
Pearl faced watch on slender wrists
Appropriately tailored dress
And measured words delivered with precision

Returned with both sides of a coin
Rough edged sentences
And polished conversations
All a façade to protect

Lonely nights
In surroundings paid for
No thoughts of the one with golden skin
With measured words - Delivered in a sultry tone

A one-sided blessing
To the one with those light eyes
Filled not just with lust any longer
A desire to dig a little deeper

A face to a name
Was all this was
Lonely nights await
Out of sight, out of mind


Navin E. (face to face)

Under the Bridge - II

Something in the Ruins

There’s something in the ruins
Hidden among the rotted spires
That stab the sky like lost teeth
Glinting in the moonlight like bleached bones

There’s something in the ruins
Lurking among forgotten places
Too solid to be a specter
Death and ill-wishes follow him like loyal dogs

There’s something in the ruins
Deceptively doll-like starry skinned and small
Mismatched eyes and billowing cloaks
Always just out of sight but never out of mind

There’s something in ruins
Building things of scrap and bone
Beautiful abominations that tear and scream
Pray they never catch you trespassing

There’s something in the ruins
Places where it’s still over grown and green
Curled in root lined tunnels
Safe from prying eyes in a home among abandoned beauty

There’s something in the ruins
Grim magic runs in his veins
He calls the dead to his side daily
Get caught and you’ll be next among his pawns

There’s something in the ruins
Protector of a place recovering
Few are welcome where he dwells
A misplaced forest spirit in a land of tech and steel