I wrote a little tiny one shot fic about Yamaguchi and Tsukki exchanging Christmas gifts. I haven’t wrote fanfic in like three months so I’m super rusty but I felt inspired by my love for these two and the fact that I’ve been listening to Christmas music. So.

A Gift To You, From Me.

The mornings were only getting colder.

When Yamaguchi stepped outside he thought for a second he would not be able to take a breath, that the chill in the air had frozen his lungs. Tsukki was standing there waiting for him, though, so he sputtered and coughed and took a breath that was somehow warmer than the air around him.

They shared a greeting muffled by thick scarves and the last vestige of sleep, neither of them fully awake or ready to face another long day. As they walked, their feet crunching the snow beneath them, they did not say much, preferring instead to let the path to school wake them up.

It was the last day of class before the small break for Christmas. There had been talk about volleyball practice on some of the days, but the whole team would not be there. Tsukki was going to visit his brother, and the thought of practicing without him on the court felt wrong. Not seeing him at all for a few days felt wrong, too. Yamaguchi tried to recall the last time he had been apart from Tsukki. He could not remember. Even during school breaks they were frequently together.

Before leaving the house Yamaguchi had put his Christmas present for Tsukki in his coat pocket. If I’m not going to see him over the break, I’ll give it to him after practice, he had thought.

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Dec 4th - My car got stuck in the snow and you saved me

“This cannot be happening.”

The comm on the dashboard crackled as the person on the other end growled profanities under their breath. I looked over at Richards and we exchanged a look. “He sounds like he’s doing just fine,” the driver remarked casually. 

I giggled and tried to focus on the road - or lack thereof - in front of us. “How can you see in this mess?” I asked. It had been snowing for four days now, stopping only long enough for the train tracks to be cleared and the plows to pack more snow against the buildings. 

Richards had been working with me on driving training - step eighty of twenty million of the Leadership process - much to my frustration. The different specialty training were on rotation and I’d lucked out to get driving during the wintertime. 

That was why we were the ones to get sent out to rescue a certain other Leader who had clearly been trained in the summer.

Richards spouted off advice on manually downshifting on hills and pumping the breaks as we approached the edge of the city. Here the roads turned to snow-packed suggestions. The truck slowed down as Richard carefully avoided making the same mistake that we were sent to correct.

I spotted our counterpart a few yards away, tail up in a ditch. Perched atop the roof was Eric. He looked downright freezing with his arms folded so tightly to his chest that the shoulders of his jacket were straining. 

Giving Richards a wink, I slipped out of my seat to roll open the side door. “We’re here to pick up one bad driver?” I called. I looped the hanging strap around my wrist to keep from falling out of the truck as Richards started a very cautious seven-point turn. Eric buried his face in the crook of his arm before jumping down. If not for the comm unit still in his grip, the wind would have taken his words. “It had to be her.”

“Hey, just think,” I teased. “If it wasn’t me you’d be spending the trip back with Richards. Sorry Rich,” I added over my shoulder.

“I forgot that my presence was equivalent to punishment. Thanks for the reminder,” he said with a snort. 

Eric slogged through the snow to meet us. It had only gotten worse and even with his height it came practically to his knees. I extended my free hand down to grab his forearm and haul him into the truck.

He didn’t let go initially, choosing to murmur “thanks” and give me a wink. I hated how that, along with the crystals of snow still sitting atop his hair, made me flush. Eric, naturally, commented on how red my ears were. I blamed it on the cold and pushed him away with two fingers.

Once I was sure we weren’t going to topple out, I threw the door shut. “One slightly damp Coulter, fetched,” I joked. “And now he gets to join us on our lesson.”

Eric tried to take my seat up front, claiming seniority. I countered with the fact that it was my driving lesson. Richards told us to shut the hell up and made me take over the wheel. He took the passenger spot, leaving Eric to the back section. 

I managed to limp us back to the main roads without slipping too many times. Eric practically broke my shoulder from trying to steady himself. The fourth time it happened I yelled at him to sit down on one of the back benches. 

His response? “I have to see to get the full Richards Driving School Experience.”

He did stop using me as an emergency handhold, switching to armrest instead. It was a start. 

The grand agent-assassin war (part 4)

Blueshift belongs to @myzzy
Wonder inklings belong to @inklingleesquidly

As the war went on, the wonder inklings and agent 0.2 or Adrien finally took out enough assassins to eat to the point to control it, after defending it from assassins trying to take it back they gained full control of it.

Wonder inkling jr. cheered and wonder inkling sr. Hugged her son with joy, agent 0.2 contacted agent 0,

“point captured! That should lure targets 1 & 2 out here! Good luck you three!”

Agent 0, 1, and 2 then walked out of the shelter where the they received the call.

And at the palace the two best assassins walked out, dio, and joe.

Dio unsheathed his swords, “time for some fun eh brother~?”

Joe just remained silent and he grabbed his lethal charger, “… take this seriously dio, we’re at war.”

Dio looked at joe with a smile, “we could at least have some fun while killing some agents!”

Meanwhile agent 0 sent agent 1 to confront Dio, and agent 2 to confront joe.

Minutes later agent 2 arrived what seemed to be ruins of an old temple courtyard, she knew joe would be around, so she looked around.

She saw the shine of joe’s scope through the corner of her eye and she dodged his shot, the sprinted to cover.

“That was too close….”

Agent 0 called agent 2 via comms, “keep him focused on you, I’m gonna sneak up behind him and take him out, unless he spots me…”

Agent 2 nodded, “alright, don’t really like being bait for it’s for a good reason at least, you’ll get your revenge.”

Agent 2 aimed at joe, and fired, he fired at the same time and their shots collided, joe got some ink on his mask, and he hid behind cover, “damn…. she’s good…”

Agent 0 moved closer to joe as he hid behind cover, he then climbed up to his position slowly and quietly.

Agent 0 then walked through a corridor in the ruins below joe’s position, and found stairs leading to his position.

Meanwhile agent 1 found Dio waiting for her.

“Agent 1…. I surely wasn’t expecting you…”

“The world’s full of surprises…” she took off her sunglasses and glared at him with her golden dynamo roller, she upgraded it to withstand blows from something sharp.

Dio slowly walked toward agent 1, and agent 1 did the same, the walking soon changed to sprints, and they clashed weapons.

While joe was focusing on agent 2, they repeatedly fired at each other, agent 0 snuck up the stairs and saw joe, he saw a wall near him and climbed it, agent 2 saw agent 0 above him, as joe hid back to cover, he saw agent 0 lunging at him, they collided and rolled off the edge and fell, both hitting the ground, agent 2 gasped at the sight of her husband hitting the concrete floor.

Agent 0 and joe were both hurt from the fall, grunting in pain, joe got up and grabbed a knife from his boot and got on top of agent 0, about to stab him, until agent 2 shot joe in the upper arm, causing him to drop the knife, “AGH!”

Agent 0 then caught the knife, and stabbed joe in the jugular, joe’s eyes widen, and his mouth agape with fear, realizing he now knew what was coming for him.

Agent 0 let go of the knife and let joe fall back, agent 2 got up from behind the cover and walked over to them, agent 0 was breathing heavily, joe was on the floor, with the knife still in his neck, he then said his last words.

“You…. won’t win…. she’s…. more powerful… than you know….” he was saving his breath, but he gave away his last one, and passes from the world.

Agent 0 was still breathing heavily, knowing he had gotten only some of his revenge, there’s still two more left.

Agent 2 put her hand on his shoulder, “are you okay?”

“…. yes, it… pleases me to see his corpse… but Callie should be keeping Dio busy… I need to help her…”

Agent 1 and Dio were still clashing, but Dio felt something he hasn’t felt before, a cold feeling all over his body, he felt as if he lost something, his brother…

Dio stopped and stood back, “no…. it… it can’t be… joe…..” his sorrow then turned to anger, he continued fighting agent 1, but he was stronger, he knocked her down and was about the strike her until agent 0 pulled out his sword and clashed it against his, stopping him from stabbing Callie.

Dio slowly looked at agent 0, “you…. YOU KILLED HIM!”

Agent 0 kicked him away from agent 1, his eyes were black, he’s gone predatory.

“And you killed my mother and father…. now we’re even…”

They clashed for about half an hour, giving each other small cuts on their bodies, until agent 0 disarmed Dio, Dio was so angry he wasn’t focusing on his defense and lost his grip on his sword, agent 0 had dio’s sword in his other hand and he stabbed Dio through the heart with one, and through the liver with the other.

“Die… you parasite…” agent 0 said as dio’s mask, which was cracked from blows to it with swords, soon broke into pieces, his eyes also wide, and his mouth agape, just like joe, he then collapsed to his knees, barely able to breath.

“I’m… almost there… brother… we’ll… be in paradise…. soon…..” he gave out his last breath, and fell to the ground.

Agent 0 sighed with relief. He called blueshift and the wonder inklings.

“It’s time… she’ll be waiting…”

can we talk about LOUIS TOMLINSON the kid who failed his a levels the first time, the kid who was told by his teachers he would never amount to anything, the kid who got fired from every job, the kid who never took anything seriously because he was too afraid to fail, singing so sweetly and earnestly, “I think I’m gonna win this time” and “I won’t give up this time” and “I change my luck”


After reading @skaylanphear‘s new fic Pick-up and chase (READ IT IT’S HILARIOUS), I just couldn’t stop thinking about this scene. I wanted to hug the poor catboy and give Marinette a high five at the same time. Banana son is just so confused I love it.


Coffee Luck Part 02 of ? (start here) - MakoHaru Barista!Makoto AU

WHO ON EARTH COULD THAT BE? IT’S OK HARU. I’m pretty sure people draw their crushes too. Finally, something will happen in Part 03. 8D Sorry I’m a bit slow with this one, art stamina is a bit too low. Nonetheless hopefully this was an okay continuation! Thanks for reading this nonsense. OTL