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It’s funny how they don’t come for Wynne who was pro circle or the people who actually think mages are subhuman. Dislike Vivienne if you want but if you can’t come up with a reason beside this black women didn’t cater to my every need and hold every value I agree with so she’s a bigot. Funny how they can pick and choose which things they can over look or chalk up to bad writing for their white faves

It blows my mind. Like when you disappoint Solas you prove that this world sucks and solidify his conviction to annihilate the Veil. When you disappoint Vivienne she moves your furniture around a little. Even when she’s loudly and unabashedly pro-Circle its out of interest in the security, safety, and upward-mobility of mages. Meanwhile other characters dont care about Circle reform so long as these ticking time bombs are out of sight and out of mind.

Companions out here with spy networks and secret identities and blood on their hands but Vivienne moves their sofa a few inches to the left and suddenly a rape fic to put her in her place is justifiable. Like are we really gonna overlook the flaws and lies and actual crimes of all other companions then make up facts to paint Vivienne as some irredeemable villainess. It’s just not realistic.

Adding one additional style - something I have wanted to work on for a while, but out of sight, out of mind. This is Marcel Duchamp’s Rotorelief series. Part of his series of kinetic artwork. These are strong visual patterns that, when placed on a phonograph, rotate and appear three dimensional. For our purposes, they are beautiful op-art pieces. This is my first mesh with an actual round piece of art vs the round art I am so fond of that is printed on rectangular paper.

I need to refine a few parts of this set, then I am moving over to the S3 version of it.


Man from UNCLE AU

  • Gabe would fit Solo’s role in this scenario. A suave, cunning badass with impeccable fashion that isn’t afraid to use his good looks to trick a mark into letting their guard down and giving up information. Probably still the same international art thief backstory as Solo.
  • Jack would fit Kuryakin’s role. Either make him Russian or from another sector of the CIA and he has a longstanding rivalry with Gabe over their different way of doing things. He’s more about staying out of sight, not letting the mark see him until it’s far too late. Also most likely to start a fight due to some deep-seated anger issues that he has to consciously fight to reign in.
  • Ana would fit Gaby’s role, though with her sniper skills intact. Jack and Gabe both think she’s just another part of the mission until way later when they find out she’s an agent too. She’s not afraid to speak her mind when she thinks the two of them need to sit down and talk things through like adults. I need to work on fleshing out what her backstory might be a bit better.
  • But picture Jack and Gabe arguing back and forth over how Ana should dress to play the part of Jack’s wife. Ana eventually has enough and says that she will dress herself without their help (because really she doesn’t need it). When she comes out in her new clothes both men are struck dumb because, yeah, what she picked is way better than what they were thinking of.
  • Jack finding Gabe strapped down and being electrocuted and he sees red as he gets his hands on the man responsible.
  • Just, the whole scene where Solo is casually eating in the truck while Kuryakin has that whole boat chase/fight thing in the background.
  • Jack and Gabe constantly finding each other’s trackers and putting them in more and more obnoxious places.
  • Jack getting angry at Gabe sleeping with one of their marks to get info from her, and realizing it’s because he’d rather be the one in Gabe’s bed.
  • The three of them an official team at the end, a little confused at how it all happened but ready to see how it all goes.
  • Also at the end Ana introducing Jack and Gabe to lil Fareeha who is all excited because frick yes two uncles to spoil her.

October 3rd
Open to: Humans and Demons

He hadn’t been outside in two days and nothing had left his mouth that wasn’t a grunt or a groan. The residents of his home probably would have thought he was a ghost if they didn’t know he lived there. Dominic went out of his way to ignore any and everything that came towards him. No food entered into his body– it wasn’t like he could eat anything anyway. There was something horrible stuck inside of his mouth that left a taste he’d never experienced before. His attention was split between figuring out how to get the taste out of his mouth and figuring out what to do with some of the tools he’d taken from one of the demons during the rescue attempt. 

When the sun rose on the third day, he headed outside to clear his head and upon closing the door he was greeted to the sight of a big red X. Numerous thoughts ran through his mind about what it could be, but there was only one that won out. They were reminding him of what he had done, reminding him of the taste in his mouth, they were reminding him of his failures. He couldn’t even save one girl– Stella– the only person in this whole fucking city that might have meant something to him. Why did he care so much? Why did the universe seem intent on taking every fucking thing in the world away from him? Why couldn’t he kill a single fucking demon? Anger boiled up his stomach, licking at his sides, licking at everything it could find. He bit down on his tongue in order to replace the taste of failure with blood. Pale were clenched tight before they went flying towards the door in a punch. One turned to two, two to three and so on and so on. 

Goddamn it.

Blood was starting to seep through to the door from his knuckles, but it didn’t matter, nothing could stop him from his task. Either the door would give or his hands would. There were footsteps nearby, but he didn’t stop. “Fuck off,” he screams half to the door and half to the person who was drawing close. “Can’t you see when people are fucking busy?”