i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker


The Last Shadow Puppets
Webster Hall, NYC

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen


all time low + inspirational lyrics from each album (with the help of @gabricl)

put up or shut up (2006) - the party scene
so wrong, it’s right (2007) - stay awake
nothing personal (2009) - therapy
dirty work (2011) - time-bomb
don’t panic! (2012) - so long, and thanks for all the booze
future hearts (2015) - missing you


inspired by @inktaire’s goth éponine/cheerleader cosette AU

my headcanon is that éponine’s punk goth style is a byproduct of not having very much money for clothes, so she started to pretend that the rips and smudges were part of an intentional look. she’s fantastically jealous of cosette’s wardrobe of well-made skirts and blouses. meanwhile, cosette can’t get out of the house in anything that’s not proper and modest and would never be able to get permission to dye her hair even a darker shade of brown – can barely convince Valjean to let her wear any makeup at all – so she’s  fantastically jealous of what she perceives as éponine’s freedom to experiment.

for a while, neither one of them can tell the difference between “i want to be her” and “i want her.” 

buuuut they figure it out in the end.

I write about leaving / forgetting / finally breathing at least; but go ahead and call my poetry a liar. They were just hopeless attempt to dug you out of my skin anyway. Skip several months later and now it’s been a year and we don’t even say hi (FUNNY CAUSE I STILL CAN REMEMBER YOU CALLING MY NAME 1 HOUR INTO MIDNIGHT LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY) (AND BY FUNNY I MEAN IRONIC—I MEAN, IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS WAY—I MEAN, BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS)

Now I missed your birthday by weeks. I wish I could turn back the time but I couldn’t. Last year I was so unsure but at least I was so in love with you. I wish I could go back to those months when I thought you loved me too but I couldn’t. But I couldn’t.

—  (and I’m still missing you)
Drawn From The Heart: Your Most Memorable Valentine's Day Cards

No snark or anti-commercialism rantings here, just a dose of simple sweetness. We asked readers to share their most memorable Valentine’s Day cards; here are a few of our favorites, edited for length and clarity. And we asked NPR illustrator Chelsea Beck to re-create two valentines that live on only in their recipients’ memories.

Renae Quinn, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

My favorite valentine ever was from my late husband on the Valentine’s Day before we married. He gave me a box and lined up in the box were a drawing of an eye, a paper heart on a spring that popped up when I opened the box, a pink foam letter U, a chocolate-covered strawberry, and a baggie full of dirt from the garden in front of our apartment.

I was mystified. I mean I got the “I love you so very” part clearly enough, but the dirt? I said, “You love me so very dirty?” I didn’t care for that! He kept saying, “No, think about it.”

But all I could come up with was, “I love you so very dirt.”

He finally told me, “MULCH! It’s mulch!”

So it said, “I love you so very much.” Duh.

It’s still my favorite ever.

Christine Hull, Springvale, Maine

Three years ago, when my son was 7, he made a collection of small valentines that he distributed throughout our house. Each valentine was unique, and each involved a heart shape.

One was a simple red heart taped to the inside of a spoon. I found it while I was making my morning coffee and, of course, it brightened my day. Another was a pink bunny, who was especially cute because he was lopsided. Yet another was a series of yellow hearts arranged like petals of a sunflower. It was carefully taped to appear as if it were growing out from under my desk.

I was impressed by his creativity, but more so by the fact that he woke up early to hide each valentine for my husband and me to discover as we went through our day. He didn’t simply give us one valentine, he gave us a day full of discovering valentines.

Francha Menhard, Tel Aviv, Israel

I was teaching second-graders how to speak English. I was teaching them similes to describe things. “You are as quiet as a mouse,” “You are tall as the ceiling,” etc.

When Valentine’s Day came, wild and crazy J.R. gave me a heart cut out of plain white paper. On the heart, he wrote: “You are as beautiful as Wonder Woman. You are as fun as clowns. You are as smart as God. Love JR.”

I kept that valentine on my fridge until the sun bleached it out completely, some 14 years later. Thereafter, my sweet husband would remind me at bedtime that I was as beautiful as Wonder Woman. As fun as clowns. As smart as God. Just in case I forgot.

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Illustrations by Chelsea Beck/NPR


happy trans day of visibility! (he/him)

making this post reminded me of two things: i wear that beanie in too many of my selfies and that this time last year i was still trying to figure out my gender. now it’s a whole year later and things aren’t perfect, but i’m happier than ever and i love being a guy :^)

Am I the only one who got really excited to not only have one BUT TWO Dia de los muertos movies

Honestly I grew up with people only celebrating the day of the dead because it was similar to Halloween, and when I went home from school my mother and father always tried to stick to tradition, leaving food and candles out for our relatives and celebrating all 3 days

So when I found out that The book of life was coming out later on in my teen years I was hyped and I absolutely love it and will probably stay as one of my favorite movies

So now, as a 16 year old girl when I saw the Coco trailer I was even happier to know that we weren’t only going to have one but TWO animated movies that explained el dia de los muertos


People are getting upset and butt hurt over things like Sugar skulls, marigolds, music and Xibalba but this is all in the culture, BoL doesn’t own any of that, it’s all in El Dia de los Muertos and since Coco is indeed a movie about El Dia de los muertos, THEY CAN USE ALL OF IT SINCE ITS IN MEXICAN CULTURE

even the creator of BoL is happy for Coco so why can’t you be happy that my culture is finally getting recognized on a deeper level?

  • Lily: Date someone who will drag you outside at 3am to look at the stars.
  • Kuro: If anyone, and I mean anyone even Jesus Christ himself, wakes me up at 3am to go look at the damn sky they will be removed indefinitely from my life.
  • [Years later]
  • Mahiru: Lets go out tonight.
  • Kuro: Sure.
  • Kuro: ... What have love done to me?

In this whole luncheonette, why am I the only one who sees you’re beautiful

… No wait. I mean…