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I’d just like to quickly say that the TWD/TLOU indie roleplay community has been an absolute delight o join! This is my first indie account and everyone I have communicated as Fallon (and of course as myself) has been amazing. I’m so glad I started my indie roots in with such a lovely group of people, and managed to hit my first hundred quicker than I expected! Thank you to everyone of you who currently follows me, I’m incredibly grateful.

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“You treat me like some sort of weak and fragile little boy, but I’m so much stronger than that. And frankly, it’s sickening. I don’t want to be that boy who has to be happy for everyone else’s sake, or the scapegoat. Help me for once, for crying out loud!! Why do I have to be the one doing everything for you?!”

So I drew Naegi’s Shadow because of a Skype chat I was having with some friends discussing Shadows and Tarot cards in general. Nanami-mun (and a little bit of me) said he’d probably be fed up with everyone trying to pin their issues onto him and wanting him to help them, yet when he has problems, no one tries to help him with it.

No, he’s not gonna be going around yelling “NO HOPE DESPAIR DESPAIR LEL DIE DIE”– No. He’s a much better character than that, and I severely doubt he’d ever want despair. He just wants help for once.I dunno, I just roleplay as him–


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¤ i don't have any fancy graphics to put here, but i do have 200 followers and the absolute pressing need to thank you all for staying, because i'd never expected so many of you to actually stick around. here's some of the hella cool people who make it worth it to come online here every day.

also, shoutout to those of you i don't follow - i love talking to all of you, and i appreciate that you appreciate me!! don't take it as a sign that i don't like you or don't want to rp with you, because it probably isn't.

thank you all!!! ¤

My Little Pony Tales

Episode 4-2: Out of Luck

Original air date (unconfirmed): July 24, 1992

While searching a junkyard for pieces for his artwork, Clover’s father finds a white teapot. Clover keeps the teapot, but soon begins to experience bad luck. Suspecting the teapot is the cause, Clover tries to get rid of it, but it somehow returns to her and gets her in further trouble. She eventually returns it to her father, who adds it to his art sculpture.

Song featured: “When Fortune Smiled On Me”, sung by Clover.

{ this is genuinely not an important post it’s just me sitting here with my art folders like dang sometimes i draw really fuckin’ nice things so here’s a post about Me and how i’m a Great Artist sometimes }

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