David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Six

↳ Favourite Performance: Will Burton, The Escape Artist

Aww man, I really don’t wanna be that fan that’s negative about the trailer while still at teaser stage, just based on the tone of the piece, or expectations being (or not being) met. That’s boring fandom behaviour.

But damn. That Batman/Superman spot is ..underwhelming.

15 things i like

I was tagged by redpyrofox

1. Foxes (suprise! :3)
2. Music. (My drug)
3. Anime/Manga. (Otaku and proud)
4. Chocolate. (Or just food in general)
5. Video games. (Female gamer in da house :3)
6. Spending time with my family and friends.
7. Long drives. (I love to just stare out the window with my headphones on and daydream. When i’m not driving that is, i don’t have a lisence.)
8. Reading. (Mostly fantasy)
9. Tumblr :3 (i may have an addiction)
10. Youtube. (From music videos to watching people play games. I even have a secret wish to become a youtuber myself)
11. Movie night with my mom. (Every saterday night we grab a bowl of chips and watch movies)
12. Shopping :3 (i’m a girl after all, if only i had more money)
13. Playing with my dog. (A german shepard, she’s the sweetest)
14. Being tagged to list things i like. (I’ve never been tagged for something like this before :3)
15. Running this blog for you fine people <3

That was harder than i thought it would be.
So now i tag…
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I’d love to read what you all like :3

text message ✉ sequinn
  • Quinn:Can I have that talk again why I shouldn't trust anyone, specifically stupid boys named Hunter who make me think they like me, and care about me to only be liars, and use me; so when I finally admit my feelings they crawl out my window?
  • [ a few moments ]
  • Quinn:What's wrong with me Sebastian? Why am I not enough?

i’m banging on your door wanted to be let in.. into the outer limits. i’m crying in front wanting to know what i did wrong to be left out but is it me? i’m starting to think not maybe you never wanted to ask for help trap into your world i could never believe theres people who would buried themseleves i call for a taxi driver he come to pick me up i look out my window hoping your doing the same but your not even looking my way

I Don’t Like Change

I dont like change; I never have. When I was six and my parents took the training wheels of my bike I threw the worst tantrum, stomping around the house and wailing. I remember staring out the window at my dad changing my bike and feeling so betrayed; he was taking my training wheels!! Thankfully, Im not that bad with change anymore but I still dont like it. It freaks me out and makes me feel sad, scared, hollow…

In the past six months, there have been a lot of changes in my life. Im going to college (and I hate it), my mom was diagnosed with cancer, Monty passed away, my grandfather followed not even a month after…. There’s more, but you dont want to hear my life story. Now, another big change is happening: Ray is leaving Achievement Hunter.

When I first heard the news I had hoped it was a late April Fool’s joke, but it’s not and I cried (still do). Change has almost never been a good thing for me.

Ray was…Ray was an Achievement Hunter. I dont know how else to put it. He will always be an AH; he is an inspiration and a joker and a smart man and an incredible friend. He wont be in the videos and everything will be strange and Im scared, yes, because I dont like change; how will they do heists, what’s Team Lads now, R&R connection is really broken? The dynamic is lost and I am terrified and incredibly saddened.

However, Im also incredibly happy. Im so very happy that Ray is getting to move on and do what he loves; that he will be happy and enjoying life and doing the very best he can.

So, Ray, thank you so much for everything you have given us. Your laughter and jokes and time and effort and ideas; thank you for “LLLLEEET’S PLAY” and 420Blaze and cakeless and everything else. Im gonna miss you in the videos but Im very happy and excited to see where life will take you. Change is a good thing; change is making you happy. Im always going to support you, my friend.

Take care<3

My perfect day.